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Grainline Studio Patterns now in Paper Format!By MadelineL on Today at 2:49 PM

As some of you may already know, is now carrying Grainline Studio paper patterns!



Grainline Studio’s digital patterns were available for a long time but we greatly appreciate that they now come in paper format too. Grainline Studio originally started as the personal blog of Jennifer Beeman, the designer and patternmaker behind the patterns. It expanded in mid 2011 to include these downloads after people started requesting the patterns for the garments she was creating for herself. 

Their collection features many versatile, everyday pieces that are ultra-wearable. We thought we’d highlight some of our favourites for casual summer wear.


See the reviews here


First up is the Tiny Pocket Tank, a great everyday tank top for casual summer weekends or for layering under a blazer at the office.




For women who prefer shorts, the Maritime Shorts are a must-have to go with the Tiny Pocket Tank. We think it would be ultra gorgeous yet casual in a Nantucket Red chino fabric for a perfectly preppy weekend look.




If you prefer skirts, the Moss Mini Skirt is a great alternative to the Maritime Shorts and also pairs very well with the Tiny Pocket Tank. We think that it would really nice in a whale print seersucker – so nautical!




Shop Grainline Studio

Remember, if you are a Friends of PR member your 10% discount will automatically apply. 

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Announcing New Digital Patterns by Muse Patterns!By MadelineL on 5/28/15 2:23 PM

We have some great news to share with you. Now you can buy Muse Patterns right here on PatternReview! Designed by New Zealander Kat Hardisty, Muse Patterns are inspired by the vintage fashions of the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s and tailored for modern wear. Kat’s first collection for Pattern Review includes three pieces. First up is the Jenna Cardi, a great layering piece for summer nights. It has a wide hem band, which “harks back to cardigan and jumper styles of the 1940’s and 1950’s…Variation B gathers gently into curved front shoulder yokes for a subtle 1940’s touch.” We love how the Jenna Cardi looks so timeless and elegant. Our members love it too! 

See the glowing reviews here

Next up is the Natalie Dress & Top. Made for knit fabrics, this pattern is a must have for warm summer days. “A triangular inset at the bust, diagonal seam lines on the front bodice, and gathering details are reminiscent of the 1940’s.”  We like the Natalie dress because you can wear it from the office to a casual girls night out effortlessly.

Finally we have the Melissa Dress, which is actually a dress, skirt, and top pattern all in one! Even better is the fact that the dress and top have bodice pieces for both B-cup and D-cup bust sizes. This pattern is just so versatile!


Shop Muse Patterns

Remember, if you are a Friends of PR member your 10% discount will automatically apply. 

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An interview with Megan Nielsen and Paper Patterns! By Deepika on 5/27/15 11:05 AM

We love Megan Nielsen patterns, and we are delighted to announce that we now offer her paper pattern collection! We talked with designer and founder Megan Nielsen for the inside scoop behind her business...

Tell us about yourself, your life, etc

I am the designer behind Megan Nielsen Patterns. I’m a mother of three, so I work from home in order to spend as much time with my kids as possible. And I’m a Christian so I try and maintain an ethical ethos for my business at all times. I live in Perth, Australia with my family, where we are blessed to have a ridiculous amount of sunshine all year round!

Photo Credit

Photo Credit

How did you get into the apparel industry?

I had always dreamed of launching my own brand, and with the encouragement of my husband and a friend who had spent time in the industry, I took a small amount of money from our savings, and leapt in! I started with a collection of 10 ready to wear designs, and created 5 more collections after that. In the beginning I sewed everything myself, but as I grew I outsourced the manufacturing to local seamstresses and sewing rooms.

When/Why did you make the switch from ready to wear design to pattern design?

I had a blog about sewing at the same time as my ready to wear line, and more and more people were asking me if I could provide tutorials on how to make my designs. That’s when I realized there was a real gap in the market, and a real desire from consumers for modern easy to wear sewing patterns.

Which sewing machine do you primarily use?

I use a Bernina B530 – I absolutely love it! My overlocker is an Elna that my Mother in Law very kindly passed on to me many years ago, and sadly is coming to the end of its life. I’m very nostalgic about my sewing machines so I always find it hard to let go. I still keep my very first machine, the one I learnt on, in my work room at all times. It inspires me.

Your collection is centered around casualwear and maternity wear. What made you feel inspired to create patterns for everyday living and pregnant ladies?

I believe in creating out of need. As much as I love wearing and sewing pretty dresses and things like that, the gaps in my wardrobe were always casual wear and maternity pieces. Those are the patterns I struggled to find. My philosophy is that for a pattern to be a valuable purchase it should be used over and over – so I only create patterns that I believe will be essential to the wardrobe of the modern woman.

Photo Credit

Do you have a favorite pattern or garment you like to make?

It honestly changes all the time – right now I’ve been making a lot of our newest pattern, the Brumby skirt!

Photo Credit

How would you describe your personal style?

Gosh that’s always a hard one isn’t it! I think easy and relaxed are probably the closest words to how I feel about my personal style.

