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Message Board > Miscellaneous > sewing with kittens ( Moderated by Deepika, EleanorSews, CynthiaSue)

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sewing with kittens
Member since 4/16/08
Posts: 939
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Date: 3/19/13 2:48 PM

When I began sewing in October 1999, my cats were two years old. One lived to be 10 and the other one died a couple of months ago at age 15.5. I never had any issues with sewing because they were old enough that they would lay around in the sewing room while I sewed. My 15.5 year old was a true people cat and he would follow me around. Well, on March 29 I am getting these two adorable Ragdoll kittens.
I am so excited I am about to jump out of my skin
They will be 10.5 weeks old when I get them. I have never tried to sew with true kittens before. I absolutely cannot shut them out of the sewing room because I would feel so cruel. Also, what is the purpose of having them if I am going to shut them away from me. That goes totally against the behavior of Ragdolls, who by nature are people cats. The reason I am getting them is that my 15.5 old cat that just died spoiled me so much with his personality that I purposely hunted for a breed that had a similar personality. Is there a safe way to sew with young kittens like these? My husband is going to do a huge vacuum of the sewing room before we get them. However, if I can't sew for awhile, it will be a temporary small price to pay for these little beauties.

-- Edited on 3/19/13 2:50 PM --

Mufffet  Friend of PR
Member since 8/14/05
Posts: 10484
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thumbsup 3 members like this.
Date: 3/19/13 3:58 PM

It never struck me to worry about anything I did when I had a kitten or two around. You just need to watch them, and watch your stuff!Many of us have cats who "help" us, and your new babies look like they will be so fun to have around. Have a good time with them! I have one cat who although an adult is always into everything and tossing things off tables and counters so she can carry them off - pens, pill bottle, whatever will make a nice noise - lipsticks, lip balm, pencils. etc. also that she can carry in her mouth - she is such a little devil. But she is now about 3.5! Never not going to be a kitten.

Again, have fun! :)

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."
--Dalai Lama

I have sewing machines

michellep74  Friend of PR
Member since 7/19/07
Posts: 2753
online now
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thumbsup 1 member likes this.
Date: 3/19/13 4:11 PM

It depends entirely on the cat.

We adopted two kittens over the span of a few months a while back, and neither one ever bothered me while sewing (outside of one that would try to climb up my pants leg while I was sitting at my sewing desk).

On the other hand, I have a 16-year-old cat who turns into a kitten when I'm sewing. As recently as a few months ago, he waited until I was on the phone for a minute, and he had taken one of my serger threads in his mouth and run down the hall with it. I have to watch him like a hawk and put everything away (or at least cover it) for him. At 16, he's too old for me to put through surgery if he ever actually ingests something he shouldn't.



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TessKwiltz  Friend of PR
Member since 9/21/07
Posts: 1561
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Date: 3/19/13 4:16 PM

Totally OT but the title of your post made me think of the Hanes commercial where the guy's wearing kittens as a shirt because they're so soft...


On threadpainting flowers: "How many colors are in a flower? ... How many do you have?" - Ellen Anne Eddy

Member since 4/27/08
Posts: 654
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Date: 3/19/13 4:33 PM

I live with one right now. ALWAYS up in your business, which is kind of fun! But with sewing, can be a problem. I play with my cat while I sew; if I see something has grabbed her attention (usually the measuring tape) I'll let her play around with it until she loses interest. Or I'll give her an empty bobbin to keep her out of my way. XD If you have rugs on your floor, get in the habit of clearing up very well and be careful of dropping pins.

Ming told me about her cat eating thread be EXTRA vigilante to keep your thread cleaned up! Maybe shut your sewing room up when you're not in there to supervise.

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I'll try anything once :)

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Member since 6/5/10
Posts: 346
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thumbsup 2 members like this.
Date: 3/19/13 5:11 PM

Beautiful kittens!

All of my cats and kittens ALWAYS help me when I am in the sewing room. The two 5 yr old cats mostly just lay around while I am sewing and are not a problem. The kittens have needed more special consideration though. Right now I have Bumble, he is 11 months old and has been helping me sew since he was 12 weeks old, and I have Grizzly who is about 16 weeks old and has been helping me for the past month.

With the kittens I have to make extra sure to watch my pins, including keeping the lid on the pin box at all times. I am extra careful to clean up scraps and threads every time I am in the sewing room. Sewing tools like seam rippers, tape measures and hem gauges will get batted around and knocked off the work table so I seem to spend a lot of extra time searching for those these days.

