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Forum > Miscellaneous > Need new laptop, Mac or PC? ( Moderated by Deepika, EleanorSews, CynthiaSue)

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Need new laptop, Mac or PC?
One that I won't want to shoot in 2 years
Re Becca
Re Becca  Friend of PR
Member since 9/12/05
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Date: 4/10/12 2:11 PM

My old laptop, which shall remain nameless (D3!!) needs to be replaced. the battery crapped out a while ago, now the number keys only work semi-occasionally.

I don't need something really fancy, but I would like to get something that will still be good in 2 years. Dell's seem to be the Walmart of computers, but I am tired of having to get them fixed so I am considering a Mac Pro. Most of the people that I meet who have Mac's love them. I mean really love them, in a long term relationship kind of way.

I was in Microcenter over the weekend and in the 45 minutes that I was hanging out in the Apple section the only service problems that I saw were much MUCH more minor than the problems that people were having in the PC section. In fact, one guy had a 6 year old Mac and just wanted to upgrade the memory. From what I have observed, Mac users seemed to have lower blood pressure overall.

But, they are more expensive (what $ do you put on piece of mind) and being an accountant, Windows Office would be an add-on.

Do you guys really love your Mac's, or should I stick with PC?


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Leslie in Austin
Leslie in Austin
PR Weekend Coordinator
Texas USA
Member since 1/30/03
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Date: 4/10/12 2:19 PM

It's going to sound silly, but the biggest deciding point for me, Becki, was keyboard feel. I simply couldn't deal with the Mac book keyboard. I tried several different brands and felt best with the Fujitsui keyboard, then spec'ed the rest out to my needs.


A Beginners Needle
A Beginners Needle  Friend of PR
California USA
Member since 9/3/09
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In reply to Re Becca

Date: 4/10/12 2:59 PM

So I hate my current laptop as well. I have a Dell I think (hmm.. I like your description of it being the walmart of laptops! so true!) and it freezes on me all the time. Arg.

Anyway - about Macs. I bought a Macbook before my current laptop. It still runs great (I do think it needs a new battery, but that's minor), but I never bonded with it. Having used a PC, I could never figure out how to insall things - and when I finally got something installed, I never knew how I got there to get there again. It's supposed to be easier to use, but I found it much more fustrating to use! I don't know if things have changed now, but I also had trouble finding software that was made for Mac that was up to the same level as with Windows. (For example, quicken - there were things that I could do in windows that for whatever reason that functionality wans't there with the Mac - again, this could have changed in the 5 years since I bought the Macbook).

So my overall suggestion is go to a Mac store and play with one of their mac books for a while. Look at the software you normally use - is it available for the Mac? If so, does it have the same features on the Mac as it does for the PC? Are you ok with the different interface that the software has? Will you get frustrated if the keyboard shortcuts you normally use are different on the Mac? (they can be).

I still use mine to manage my iTunes account - but that's it. My PC could do that, but I'm not ready to transfer all those files yet. If I get a new laptop to replace my likes to freeze for no reason laptop, I'll probably migrate all of it over. Just not ready to shell out any money for a new one yet.


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NM gal
NM gal
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Date: 4/10/12 4:07 PM

Just the opposite here. My Mac died & replaced it w/ a PC. Can't stand the keyboard & it's a longer process to cut & paste on a PC. A breeze on a Mac.
I'm not going the cheaper route again w/ computers... that's why I didn't get another Mac. Stupid.

michellep74  Friend of PR
Washington USA
Member since 7/19/07
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Date: 4/10/12 4:17 PM

I'm on my third Mac laptop. They typically last me 4-5 years before needing to be replaced.

For me, they've been well-worth the extra money for their reliability/lack of headaches. My last PC only lasted 2 years. My husband had a Dell laptop that only lasted him 18 months.

Edit: If you need Windows-only software, you can install Bootcamp or VMWare on your Mac, which will give you the best of both worlds. (This is the setup that I have for my work laptop--a TOL Macbook Pro.)

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New York USA
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Date: 4/10/12 4:47 PM




Mufffet  Friend of PR
Vermont USA
Member since 8/14/05
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Date: 4/10/12 4:53 PM

Either a Mac or a Lenovo or an Asus. Lenovo and Asus are the best Windows running PCs out there - Lenovo was IBM PC and Asus has made hardware for years. For me, hardware build is the key, and software runs better on terrific hardware. You can buy more software and glitz, but you get hardware that is well built and you are happy for longer. As they say "Buy the best and only cry once."

MHO (but you can read the techie sites and get a feel for this as well).

I like both Macs and WinPCs and each has points. I have a Mac at home, not a laptop,and I like it, but there are things about Apple I do not care for, and things about Microsoft that I do care for, so there are trade-offs.

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kkkkaty  Friend of PR
Utah USA
Member since 12/7/05
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Date: 4/10/12 6:35 PM

depending on how you use it, one should always think of a laptop as a relatively short term investment. Regardless of the brand, they may not last more than a few years, and how long they last may have more to do with how you use it than the brand..... for example, did you know that you shouldn't move a lap top unless it's shut down? Easy to damage the hard drive if you pick the machine up while the hard drive is engaged. Also, the life of your battery is shortened if you leave it plugged in and completely charged all the time.... Just some thoughts.....
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Michelle T

Michelle T  Friend of PR
British Columbia CANADA
Member since 8/24/02
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In reply to Re Becca

Date: 4/10/12 8:18 PM

Since you need to run accounting software I would suggest another PC. You will have fewer headaches getting it to run on a PC. Yes you can use Parallels, but it does not allow you to choose how the resources get divided.

Also more MAC keyboard do not include the numeric keypad on the right. Once again you can get a USB one to set beside the keyboard, but if you are used to it being part of the keyboard that will drive you nuts.

I used an HP for 6 years to run Simply Accounting and loved it. It finally gave up the ghost (thanks to the kids) and has been replaced by a Toshiba. I am not as happy with it the Zero on the numeric keypad is touchy and the S has started to act up. This is after only 5 months of light use.

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California USA
Member since 8/28/08
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In reply to kkkkaty

Date: 4/10/12 8:34 PM

Everyone has different experiences. I always leave my laptop plugged in and my previous one lasted over five years.

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