Photo Credit

Do you prefer to sew for yourself or for family/friends?

Though I don’t do it enough, my favourite people to sew for are my kids. They always have the most adorable requests, and I love trying to create whatever they’ve imagined in their sweet little minds.

Photo Credit

What’s next for Megan Nielsen Patterns? Any new patterns or collections on the horizon?

We have a number of new patterns in development right now – but the biggest thing coming for us is the release of our new app. It will allow sewers to use their sewing patterns on their phone or tablet, and we are really excited about it!

Photo Credit

What are your interests and hobbies outside of fashion and sewing?

Art has always been a passion of mine - I love to paint and draw, so when I’m not sewing or working on new designs I’m often sketching little things, or painting wildflowers (my favourite subject!).

Photo Credit

What advice would you give to someone who is new to sewing and wants to make their first garment?

My advice to new sewers is always to take it slow and choose an appropriate project – things like simple skirts are my favourite beginner garments!

Photo Credit

Great to have you on PatternReview, Megan!

Now you can  Shop For Megan Nielsen paper patterns right here on PR!

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ASiverson said... (5/28/15 10:34 AM) Reply
Congratulations on having your interview here, Megan! and TFS, Annette
NevadaGrace said... (5/28/15 10:32 AM) Reply
Maternity Meets Modernity. Very lovely.
caper81 said... (5/28/15 9:17 AM) Reply
I love the "Aurora" inspired dress in the first photo!:) Yes, I could use more everyday dresses and wardrobe pieces too! Nice to read your story Megan:)
Ashford said... (5/28/15 4:34 AM) Reply
I like the practical everyday application behind these designs. I enjoy the pictures of how to use fabric and trim to transform the look. One pattern with many looks has become my mantra. Glad to hear about you, Megan.
Winners of the Wardrobe Contest 2015By MadelineL on 5/26/15 2:19 PM

With summer in full swing, we ran a Wardrobe contest and it is adjourned! Participants for this contest were instructed to sew "an organized closet where one can pull an outfit together at a moment's notice". They each made four tops, three bottoms, and two items at their discretion. Each top had to coordinate with each bottom, and our contestants had to photograph at least five possible combinations. Throughout the month of April, the contestants worked hard to make their dream wardrobe and answered questions about their grand projects.


Lets meet the winners!


First Prize Winner: HRigg for her Heather and Red Wine Autumn /Winter Collection



HRigg says: “The collection is designed to take me from casual to smart and cope with the vagaries of weather in autumn and winter in Northern Europe


Second Prize Winner: MrsCharisma for her Work Hard, Play Hard collection



MrsCharisma says: “I decided to sew a mashup of work, weekend and nighttime garments that can mix, match and mingle!


Random Prize Winner: eglantineetcie for her spring and summer casual wardrobe



eglantineetcie says: “I selected fabrics and patterns that match my usual theme: comfort. Not all the items were easy to make, but they are all easy to wear, wash, iron (or not), combine. In other words, they are easy to live.


Congratulations to all who participated in the Wardrobe Contest!


Much thanks to our Contest Manager, AnneM.




Follow the participant chat.


Want to see what others made? Browse the contest gallery.


Beginning soon - sign up for the Fabric Stash Contest today!

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PattyE said... (5/28/15 10:52 PM) Reply
HRigg, I always admire the lovely garments you make...your collection is fabulous.
artysam said... (5/28/15 4:58 PM) Reply
Congratulations all lovely colourful wardrobes
annem54 said... (5/28/15 5:04 AM) Reply
Congratulations to all the winners. You've all produced fabulous wardrobes. So many ideas!
HRigg said... (5/27/15 3:48 PM) Reply
Thanks to everyone for taking the time to add a comment. It is really kind. It was a fab contest and all the participants were great.
Adventurer said... (5/27/15 3:11 PM) Reply
Congratulations! And thanks for the great wardrobe ideas. These will inspire versions from me, and I am sure, other PRers.
CreativeDiva said... (5/27/15 2:50 PM) Reply
Congratulations, everyone! You've all done fantastic work.
clgangi said... (5/27/15 12:21 PM) Reply
Congratulations to the winners! Lovely wardrobes!!! And congrats to all who participated as well - truly inspiring and amazing wardrobes!
ASiverson said... (5/27/15 10:13 AM) Reply
I agree with Sue Parrott, and congratulations to you all! Wow! Lovely, lovely work, really! TFS, Annette
teddysclj said... (5/27/15 10:09 AM) Reply
Beautiful inspiring!
Sue Parrott said... (5/27/15 8:25 AM) Reply
What beautiful collections you've made ladies but HRigg, you just blew it out of the water with those lovely colors! Awesome work!!!
HRigg replied...(5/27/15 3:50 PM)
Thanks, I think I got lucky with the fabrics !
Danvillegirl said... (5/27/15 5:12 AM) Reply
Congrats to all!
Ashford said... (5/27/15 4:30 AM) Reply
Your hours of sewing were well worth the effort. Wonderful garments for today's fashion. Always one of my favorite contests. Thank you contest committee, manager, and participants.
SewLibra said... (5/27/15 0:33 AM) Reply
Great looking wardrobes, ladies, and congratulations!
sewgirlygirl-knot! said... (5/27/15 0:28 AM) Reply
Everyone's motivation and follow thru is so inspiring. Thanks for all your hard work, it's so enjoyable to see all the wonderful wardrobes.
Vancouvergirl said... (5/26/15 7:06 PM) Reply
Congratulations to all our winners! But, also a super duper congratulations to the baby girl who was born during the contest. As has been previously stated by others - it was a very special moment! All the best!
MrsCharisma said... (5/26/15 3:43 PM) Reply
caper81 said... (5/26/15 3:12 PM) Reply
Great outfits ladies!!:)
Sewing Spaces - Jenny80 ToursBy MadelineL on 5/21/15 2:59 PM

