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Forum > Beginner's Forum > Fess up did you quit sewing in your past? ( Moderated by EleanorSews)

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Fess up did you quit sewing in your past?
Please tell me why you quit sewing and than later started sewing again.
Dana Cetz
Dana Cetz
Member since 12/14/12
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Date: 1/27/14 5:52 PM

The were four main reasons why I quit sewing in the past.

First, "I hate the way my clothes look inside out, they look home made" look.

Second, I wanted to finish my project all in one setting.

Third, I hated that demarcation that my facings all ways showed under the right side of the fabric.

Fourth, my fingers were numb in cold damp weather due to raynauds. Got that one fixed due to medicine.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Texas USA
Member since 10/1/03
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Date: 1/27/14 6:15 PM

The first time I quite was because I didn't have access to a machine (had always used mom's when at home, or the one in the costume shop where I worked at college).

The next "quit" was because I moved. That's all, just because I moved. For some reason, when I move my taste for/interest in things can change (or totally disappear) unexpectedly. For example, at one time, I had to have a Pop Tart as an evening snack nearly every night. I moved just a few miles away, and the 2 boxes of them in my pantry lasted for over a year!

The next time I moved I didn't even take the machine with me! But the last time I started sewing (bought a cheap machine at Walmart) and signed up for PR. I'm not sure why I quit that time. I think I was dissatisfied with the fit (and my body weight varies so much there is always something wrong with the fit, lol) - and as you mentioned the way things looked on the inside. No one had ever taught me any way to finish seams (other than pinking shears and that was totally optional).

I don't remember what made me pull the machine out again (it's been a couple years now), but a year ago, I got myself a serger, and playing with that has been fun. And now I have many ways to finish seams (the serger, and I've used french seams a few times, even bound the seams once). Lately I've been making more for other people than myself (especially if you count only the finished items, lol). Just finished up a big set of pink/purple flannel things for a friend who just had a baby (Boppy cover, wipes cover, small and large rice bags (with removable covers), and "dressed up" onesies -I bought a 3-pack and modified each one differently - one had ruffles on the butt, on had a gathered skirt, and one had a ruffled placket on the front).

Speech girl
Speech girl  Friend of PR
Member since 5/11/03
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Date: 1/27/14 6:32 PM

I quit after trying to teach myself in my early 20s because I could not get many patterns to look right or fit properly, except the Style patterns (which soon after were discontinued). This was pre internet and I didn't have any kind of sewing book, so I really had no guidance. I would occasionally make something after that, like baby blankets, but around age 30 I bought the Reader's Digest Sewing book at a discount book store and soon after that discovered Burda and Kwik Sew and started sewing again and, then discovered internet sites and PR and while I have had lulls due to life events, I have not given up sewing again.

-- Edited on 1/27/14 6:35 PM --

formerly mikkim

Oklahoma USA
Member since 1/18/11
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Date: 1/27/14 6:44 PM

I had a hard time getting a good fit. My shoulders are very narrow and I didn't know about FBAs back then.

Before the internet, fabric choices were very limited. The poor quality and selection at fabric chains discouraged me.

I knew little to nothing about finishing seams and it was obvious.

kkkkaty  Friend of PR
Utah USA
Member since 12/7/05
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Date: 1/27/14 6:56 PM

Let's see... quit because

Owned crappy machine that never worked well
Couldn't fit myself well
Wasn't good at discerning what patterns suited me
Forever disappointed in how hings turned out.
Was a student, so time went to school and studies, and then traveled on business extensively.

What changed? I reached my 40s, and realized that I was grown up and had enough money to buy a nice, reliable machine. Changed jobs so had time to sew. That all put me on the road, and PR has helped immensely with my skill development.

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ryan's mom
ryan's mom  Friend of PR
Member since 11/30/04
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Date: 1/27/14 7:23 PM

Never quit. I took a long break because of my four kids being so close together, but I don't consider that quitting. Simply life getting in the way of my sewing!

