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Forum > Contest Discussions > Pattern Stash Contest, 2014 ( Moderated by JEF)

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Pattern Stash Contest, 2014
From July 1- 31, 2014
Member since 11/11/07
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Date: 6/14/14 12:55 PM

Hi, folks,
This is crazygrad, or you can call me L'Anne, if you like. I'll be helming the Pattern Stash contest. WooHoo! Smell that stashy goodness!

Rules and Definitions:

2014 Pattern Stash Contest This contest is your chance to use all those patterns you've been collecting but haven't had the opportunity to use yet.

This contest will run from July 1 � July 31 (note that the contest end date was previously shown as July 30 but the correct end date is July 31.)

1. Enter only those items which have been sewn from patterns which are in your stash AND you haven't used before. The idea is to encourage each other to use those patterns we bought but never used.

2. You can enter apparel or craft items as long as you SEW them. Home dec is not allowed.

3. Pattern Stash is defined as the patterns you have in your possession approximately 6 months or more (in other words, in your stash prior to about January 1, 2014). Your guess is good enough; the idea is that you have had it a while and have not gotten around to sewing it. Downloaded patterns may be used if they were downloaded 6 or more months ago (prior to January 1, 2014). Self drafted patterns are NOT allowed for this contest.

4. Patterns from magazines or BurdaStyle, Patrones, KnipMode, Ottobre, etc. may be used providing the issue of the magazine is January 1, 2014 or earlier AND the participant has never made anything from the issue. Only ONE garment per issue is allowed to be entered. This is a change from the 2013 rules. The goal here is to open and use as many issues as you can.

5. You may only enter one item from each pattern (i.e. you may NOT enter two items from the same wardrobe pattern even if they are completely different types of clothing).

6. Since this is a pattern stash contest, patterns should be new and unused (by the participant), prior to the start of the contest. Fabric may be prepped and pre-shrunk, however patterns should be untouched. (For obvious reasons, there can be no muslins in advance of the contest start date.) Using a vintage or secondhand pattern which include pattern pieces that were cut by the previous owner is allowed.


-Vintage patterns that you've purchased but not used will count. The fact that some previous owner may have used the pattern already is irrelevant to this contest.

-A pattern in stash must have actual pattern pieces. Downloadable tutorials with no pattern pieces would not qualify.

- Downloadable patterns are allowed. An elephant stuffed animal where you had to download and print the pieces would be fine. The pattern must have been printed out or in the stash within the same time period that applies to any other pattern (e.g. prior to January 1, 2014).

- If you normally trace your patterns, whether from a magazine like BurdaStyle or just because you want to keep the original tissue, you can do this before July 1.

Contest Eligibility:
1. Any member of Pattern Review, either paying (FoPR) or non-paying, who is a registered member on the site before the contest begins is eligible to enter.

2. Any member of Pattern Review, either paying (FoPR) or non-paying, who's been a registered member on the site for 90 days prior to the end of a contest is eligible to vote in a contest.

3. Any member who's won first place in a contest on Pattern Review that ended in the previous four-month period is ineligible to win another contest (during that four-month period). For this contest, first-place winners from the following contests are NOT eligible to win:
� Little white dress
� Inspired by the Movies
� New to Me Pattern Co
� Fitted Blouse
� Bargainista Fashionista
� Challenge Contest � Terrific Tanks
� Vintage Sewing
� Pants
� Outerwear

This is a points based contest - 1 pattern used = 1 point. For each unused pattern from which you make an item, give yourself one point. The winner will be the person who uses the most patterns. (This is not a voted contest. We will be using the honor system!) There will also be a random drawing winner, so even the less prolific sewers have a chance at a prize

General Rules for all Contests

1. All reviews must be entered for submission by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on the last day of the contest. It is suggested to start your review as a Work In Progress (private or public) so that you can get any bugs ironed out prior to the deadline. Although Contest Managers and Contest Committee will help with technical issues, they may not be available at the end of the contest so be sure to allow adequate time to post your entry before the contest ends.

2. Fabric may be pretreated before the start of the contest.

3. Patterns may NOT be muslined prior to the start of this contest; fabric for contest garment may NOT be cut prior to the start of the contest. [This rule is a little different than most contest which DO allow muslins prior to contest but due to the nature of this contest, muslins are not allowed.]

4. Items intended for sale, or for which you were or will be paid to make, do not qualify for any contest, but items made for charity are welcome.

5. Unless otherwise stated in the rules, all reviews written for a contest entry must include a picture of the entry, preferably on a live model.

6. Interpretation of rules is subject to the discretion of the contest manager and the contest committee.

Prizes for Contest:
First Prize: Google Nexus Tablet with Patternade installed
Second Prize: Free designer subscription to Patternade

edited 6/16 to add prize info!
-- Edited on Today at 10:41 AM --
Member since 11/11/07
Posts: 1575
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Date: 6/14/14 12:57 PM

This post will serve as a clarification/ questions round up "file" as issues and concerns come up.

Q: Have prizes been announced?