It’s been a while since we last showcased a Sewing Space, but Jenny80's sewing space caught our eye and we thought of showing it to you too. Jenny80 takes us on a tour of her wonderfully accessible and organized sewing room. All quotes are taken from her blog, Cashmerette.

 “When I moved house 3 years ago the biggest selling point was: enough space for a dedicated sewing room! Such a luxury. It’s about 8 feet by 15 feet and I use every single bit of it.”




“Serger thread lives on a thread rack on the wall, and specialty thread like topstitching and silk basting thread is on a little rack on the shelf…I do all my cutting on this collapsible table with two large OLFA cutting mats. I would love a permanent higher-level table but there’s not really space in my room, plus it doubles as a guest bedroom so I need to be able to get the table out of the way. In the meantime it works well.”




“I have my patterns in another wire basket, and then a variety of containers containing all my bits and bobs like bias tape, rulers, zippers, buttons, spray starch and elastic..”



“Sneaking in the corner are all my traced patterns on a clothes rail. I punch holes in all the pieces and then hang them up using these hooks. It’s a great way of keeping everything organized and accessible!”

Republished with permission from Jenny80.

Thank you for sharing with us your awesome sewing room, Jenny80!


Get this look!



Images top row: Guterman thread rack, Collapsible cutting table, Rotary mat,

Images bottom row: Shelving unitPattern hooks for hanging patterns, Gravity feed iron


For even more inspiration, join the sewing spaces chat!

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alpenrose said... (5/25/15 2:17 PM) Reply
Hi: Tell me about your iron. Is it really worth the extra effort with the hanging bottle, etc.? Can it be used to dry iron?
Jenny80 replied...(5/25/15 5:12 PM)
Personally I think it is - it gets super super hot and has endless steam, which is invaluable if you're making something like a coat. It also doesn't have an auto off so stays hot.
PfaffingAbout said... (5/25/15 10:40 AM) Reply
So nice and so bright with two windows. Lucky you!
StacyAN said... (5/23/15 9:09 PM) Reply
Very well organized!
Sheseams said... (5/22/15 8:00 PM) Reply
Rhoda K said... (5/22/15 7:40 PM) Reply
Very nice and so bright!
hopflower said... (5/22/15 6:56 PM) Reply
This is a great little sewing room-very inspirational!
ASiverson said... (5/22/15 11:34 AM) Reply
I too love your room. TFS, Annette
taylormade said... (5/22/15 0:30 AM) Reply
Jennie, I'm a fellow Bostonian who has been sewing for many years and I understand your wish for a higher cutting table. What I've done in the past is get a set of bed-risers and use those under the table legs to raise up the table to a better height. They are sturdy and secure. Loved your bright room!
Jenny80 replied...(5/25/15 5:12 PM)
Thanks for the tip!
SewLibra said... (5/22/15 0:17 AM) Reply
Jenny80, your sewing room is so light, bright, organized and functional! I love it!
Member in Focus: PopoBy MadelineL on 5/19/15 2:10 PM

Member Since: 2006

PR Name: Popo

Name: Kossiwa Pauline Bruce

Birthday: March 21th




How did you learn to sew?

“My Mom is a seamtress so I grew up watching her sew for her clients. She taught my 2 sisters and I how to sew mostly because she hardly had time to sew for us. We learned to sew on the threadle sewing machines. She taught me the basics but later on I pretty much taught myself through books, Burda magazines and now the internet.” 

What aspect of sewing do you find most challenging?

“Fitting is to me the most challenging. You have to know what works for your body type and it takes a lot of trial and error to achieve the perfect fit. When it comes to sewing, challenges are what keeps me motivated and helps me improve my skills. Finding time to sew is also very challenging for a homeschool mom like me!”


Which sewing book do you refer to most often?

“I have a lot of books but I find myself searching more and more on the internet for a tutorial, a You Tube video or Pattern Review when I need help. I recently got Linda Maynard's book "Couture Sewing Techniques" at PR Weekend Los Angeles and I think it's an excellent resource.”

What are your sewing goals for this year?

·         Sew a pair of jeans. I bought the Ginger jeans pattern when it came out and haven't gotten around to making them yet. 

