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Forum > Fitting Woes > Help! I only have a week till my brother's wedding! ( Moderated by Deepika, Jacqui315)

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Help! I only have a week till my brother's wedding!
New Look 6000
KamiSue2  Friend of PR
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Subject: Help! I only have a week till my brothers wedding! Date: 11/5/13 1:37 AM

My brother's wedding is next Tuesday and I making my dress to wear to match the colors and what not. It's New Look 6000. I've made a few dresses for myself and I've never been happy with the fit. But this dress looked simple so I thought I'd be able to manage it. Anyway, here's my 2nd muslin, which my husband thinks looks fine, but I think there's weird horizontal lower back wrinkles that shouldn't be there.
Back again
Side view
I don't know? Am I over worrying it? I just would finally like to make a dress I'm actually happy with. Errr...

And on the stomach--do you think I need to take it in a bit?

Here's the adjustments I made on the first muslin--The top of the bodice is size 14 going up to a size 16 through the waist and hips and skirt. I added 2 1/4 in to the bodice length, then I added another 1 1/4 in to the skirt length (I'm going hem it to right below the knee) and then I added and extra 1 1/2 in to the waist. This muslin fitted me like a glove, and although my husband loved it I wasn't able to sit down, let alone carry around my 1 yr old son.

The second muslin got another 2 1/2 inches to the hem length because the 1st muslin was dead on the length I wanted it with no room for hemming. Then I added another 2 inches to the waist/hip/skirt. Basically going up to a size 18 but following the lines of the previously adjusted muslin with the extra 1 1/2 in at the waist, instead of the size 18 pattern lines. Sorry if that's confusing.

Anyway, I was thinking that I need to go back and take out the extra 1 1/2 in at the waist and just do a straight size 14 to size 18 adjustment.

Also the bust darts are sewn at the size 16, but I think they should maybe be moved in closer together at the size 14 lines, I don't know though. It fits pretty darn good on the top.

And off topic, how do you load photos on here instead of just links? I tried the image button for my flickr photos but it didn't work.

Please! Any and all help is so desperately needed and wanted!

Thanks so much,

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Subject: Help! I only have a week till my brothers wedding! Date: 11/5/13 5:18 AM

I think the back and front waist length is too long. Not by much, i would try pinning the length between bust and waist all the way arround about !" then try it on again and let out or pin shorter.
I think the dress fits very well except for that one problem.
Good luck!
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Subject: Help! I only have a week till my brothers wedding! Date: 11/5/13 7:42 AM

When you go to flickr, there should be something like a little box with an arrow coming out of that you can click on that will provide links. Pick the one that says "Grab HTML link," and that can be copied and pasted directly. Does that make sense?

As for the dress, it's looking great to start! I think your side seam dart is PERFECT. I agree with camaro on the back waist length--it's too long overall; it looks like the wrinkles run through the seams, so length should be taken out all along the back including out of the seam.

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Date: 11/5/13 8:23 AM

This is going to be your perfect dress!

Agree the bust to waist length needs shortening.

Are you wearing the under garments you will wear for the Wedding? There is some slight wrinkling under your right arm, like the armhole maybe tugging there? Just looking at the 1st picture facing us, does everyone see that area?

I think the bust area and hip fit you great - Oh you want to sit AND hold the baby AND have the Dress fit?

What is your final fabric?

Do you guys think once the bust to waist extra is taken out, maybe the real fabric will not show as much as a muslin? Just wondering


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ConnieBJ  Friend of PR
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Subject: Help! I only have a week till my brothers wedding! Date: 11/5/13 8:41 AM

I think it's looking great! I agree with Debbie that there is a slight puckering under the arm, but I can't tell exactly what is going on. The darts look great. Take that one inch tuck that others have suggested before you change anything in the tummy area. It might help the pooling there.
You are going to look beautiful!
Can you tell us what the real fabric will be?

Connie Bontje
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AnneM  Friend of PR
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In reply to KamiSue2
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Date: 11/5/13 8:52 AM

Quote: KamiSue2
Am I over worrying it?


The dress looks great. Go & try on some RTW in your closet; it won't fit half as nicely as that muslin. Yet you would wear those without thinking about it.

I often get caught in the over-fitting trap. But my figure isn't the same every single day, so if I fit it perfectly one day it won't actually fit me perfectly another day.

All that being said, and with the qualifying statement that I am certainly not a fit expert, there is probably a smidge too much length in the torso, below the bust, and/or you might need a smidge more ease in the back upper hip area (there seems to be a slight pull on the zipper bottom, & in the side view). Try just pinning a slight amount out horizontally and see if it falls better; if not try letting the back hip area out slightly.

With a great wardrobe that's still in the flat-fabric stage.

Debbie Lancaster
Debbie Lancaster  Friend of PR
California USA
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Subject: Help! I only have a week till my brothers wedding! Date: 11/5/13 3:02 PM

I think it's also a little too tight across the back. Once you take out the extra length on the back, you should probably try releasing the side seams or the darts in the back and see if the horizontal strain lines disappear.

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MrsCharisma  Friend of PR
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Subject: Help! I only have a week till my brothers wedding! Date: 11/5/13 3:14 PM

I think you need a tiny, tiny smidge of length removed from the back.

How different in weight and drape is your fashion fabric? Will there be a lining?

Don't necessarily fit your muslin to *perfection* because you might see some different behavior in your fashion fabric, imo.

Now, this dress is looking AMAZING! And you'd be well within reason to sew that baby up as is. It's going to fit beautifully when you're all done.

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Subject: Help! I only have a week till my brothers wedding! Date: 11/6/13 11:44 PM

I think the front looks like it fits pretty nicely. I'm not seeing the length there as too long. I would pinch a horizontal "dart" out of the back at/just above your waist. I would pinch 1/2" in the middle (so you are taking out the 1" mentioned by others), then taper to nothing at the side seam. Taking out a 1/2" tuck all the way around might be easier and may work as well. Pin it out either way, and if you like it, stitch it that way.

If you feel you have wrinkling around the armhole, you can try pinching out 1/2" at the armhole end of the shoulder seam, tapering into the original seamline. This will change the slope of the shoulder seam. It will also raise the armhole and make it smaller, so then you would have to decide if the smaller armhole is OK or if you have to lower it to compensate for having raised itl
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