Big 4 Pattern size 12, RTW bottom: 6, RTW jacket 8, RTW top (no size fits me well!)
Measurements: 34 HB/36 FB (34C bra)/27.5/36 (and working hard to keep it that way.)
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Addierecoy  Friend of PR
Missouri USA
Member since 5/30/13
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Date: 1/27/14 7:34 PM

Fairly long break here too...

80 hour a week job while completely renovating a 108 year old house. Just about the time I had that all under control, my husband died suddenly, and I really didn't do anything for almost a year.

Then one day, I just had to do something, anything, and saw a post on FaceBook about a friend making her kids clothes. I dug out my machine (didn't work) and ended up going out and buying a new sewing machine and haven't quit since.

In a real way sewing kind of gave me my life back. It was something I was always good at, and gave me a feeling of accomplishment. It was exactly what I needed right then, and still need.

I hope I never quit again.

EleanorSews  Friend of PR
Board Moderator
Member since 7/26/07
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Date: 1/27/14 7:57 PM

Like ryan's mom, I never really quit and have sewn off and on for much of my life. The least productive period sewing-wise was after DD went to college.

Owning and running a business that consumed 60+ hours a week left little time or energy for sewing as a hobby...or any hobby really.

After my mom passed, I participated in PR sponsored Kenneth King moulage workshops. At the same time, I spent a year and a half traveling with DH almost monthly. Then we'd be back and I'd be playing catch-up at the office and home. Of course, there was a weight gain period and that has changed plus I'm exercising so there have been changes and I once again must address fitting.

2014 is going to be my year. I'm off to a very slow and late start, but I am working on it.

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." Anais Nin

"Attitude is the difference between an adventure and an ordeal." unknown

SouthernStitch  Friend of PR
Member since 8/24/02
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Date: 1/27/14 7:58 PM

I started in 1983, and in 1987 the last thing I made for 8 years was maternity clothes. I wasn't inspired to sew for a boy, and time was not there.

Then when my DD was 3, she needed a costume but my machine wouldn't function. My former MIL wouldn't sew it for me, because she wanted me to get back into sewing. It was an expensive repair, but I'm grateful for that, cause I haven't ever quit again! My then husband told me he wasn't paying $75 for an M&M costume, (a LOT of money for us back then with 5 kids) so I BETTER start sewing again.

Because I started in the early 80's, so much of what I wore was loose fitting. I remember lots of cut on or dropped shoulder sleeve style dresses, with elastic waist and more fitted hips. I sewed lots of dresses and tops for work, and most of them didn't need an FBA. Then I tried a couple of more fitted blouses and couldn't figure out what was wrong! My Mom found the FBA in the Eunice Farmer column, and all was well.

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SuzanneSewsRVA  Friend of PR
Member since 7/11/13
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Date: 1/27/14 8:09 PM

similar to others, have put it away and taken it back up several times.

I first learned how to sew with my mother in middle school. I made some poorly fitting clothes but liked the accomplishment. Put it down for several years and took it back up about 4 years later. At the time I had taught my self to knit and there was a large knitting community where I was living (and within my peer group). My roommate at the time bought a sewing machine and I made some outfits for my sister's children.

I moved and got busy with life and put it aside and about 4 years later, I took it out again to make window treatments for my first place that I owned. Made a few clothes but had trouble with fitting (also unwilling to use the measurements and was "stuck" on what size I had to make and how that made me feel as I continually struggled with my weight.

Got busy with life and children and work and put it away for about 10 years until about a year ago when I found sewing on the internet. there are so many more resources for fitting and free and draft able patterns. I have reached an age where i need to have better clothes but RTW doesn't fit me well nor flatter my figure. I also can make clothes for my kids which is satisfying for me. I have learned so much in the last year that I can't imagine never sewing again, but life has a way of getting in the way sometimes...

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