·         Sew a tailored jacket or a coat.

·         Learn to use my blind hemming machine. I got a semi-industrial Juki blind hemmer for $60 on Craigslist and have been dreading using it.

·         Sewing my workout gear. I've been working out regularly and would love to try sewing some workout clothes. 

What are you sewing right now?

“I'm almost done sewing a colorblocked tunic (another DVF knock off) using leftover fabric from my colorblocked wrap dress. I am trying to sew for the Wardrobe Contest but I think I won't be able to make the deadline. Up next are a striped top and floral culottes.”


Pick your favorite pattern (only one please):

“I think the only pattern I made twice is the McCalls 6571 and I plan on making it again so I guess that makes it my favorite!”

What you love most about PatternReview?

“PR is an amazing resource for any sewer. I always check reviews before tackling a project and I also love the Patterns and Notions Forum.”

Any other favorite hobbies?

“I used to be an avid dancer before I had my children. Now I love baking, cooking and working out.”

photo credit: Popo

Your profession, where do you live etc.

“I am a homeschool mom of 3(8th, 5th and 3rd grade). They go to a coop 2 days a week so I take advantage of that free time to sew and workout. 
I was born in Africa, grew up in France where I met my hubby and we moved to the US, 15 years ago. When I was young, I wanted to be a fashion designer. Had my Dad agreed, I would have attended ESMOD in Paris after High School! That's probably the reason why sewing is such a huge part of my life.”


Thank you for taking the time to participate, Popo!

Connect with Popo on PR and see more of her reviews in her review Gallery.

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Tindi said... (5/22/15 10:01 PM) Reply
Yeeeaaahh! Pauline, It is so good to see you featured! Keep on sewing and inspiring.
slmstyle said... (5/20/15 1:13 PM) Reply
Congrats on being featured Kossiwa! You do amazing work, and always have a smile on your face :) So inspiring!
sunnysewer said... (5/20/15 12:03 PM) Reply
great to read your profile :)
ecs81 said... (5/20/15 10:23 AM) Reply
Congratulations! That's awesome that you make time for sewing (and for having some me-time) in between being a full time mom and homeschooling superhero! Your garments look great and I look forward to seeing you reach your sewing goals!
caper81 said... (5/20/15 9:52 AM) Reply
Yes, thanks for sharing your story:) Fitting is such a challenge, but you seem to figure out what works for you. I enjoyed reading what you had to say. Your kids are too cute in their costumes!:)
taylormade said... (5/20/15 8:56 AM) Reply
Thanks for sharing your story Popo. Great wrap dresses, and the picture of your kids in costume is adorable. And who knows, you might still have an opportunity to follow your young woman's dream of designer. It may just come about in a different way than your original plan!! In the meantime, keep sewing!!
Nancy Rhodes said... (5/20/15 7:21 AM) Reply
Sew wonderful to meet you... love your style and fabric choices for what you sew/design. thank you for sharing your story here on PR
Danmar said... (5/20/15 7:09 AM) Reply
I love your garments. The fit looks perfect too! Thanks for sharing!
Hauteaway said... (5/20/15 1:18 AM) Reply
First thought: I recognize that color-blocked dress! Second thought: I recognize that face! Third thought: Mmmm, Mexican food in LA at PR Weekend... Great memories! And then finally, I really like what you did with McCalls 6571! (I was one of the Nancys at PRW 2015)
popo replied...(5/21/15 11:22 AM)
Great memories indeed Nancy! It was a pleasure meeting you! Looking forward to meeting again soon!
hibihai said... (5/19/15 8:42 PM) Reply
Love your style! What an inspiring story about your love of sewing, and now just think of all that your kids are learning as you still make sewing happen in your life. Thanks!
Karla Kizer said... (5/19/15 7:23 PM) Reply
Very enjoyable profile. Your eye for style is very inspiring and I'm happy you choose to share your work here on PR.
racurac said... (5/19/15 4:17 PM) Reply
Pope nice pictures! Love your choice of color. Nice to meet you!
Vancouvergirl said... (5/19/15 3:38 PM) Reply
Nice to learn more about you! I always love your reviews - thanks so much for sharing!
Vote Now in the Wardrobe Contest 2015By MadelineL on 5/18/15 3:38 PM

Voting for the Wardrobe Contest 2015 has begun! For this contest, participants were asked to create "an organized closet where one can pull an outfit together at a moment's notice".

Contestants had six weeks to make a nine item wardrobe consisting of:

4 tops
3 bottoms
2 sewist's choice

One item of the nine was allowed to be purchased or sewn before the contest started. Each top had to coordinate with each bottom. Dresses had to coordinate with the overall feel of the collection. The overall contest entry should include at least five photographed combinations.

Participants also answered specific questions about the theme of their wardrobes and the total number of style combinations.

The first, second and third place winners will be decided by member vote. A $100 Fabric Mart gift certificate will be awarded to the first prize winner. A $75 Fabric Mart gift certificate will be awarded to the second prize winner.