A: Yes! The post has been changed, and here they are!
First Prize: Google Nexus Tablet with Patternade installed
Second Prize: Free designer subscription to Patternade
-- Edited on Today at 10:43 AM --

Q: Can a garment enter both the Pattern Stash and Wardrobe competitions?

A: Yes! As long as it meets the parameters for both. For example, your wardrobe includes the Scout T, purchased and downloaded last summer, but you never sewed it. This fits both contests, but you used a self-drafted pattern for your wardrobe to make a jacket. Self-drafted patterns are not permitted in the Stash contest, so you couldn't enter it here.
-- Edited on Today at 10:53 AM --

Q: How do I enter this contest?

A: Use the Contests tab and select Currently Running. On that page, you'll see available Contests listed. Click Pattern Stash "join this contest." That prompt will take you to the rules. Read to the bottom and then select the "Join this contest" option to enroll. If you're also entering the Mini-Wardrobe, you'll follow those instruction for the Mini-Wardrobe option.

Q: How do I enter my garments?

A: After the start day of July 1, and you have a finished garment, you'll write a review of the pattern. Once you post a review, you have an option to post that review to the Contest Report. For every applicable contest (that review fits the contest guidelines for the pattern you reviewed), you can submit and enter that garment in each contest.

You can also use the Contests tab, select Currently Running, and then select any Gallery for any pertinent contest you've entered. At the bottom of the Gallery page, there's a link to Enter items. Click that and follow directions to enter a new garment.

Q: Can I enter multiple items?

A: This is a volume contest based on trying as many different stashy patterns as we can in the time frame. So you could sew 30 different Vogue patterns, for example. Making 1 pattern 10 times, though, only 1 version of that pattern would count.

Q: What work can I do before the magic day of July 1?

A: You can prep your fabric-- wash it, dry it, press it, etc. But work on patterns, like cutting and laying out, should be done between the contest dates July 1- 31.

PDF NOTE: If you have downloaded PDF patterns, if you bought and downloaded the pattern before January 1, you may print and tape together the pattern before the July 1 start date, but they may not be cut before then. You may also print and tape your PDF patterns during the contest time frame, as long as they were bought and downloaded by the January 1 deadline.

TRACING NOTE: Just to be clear-- if you trace your patterns, or use magazine/ book patterns, you may trace your patterns before July 1.
-- Edited on Today at 8:50 PM --

Q: Can I change the pattern?

A: Some modification is fine. For example, lengthening a skirt for appropriate fit or coverage is fine. However, the resulting project should be identifiably from that pattern-- keeping enough of the features of the original design that an observer can tell that pattern was used. Any modification MUST be done by hand by the sewist and NOT the result of frankenpatterning (the use of another pattern).
-- Edited on Today at 11:24 AM --

Q: I have a wardrobe pattern with a dress, jacket, pants, and skirt. I used the pants pattern years ago, and the pattern went back to stash. Can I use the pattern for this contest to make the dress?

A: Not for this contest. This pattern has already been used.

Q: I have a wardrobe pattern with jacket, dress, pants, and top. I used the dress pattern and started a muslin, but it required far too many modifications and ended up a wadder. Can I use the pattern for the contest if I sew the skirt?

A: No. The pattern has already been cut and thus used.

Q: I have a pattern that I like. I never opened or cut the pattern, but I "eye-balled" the line drawing to make a muslin that didn't work. Can I use this pattern?

A: In this case, the pattern has not been used-- cut (or opened). This pattern is fine for this contest.
-- Edited on Today at 11:38 AM --

Q: I can't remember when I bought a pattern! Help!

A: Your best guess as to when you bought will typically suffice, but if you're afraid a pattern may not have been released by January 1, you can always post the pattern company and pattern number and/or name to this thread. Likely, someone knows when the pattern came out! If you remember you ordered/ bought a pattern based on a promotional email, you can always check your email to see if you saved (or just never deleted) the message.

Check on page 12 of this thread for a cache post of date checks, if you've asked about when a pattern was released. This is largely an honor system, but if you really can't remember when you bought something, we'll try to help you out by at least noting if something was available before Jan. 1, 2014!

Some PR members have offered suggestions for future stash contests. One member keeps receipts (which are dated) to match identification numbers or name info for when she bought them.

Another member notes that she writes the date she bought a pattern on the envelope. You could also note the date you received a pattern in the mail in this way.

Some people use a spread sheet to keep track of pattern numbers or names and include a column for purchase/ acquisition date along with other info about the pattern.

For PDF patterns, you should have a download date on the file.
-- Edited on Today at 3:04 PM --
-- Edited on Today at 10:39 AM --

Q: Can we use Pattern Magic books for our designs?

A: Yes, and here is the rationale. PM books require the sewist to make the pattern pieces, but the difference between making a PM pattern piece and a self-drafted pattern is the origin of the vision and the process. By using PM, the sewist is using someone else's final product as the end product and that other designer's instructions, geometry, shapes, and techniques. Making a PM piece is more similar to cutting or tracing and following the directions of a typical printed pattern than to creating the pieces, instructions, techniques and even the base product entirely on your own.