One of my biggest concerns while sewing with the very little kittens is when they sit on my lap or walk around on the table behind my machine. The up and down motion of the needle does seem to draw their attention. I am always worried that they will do a kitty dive bomb into the moving needle and I will sew them accidentally. I also worry that they are going to jump up on my ironing station while I have the iron heated.

I have found it helpful with the kittens to provide them with a distraction while I am sewing. Sometimes its a tape measure or an empty spool of thread to bat around. Other times I put a cardboard box on the floor and throw one of their jingle cat balls in it...seems that batting a ball around within a box is entertaining.

No need for you to give up sewing with new kittens. Just be extra careful because we all know how curious those babies can be :)

kkkkaty  Friend of PR
Member since 12/7/05
Posts: 2567
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In reply to blessedtosew <<

Date: 3/19/13 7:57 PM

so cute!!! I would start by making sure pins, and bits of thread and other items they'd be attracted to are thrown away or put away. Hard to outwit them, tho. When I first got my serger I was kind of afraid of it; I left it covered and on the floor, and threaded as it had come. When I finally got brave enough to try and start using it, I discovered that my newest kitten had gotten under the cover and chewed through all the threads. The joke was definitely on me. Just get a bit obsessive about keeping stuff put away and cleaned up, and you should be ok.

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Franksdottir  Friend of PR
Advanced Beginner
Member since 4/25/08
Posts: 3215
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In reply to blessedtosew <<

Date: 3/19/13 9:39 PM

What beautiful little honeys!! How wonderful to look forward to and it will be even better to live with them.

You can sew with kittens. They are little, you can train them. (Sort of.) If they climb on your sewing table, put them down. Repeat four million times.

Mine like to lie on the plastic boxes in which I keep tools and thread and look down at me while I work. One of them smirks, but he is like that. He is the laziest cat ever born, which is just as well because otherwise he would make trouble. But he doesn't because it is all just too much work.

A couple of pieces of advice, if you don't mind. NEVER leave anything out where they can get them. It is definitely more trouble, but it is useful. Especially, never leave the rotary cutter, if you use one, unlatched.

Cats who are playing the chase game, and your little beauties will, will wreak havoc on paper patterns, ask me how I know (and it was crepe de chine!!!). So lay out patterns where they won't be chasing, if such a place exists in your house. (Like the kitchen counters because they are too little yet to jump up.)

The most important thing, COUNT YOUR PINS AND NEEDLES. Know exactly how many pins you use, and make sure that that many pins get back in the box when you are done. If you think you won't remember, write it down. Kittens are little enough to really notice pins. I bought a nice magnet on a telescoping holder, and I can search for dropped pins without getting up and moving them further.

Also, cats love ribbon, thread, lace, etc, so those have to be hidden until you use them and put away immediately, because if one of them grabs a piece while you aren't looking, good luck catching him before he eats part of it.

Also, I have only had one cat who did this, but it is a cautionary tale. He liked to pull pins out of the pincushion by the head. He scared me to death. All of the others have ignored the pincushion while it is out but you never know.

It is just so nice that you are getting them. You will have such a good time.


minggiddylooloo  Friend of PR
Member since 5/17/05
Posts: 2137
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Date: 3/19/13 10:15 PM

I would be keep those cats out and if you can't, watch them like a hawk. My kitty had emergency surgery last year that ended up being $4500 after he broke into my sewing room (door stopped latching and he forced open the sticky door). My machines were threaded at the time and that's what drew him in.

We now have pet insurance.

I'm finally a blogger!

annakeeton  Friend of PR
Member since 1/4/09
Posts: 272
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Date: 3/19/13 11:04 PM

Both kittens are adorable!!! Have fun with them. Our 2 cats are usually not allowed in the sewing room when I'm working on projects, because they like to chew on and get into everything, even though they're 5+ years old. My sister-in-law told me several years ago that her friend's cat swallowed a bobbin full of thread and it didn't survive having the thread tangled around inside of it.

A tool I recommend is a large, flat magnet on the end of a long, telescoping handle so I can sweep it back and forth across the carpet for stray pins before allowing the cats in the room. My husband found it at one of the big-box home improvement stores and I think it's original use is for locating nails in gravel/yards on construction sites.

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