Voting for the Wardrobe Contest closes Sunday, May 24th. Vote today!

Thank you to AnneM for managing this contest!

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New Butterick Collection Summer 2015By MadelineL on 5/13/15 3:15 PM

Summer is in full swing and we have been eagerly anticipating the new Butterick collection for Summer 2015. Earlier this week we received the gorgeous new Butterick patterns and we are overjoyed to share some of the highlights with you. Butterick patterns are classic and timeless – these designs can take you from weekend cookout to beach party to date night.

First up is the 6205 Misses Dress, great for casual lounging at home or outdoors. With tie ends at the shoulders and an elasticized waist, this dress is reminiscent of the classic Greek chiton.

Next up is the 6217 Misses Blouse, designed by Patterns by Gertie. Gertie is a designer for Butterick patterns and she specializes in rockabilly and pinup fashions. For over a year now she has contributed a new piece to the Butterick collection each season. This blouse is the perfect choice to wear to a summer barbecue, an outdoors car show, or date night at a drive-in movie theatre. For more Patterns by Gertie, click here.

Finally, we have an adorable piece for the little ones, the 6201 Children’s/Girls’ Dress. This beautiful and simple dress has a gathered skirt. It is a wonderful addition to any young girl’s wardrobe.


Shop now!

Join the conversation or add your own review!

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Easy Faux Flat Felled Seams for Curved Areas - Catina FerraineBy Deepika on 5/11/15 4:47 PM

Catina has made a great tutorial for how to make a faux flat felled seam. We thought it would be a good idea to share it on our blog. Knowing how to do a faux flat felled seam is useful in the construction of the crotch area of a pair of pants. Or any other place where you need extra strength without additional bulk.

Without further ado, here it is:

A true flat felled seam in curvy areas can be a challenge, even when you have a powerful machine and specialty feet. But what if all you have is a basic home machine and a regular pressure foot?

Here is my "faux" flat felled technique that is both strong and easy to do!

You only need a 1/2" seam allowance. This is because this seam only really overlaps itself about 1/8th of an inch and curls under another 1/8th of an inch. I really think a 3/8" seaming is best for a crotch curve, but you can still do a 1/2"... I just think it takes more time to master and get to lay right without crimping/crumpling.

Here I have cut a back crotch shape. I put very tiny little "nip" notches into the curves, but you can also just mark the fabric at regular intervals so you are sure to match everything up in your sewing.

Next, I am going to butt the two edges together and you may even overlap them slightly if you like.

Now I'm going to do a zig-zag stitch to secure it down. I'm using about a 5mm wide stitch.


Next, I fold the seam in half, right sides together,  then shift the zig-zag inward about 1/4" with my fingers.
Then I will stitch a straight stitch seam at 1/2".


Now we flip that seam allowance over to conceal the zig-zag stitch.

The seam allowance with the zig-zag stitch ends up on the inside of the garment.

We will do the expossed top stitching on the outside, starting with the edge stitch.


Next, let's do the second stitch. It is helpful to pick a spot on your pressure foot and select a needle position that helps you keep an even stitch placement parallel to the first stitch. Of course, there are other specialty feet, and the option of using a twin needle... but this example is based on having only a basic machine and regular pressure foot.


The inside of your seam will have an extra stitch, which is a little different looking than a true flat felled seam. You can use wash-away thread, or you can just use a matching thread and it will not be as noticeable. Likely your double top stitching will be in a contrast color.

Here is the finished view of the inside crotch seam:


Thanks Catina for sharing this helpful tip with us.

We hope you will give it a try. To share more of your own tips, visit our Tips & Techniques section. 

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cstarks said... (5/20/15 7:43 AM) Reply
Interesting! When you shift the zig zag 1/4inch with your fingers, doesn't that shift one of the pieces so that the seam lines on the two pieces aren't aligned?
racurac said... (5/19/15 4:14 PM) Reply
I have the flat felled foot but I don't understand the advantage of using it, so I always use a f.f.f technique. I really like your tip about moving the needle not only to have parallel rows of stitches but to maintain an even pressure (this way the right and wrong side look nice). Thanks!
maxermoo said... (5/19/15 11:13 AM) Reply
This is brilliant. Sure beats some of the other faux flat felled techniques I've seen!
Lizzz said... (5/18/15 3:51 PM) Reply
Thank-you. What a clever technique!
Sewandwrite said... (5/13/15 5:51 PM) Reply
Fantastic! Do you think this would work on a princess seam on a blouse that's had an FBA?
karen n said... (5/13/15 12:31 PM) Reply
I'm new to pants making but I've noticed the seams come apart quickly. This is a good reminder that these seams need extra strength.
Catina said... (5/13/15 8:52 AM) Reply
I've used this for armholes in men's shirts as well. Actually, that is how I originally came up with the idea!
Sew WYO said... (5/13/15 8:37 AM) Reply
This is a fabulous technique! I'll definitely give it a try. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
ASiverson said... (5/12/15 9:30 AM) Reply
Thank you so very much, very helpful indeed! Annette
lauraalyse said... (5/12/15 5:53 AM) Reply
Thank you, very helpful
All Vogue Patterns $6.99 - Sale Ends ThursdayBy MadelineL on 5/6/15 3:43 PM

Tomorrow is the last day of our Vogue $6.99 Sale!