And just like with other pattern books/ magazines, only one piece per book will count for the contest.
-- Edited on Today at 9:00 AM --
-- Edited on Today at 12:56 PM --

Q: Home dec is not allowed for the Contest. What kinds of non-garment patterns do work for it?

A: Examples of non-garments that are suitable include: hats; bags; backpacks; purses; lunch totes; toys, and stuffed animals.

Scarves and belts will be decided on a case by case basis because these often only require cutting a square or rectangle of fabric. Please post info on the scarf or belt you'd like to work on for the Committee to determine its suitability.
-- Edited on Today at 1:03 PM --

Q: Can I sew for children?

A: Yes!

Q: Does my FABRIC have to be stashy too?

A: Not at all! In fact, PR has a contest dedicated to the fabric stash! The Fabric Stash Contest is coming up in a few months. You can buy new fabric for every stash pattern you sew, if that greases your machine!

Q: I signed up! Yeah! But what was up with that badge?

A: The badge is for your blog. You can add it to show your readers what you're up to!
-- Edited on Today at 11:03 AM --
-- Edited on Today at 11:05 AM --

Q: Can I repurpose old items like curtains, sheets, etc. to make new items?

A: Yes. That's fine. The fabric can be new yardage, old yardage, or you can "upcycle" items suitable for the project.
-- Edited on Today at 8:42 AM --

Q: Do my entered items have to be photographed on a live model?

A: No! You can take the pics on a dress form, hanger, or flat-- whatever works best for that project. Of course, if you like modelling (or having someone else model) your items, you may feel free to sashay and pose to your heart's content.
-- Edited on Today at 8:50 AM --

Q: How do I know how many points to assign?

A: Per the rules, points are related to using individual, unique patterns. Each pattern sewn earns 1 point. So making one dress twice is only 1 point. Or making 2 pieces in a wardrobe pattern is 1 point. EDIT: In other words, if you opt to make a skirt, blouse, and shorts from a single wardrobe pattern, please review them all together and credit yourself ONE point. Even though you've sewn many piece, you've only used ONE pattern envelope. Each pattern NUMBER can only get ONE point for this Contest.

And fabric quantity used is not related to points earned.
-- Edited on Today at 1:24 PM --
-- Edited on Today at 10:03 AM --

Q: Do I have to mention how long I've had the pattern in stash?

A: Not required, but feel free to tell us when you got a pattern or tell the story about how you got a pattern or why/ how/ when it ended up in the stash. For example, I have a pattern from 1988 from French Connection, which I bought while working at a fabric store. FC was very popular at my high school, and I couldn't afford their stuff, so I figured I'd get the pattern to make a FC outfit. BUT my sewing machine was a POS so I never made it. Thus. Enstashee!
-- Edited on Today at 7:04 PM --
PammyJ  Friend of PR
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In reply to crazygrad
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Date: 6/14/14 6:13 PM

Just have to say how excited I am about this contest! Should be so much fun! If not to enter then to at least watch and see how many makes folks can get sewn in a month. Okay PR friends, pull out those pattern bins, boxes, envelopes, or storage totes and start planning. :D
-- Edited on 6/14/14 6:14 PM --
Annette Wright
Annette Wright  Friend of PR
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Date: 6/15/14 8:34 AM

I need to hunt down some past contest galleries for this one. The prize seems too good for just being prolific.

Sounds like a fun way to try a bunch of patterns, maybe go with a theme, blouses or tops, or a small wardrobe.

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Date: 6/15/14 9:20 AM

This contest always gets me motivated to sew. The fabric stash contest is another motivator for me.
hapiatlast  Friend of PR
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Date: 6/15/14 10:27 AM

This will be my first contest. Heck, it will be the first time I am sewing in many years. I'm excited!


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Date: 6/15/14 1:02 PM

Darn, have to check the schedule....might be able to knock some out, no where near as many as I've done in previous years, but will see what I can do....this year is the first year our summer has been packed with activities, so it's a chance that I will have more time for me since the children rotate when they are gone to different things (scout camp, art classes, etc.).....will have to take inventory to see what I already have fabrics and notions for because the entire family is on a mandatory spending freeze until I have the down payment for DSs first year of high school {sigh}

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Vintage Joan
Vintage Joan
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Date: 6/15/14 2:06 PM

Oh, I do so much need to sew up some patterns (and fabrics) I haven't used yet. I am very tempted. It's motivation at least, even if I don't actually get as far as entering the contest. I think I just heard my stash call out "Do it, please do it! We are feeling so lonely and neglected down here!"

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Date: 6/15/14 6:59 PM

I won't try to keep up with everyone, but I do have a few stash patterns that I'd like to sew very soon. This contest will help motivate me to get those sewn up.



Melwyk  Friend of PR
Ontario Canada
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Date: 6/15/14 8:23 PM

I'm in -- have missed the last few contests but this one is right up my alley -- I have a large basket of "to make next" patterns that I've been ignoring in favour of new ones I've been downloading etc. I'll have to go through it and pull out the ones over 6 months old.

I was planning to make this my summer of skirts anyhow, so I guess this will be good motivation to get going on it!
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