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Shapes Mar-10 Sewing Patterns

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Shipped from Shapes (Kansas, USA)

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SHAPES is a new pattern line from Linda Lee (The Sewing Workshop Pattern Collection) and Louise Cutting (Cutting Line Design Patterns)

The collection includes 11 styles that have been distilled to their simplest forms while making an amazingly fresh statement!

Based on an array of rectangles and other geometric shapes, the pieces have many contexts and look completely different in many fabrics. They are super simple for the novice to the experienced sewer to make quickly.


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Nine Lives VestNine Lives Vest
Nine Lives Vest
6 Reviews
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Three Fold VestThree Fold Vest
Three Fold Vest
2 Reviews
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Six Sense SkirtSix Sense Skirt
Six Sense Skirt
8 Reviews
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Eleven Eleven SkirtEleven Eleven Skirt
Eleven Eleven Skirt
1 Review
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Four Good MeasureFour Good Measure
Four Good Measure
1 Review
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