Been waiting for a good time to scoop some haute designer patterns? Vogue Patterns has everything for the high fashionista.

All Vogue Patterns are $6.99 until midnight EST Thursday, May 7th.

This great Vogue 9115 Kimono Top  is on sale for $6.99! Makes a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe!

And if you're a Friends of PR member, you get FREE shipping to anywhere in the USA on pattern orders of $25 or more. See details here

Hurry – this great deal won’t last long!

Shop Now

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bev cowan said... (5/6/15 4:59 PM) Reply
shopped but could not complete the check out so had to leave the sight without completing the sale
Deepika replied...(5/7/15 3:40 PM)
Hi Bev, I see that you were able to place your order today. We've shipped your patterns today. You should have them soon.
Member in Focus: Westy85By MadelineL on 5/4/15 12:21 PM

Member Since: 2012

PR Name: Westy85

Name: Erin Bodiam

Birthday: July 9th




How did you learn to sew?

“My mother gave me one of her old sewing machines and that's when I decided to learn how to sew. Especially since it was something I always wanted to do! I just started buying easy patterns testing them out until eventually I became confident enough to tackle the harder projects. I have now been sewing for 3 years and I'm still learning!” 

What aspect of sewing do you find most challenging?

“There are quite a few techniques that I haven't mastered yet. When I get a really good pattern that includes those techniques admittedly I leave them off. I really need to do some classes to learn how to do them properly so I can incorporate them into my sewing. I just get so worried I'm going to ruin my good fabric. An example would be welt pockets... I just can't seem to get them right!”


Photo Credit: I heart fabric Blog


Which sewing book do you refer to most often?

“I love Vogue Sewing because it has so much information in it. Other books I own and love for creativity with patterns is the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook, Colette Sewing Handbook and Feminine Wardrobe by Jinko Matsumoto.”

What are your sewing goals for this year?

“This year is a huge year for me... building my first home, turning thirty, going to the USA for a month long holiday, and so many other things. My goal is to just make sure I get some time to sew and create things I love. I'm also learning how to incorporate embroidery into my projects because of my newish job at a sewing and embroidery machine dealer. Next year will be my year of challenging myself and learning those hard techniques.”

What are you sewing right now?

“I have been creating quite a lot of baby items because all of my friends are having babies. Oh, and dresses as a girl can never have too many dresses!”



Photo Credit: I heart fabric Blog


Pick your favorite pattern (only one please):

“My I go through stages after I made an outfit and tend to love it. My latest favorite pattern would be the Lekala Sewing Pattern 4209. I've made three dresses and will no doubt have about ten in my wardrobe before summer come around again.”




What you love most about PatternReview?

“It's so great to check what patterns are really like when sewn out and how they fit most people. There is nothing worse than getting a pattern, sewing it out and finding it fits horribly. This was the best resource for learning how to sew and finding out what problems other had when tackling a sewing pattern and being able to learn from them. I will always check Pattern Review before buying patterns to check what others had to say about it first. Also, it's so great to have that community feeling where you can connect with sewers worldwide. Everyone is so friendly and supportive you feel so proud when you made something worthwhile that can help others when they pick out what pattern to use next. I have also found so many bloggers through Pattern Review and made quite a lot of friends!”

Any other favorite hobbies?

“Painting, Reading, Graphic Design, Website Design and Photography.”


Photo Credit: I heart fabric Blog


Your profession, where do you live etc.

“Digital Marketing Manager at a Brother Sewing and Embroidery Machine dealer.”


Thank you for taking the time to participate, Westy85!

Connect with Westy85 on PR and see more of her reviews in her review Gallery.

