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Forum > Sewing Machines > new B750 going back to tech, what all should I have him check? ( Moderated by Sharon1952, EleanorSews)

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new B750 going back to tech, what all should I have him check?
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Date: 5/5/13 8:13 PM

The straight stitch is good now, but the tension is not. Little top thread bumps showing on the back of straight stitch and terrible loops form a mess on the back of fancy stitches. Doing patchwork, if I start in a spot with several seams, it pulls bad to the left and no way I can get an accurate 1/4". In 40 years of sewing this is the first time I have ever had to deal with a machine tech. so I am a little nervous. Since the sales person told me that the back being a mess is "normal", I wonder if the tech will agree.


Sonoma33  Friend of PR
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In reply to cornut

Date: 5/5/13 9:21 PM

If the tech agrees, then I would find a new shop--AND send photos of the issue to Bernina. This is NOT normal and should not be ignored. A good tech will figure out how to fix the machine or send it back to Bernina.

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sewsally  Friend of PR
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Date: 5/5/13 9:59 PM

This isn't normal at all.

Be sure you have the bobbin threaded correctly.

Mostly it points to the needle being the problem. Is there tension on the needle thread?

Bring in your sample for the tech.

Texas USA
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Date: 5/6/13 7:40 AM

Agreed. The tech is supposed to know what to look for and have the ability to diagnose the problem so its not your job to have to tell him what to look for. It would send me over the edge to have someone tell me its supposed to look that way. I would just not deal with that person at all...hopefully this is not the owner you speak of who said that! You are going to need to stay firm about your expectations and if they say this is how it is, then just tell them, "totally unaccepatable". Ask to speak to the owner if you can and let them know you will be contacting bernina. At this point, you might want to decide in advance if you want this one fixed or a refund. Because this is the 2nd machine is it not?
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LynnRowe  Friend of PR
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In reply to cornut
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Date: 5/6/13 9:12 AM

Ensure yours has the latest version of software plus the SP3; then tech needs to recallibrate the tension.

If your dealer thinks dots of top thread showing on the bottom of the fabric is normal, show her the page in your Bernina manual that shows proper balanced tension, where the two threads meet in the middle of the fabric. The diagram in your manual also shows wrong tensions, where the top thread shows at the bottom.

And if she insists that loops on the bottom of deco stitches are normal, ask her why Pfaff machines don't do that...even on a single fabric layer without any stabilizer;

Back side on single layer rayon/lycra knit fabric with stabilizer;

Back side on single layer rayon/lycra knit fabric without stabilizer;

Loops on the back side of deco stitches are not normal for any machine. You paid a huge pile of $; insist on her making your machine right. And if she won't or can't, then speak directly to Bernina.
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Date: 5/6/13 10:10 AM

Don't toss the tech out with the bath water!

Make some samples of the problems and make any notes that the samples will not show (noise for example) and see what he can do for you.

A tech should already know all the service points, but needs to know what specific issues you are having.

Test the machine before leaving the shop to be sure it is working properly.

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Artsewer  Friend of PR
New York USA
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Date: 5/6/13 11:20 AM

In my experience with my 750 that was not stitching right, I sewed out the stitches on different fabrics, some with stableizer (like keyhole buttonholes and very wide decos, others without a regular satin stitch that is less then 7mm wide should stitch flat if you are sewing on a slightly stiff med. wt fabric without stabizer.
Also run rows and rows of straight stitches and circle and make notes of any stitch that is has the wobble.
Try to document all the situations, for example sew the straight stitch with duel feed engaged and then without. Try it with a 57 1/4 inch with the guide and then a reg. 5/8 ths seam for garment construction
Use different threads and approbriate needles for the task at hand.
I know this is a lot of time and work but will be worth it in the end.
Show this to the tech and make one sample for the tech and one to keep for yourself. If he/she can not fix the machine insist that it go back to Bernina.
ake picture and digitally email them to Bernina, with notes of your samples that illustrate the problems best. Tell them that your sales person was not knowledgable and told you this was normal. (which is so outrageous!) Question is the sales person also the owner of the store?
You can call BerninaUSA directly. And you can email them at Tech support directly. Look at the website for their phone number.
This will all come out alright Conut you have to be persistent and leave no room for any denials on the part of your dealer.
Im sort of dumb founded by your dealer, and am so sorry you are still having problems.

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