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Jstarr4250 said... (5/17/15 10:34 PM) Reply
I really enjoyed learning more about you. I've always admired that you show multiple versions of the same pattern, which really helps me to see all the possibilities. You are very accomplished for one who has taken up sewing so recently.
gonetroppo said... (5/7/15 9:53 PM) Reply
nice work Erin!
SewLibra said... (5/7/15 9:07 PM) Reply
Congratulations for being featured! Your dresses are lovely and the crafts on your blog and very cute, too. I enjoyed reading your interview.
ecs81 said... (5/7/15 10:49 AM) Reply
Congratulations! You've done some beautiful work and really made it your own! It looks like you've been sewing longer than you have!
NevadaGrace said... (5/6/15 1:28 PM) Reply
I loved the sailor dress and very much enjoyed its story on your blog. That is one of the most attractive bridal parties I have ever seen. Keep sewing and keep sharing.
caper81 said... (5/5/15 8:26 PM) Reply
You've only been sewing for three years??! Wow, I wouldn't have guessed. I enjoy checking out your reviews!:D
Scooter44 said... (5/5/15 8:26 PM) Reply
Nice review. Love the dresses
Elizabeth made this said... (5/5/15 5:23 PM) Reply
Congratulations on the feature! I always look forward to reading your reviews! Your stuff is got loads of style.
Sheseams said... (5/5/15 4:45 PM) Reply
Very nice :-)
KayM said... (5/5/15 9:42 AM) Reply
I can't believe you have only been sewing for 3 years! Nice =)
ASiverson said... (5/5/15 9:38 AM) Reply
Congrats and TFS, Annette
MAD14kt said... (5/5/15 9:34 AM) Reply
Danmar said... (5/5/15 9:33 AM) Reply
Thanks for sharing! Your dresses are adorable!
Danvillegirl said... (5/5/15 5:18 AM) Reply
Congrats on being featured! Nice to read about other sewists.
slmstyle said... (5/4/15 2:45 PM) Reply
Congratulations to Westy85 for being featured! She is one of my favorite PatternReview sewers!
Westy85 replied...(5/4/15 6:57 PM)
Thanks Stephanie! You're such a Sweetie. I could say the same about you too! :)
PR Weekend 2015 RecapBy Deepika on 5/1/15 4:58 PM

On April 24th PR members came together to celebrate our 14th anniversary in Los Angeles, California!

And what a celebration it was!

The Historic Figueroa Hotel was our HQ this year. The architectural details inside the hotel just won us over, not to mention the courteous staff!


On Thursday afternoon, our registration volunteers Sherril, Jeanette and Cassidy handed out these super awesome PR weekend goodie bags along with the fabulous booklet to all the attendees. Nancy stepped in too when we needed help. Thanks Nancy!  Karina and Janna made the booklet this year and it was awesome.  Thank you to all the amazing sponsors for the goodie bag donations. Bernina, Threads, Catina of Fashion Hack Patterns (she made that cute I HEART PR pincushion for everyone!), McCalls and Jalie Patterns. Everyone loved the bags.

Fabric Shopping

Friday was Shopping Day so we started bright and early at 9:00 That was my first chance to meet everyone and it was amazing to see so many familiar faces and a lot of first time attendees I enjoyed meeting. Together we hopped on the Shopping buses and headed to Mood and Michael Levine's.

Larry, owner of Michael Levine's was kind enough to give us several behind-the-scene tours of the warehouse which was fascinating. When he asked "Any questions?" we said "Did you make that shirt?" in a true PatternReview fashion :)

Fabric shopping is always nice but it is so much more enjoyable when you shop with friends. A lot of us ended up buying similar fabrics and some of us kept adding to our fabric piles after seeing what others have (raising hand here). 

Because the LA Garment District is spread out, we split into smaller groups and walked to many other nearby stores while the other bus explored the Fabulous "The Fabric Store" and Mood Fabrics, both of which gave us a very warm welcome.

Kathi and I parked ourselves in the Pattern Bar - yup, a bar decorated with sewing machines! How could we not? We routed and re-routed both the buses for the next few hours sitting right here with our "liquid" lunch :)

Bernina Mixer

We made it back to the hotel just in time for our Bernina sponsored Mixer in Club Tangir at Hotel Figurora. We got a chance to mingle, and admire each others gorgeous outfits. Some of us also test drove State of the Art Bernina machines brought in by Russ from The Sewing Arts Center.

 The Handbag Contest

After everyone gathered, I welcomed everyone to the event and started the Handbag contest. We had asked the contestants to make a handbag incorporating either PatternReview or California in their bag. The contestants wowed us with their creations and Cara, Russ and Ivy had the difficult task of selecting one winner who was going to win a brand new Bernina 800 DL Serger!


The lovely Melissa won the contest with her cute frog purse who was wearing a Friends of PR HatCute!!!! Congratulations Melissa.

Oh how could I have forgotten about our epic Pattern Swap. Hundreds of patterns were brought in by you. We couldn't even fit them all in one room and poor Liz had to replenish the stock every hourThanks for helping out Liz!

Lynda Maynard Seminar

PR Weekend is more much more than just shopping. We actually sew! Our Guest Speaker this year was none other than Lynda Maynard - who has been working with Fit for more than 20 years. When we met for breakfast she said "Isn't Fit Fun?" I knew immediately she was one of us :)

Lynda showed us how to fit a muslin of a sheath dress which was sewn by our volunteer Roseana and later a Jacket sewn by Theresa. This was truly an interactive seminar because so many of you stepped up to the task of slashing, pinning and re-fitting the muslin as Lynda talked us through it. An amazing learning experience. Thanks Lynda.

While we took a long lunch break, Lynda was available to answer even more fit questions. She is clearly tireless becasue in the afternoon session in my debut videography expermient, Lynda demonstrated 5 different couture techniques right there in front of us. I've already used two of them in the top I am wearing today :)

Lynda also gave away a copy of her book - Couture Techniques to our Fabric Queen - Julie Chambers. Wanna know how much fabric was bought during this weekend? 1220!!!! Thanks to Maureen for patiently tallying the totals. How much did Julie buy? We won't tell if you won't Julie! 


Saturday Night Group Dinner

We dressed up yet again to meet up at El Cholo for our group dinner which was truly delicioso! And there in the midst of smiles and selfies and lots of margaritas I announced the venue and the host of our next PR Weekend - 2016 (our 15th anniversary) - Chicago! We are in your expert hands Tina.


PR Weekend is the highlight of my year. It has been since a dozen of us met up in New York City, 13 years ag. We may be a much larger group today but everything else remains the same. The excitement of meeting each other, making new friends, catching up with familiar ones, showing off our lovely makes and of course fabric shopping!


This event is unlike any other event you'd have attended, for it is entirely run and hosted by Patternreview members and volunteers whose only goal is to make this one of the most fun event of the year. Thank you for all of you who made this possible. Special thanks go to Kathi Rank for leading her wondeful team of volunteers and to Bernina for generously sponsoring the Friday night event. Thanks also go to our door prize sponsors Colette Patterns, Sewaholic Patterns and to Catina for her linen packs! 

Photo credit to Sue V, Stephanie, LaDonna, Sara and Cara. 


I'll close by quoting my favorite quote of this weekend by Kathi Rank, the organizer of this PR Weekend.

More photos on Flickr

PR Weekend Fabric Show and Tell



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26 Comments      Login to Add a Comment
HRigg said... (5/17/15 4:05 AM) Reply
Wow! What a weekend. Would love to experience something like that.
carolynw said... (5/10/15 12:30 PM) Reply
You all had such a great time - wish I could have joined in!
ecs81 said... (5/7/15 11:00 AM) Reply
That sounds like a fun filled time!
ConnieBJ said... (5/6/15 11:39 AM) Reply
Sounds like it was a great weekend! Love Kathi's quote! See you in Chicago!!
Erin Sooit said... (5/5/15 4:06 PM) Reply
Looks like you all had a great time, and a lot of people went! Thanks for sharing. :)
priscilla said... (5/5/15 3:26 PM) Reply
Hi Kathy, I will always remember the 11pm ice cream raid in out pjs during the nyc weekend.I sorry I couldn't make this one.
Deepika replied...(5/6/15 4:00 PM)
Those are some of my fond memories too!
Diane E said... (5/5/15 11:46 AM) Reply
What a wonderful weekend! I loved staying in DTLA, so close to the Fashion District -- many thanks to the volunteers for seeing to every detail. Loved seeing old friends and meeting new ones, and I'm looking forward to seeing you all again next year. For those who didn't have a chance to attend, please come to Chicago!
popo replied...(5/5/15 2:02 PM)
So nice meeting you Diane! Hope we can get together sometime soon!
Grizabella said... (5/5/15 11:45 AM) Reply
I want to attend next year! Looks like fun!
Luvs2so said... (5/5/15 10:51 AM) Reply
Soo much fun! Loved Lynda's class, the camaraderie, the pattern exchange, and the envirosax bag! Hotel, not so much.
SusiM said... (5/5/15 10:28 AM) Reply
Thanks for the vicarious experience. I was travelling right through there with my grand dog wishing I could join you. Next time!!
buckarina said... (5/5/15 9:46 AM) Reply
I had such a great weekend meeting up and sharing with such a talented, creative, inspirational, funny, friendly group. Next year in Chicago!
taylormade said... (5/4/15 7:28 AM) Reply
Looks like it was a lot of fun!!
popo said... (5/2/15 6:38 PM) Reply
It was truly an amazing weekend!!! Thanks to all the volunteers!! You all did an outstanding job!!!
Laima1956 said... (5/2/15 2:12 PM) Reply
Sorry to have missed it - sounds like you all had a wonderful time! Will have to plan on Chicago once you have set the dates!
Jacqui315 said... (5/2/15 12:27 PM) Reply
Fun times! I love meeting first time attendees as well as seeing the friends I met in years past. The shopping is an added bonus.
Danvillegirl said... (5/2/15 7:49 AM) Reply
I loved reading this post and felt the excitement of this event. So glad it was a memorable event.
slmstyle said... (5/2/15 1:06 AM) Reply
What an amazing weekend I had! I loved every moment of it, and it was SO great to meet fellow sewing enthusiasts and so many wonderful, talented people! I can't wait to do it again next year in Chicago!
Janet S. said... (5/1/15 8:19 PM) Reply
I had a blast. Came home with 33 (!) orphaned patterns and 14 fabric purchases, including some I had to dumpster dive for in the Michael Levine loft. So fun! Great group of people, hope to make it to Chicago. Huge thanks to all the organizers you did a wonderful job.
tkbuy said... (5/1/15 6:58 PM) Reply
Thank you for such a great weekend! I hope to come back next year.
slmstyle replied...(5/2/15 1:07 AM)
It was great to meet you! I hope you get to make your newly tailored and custom fitted blazer! I'm sure it will be amazing!
leftcoast said... (5/1/15 5:42 PM) Reply
I had so much fun and met SO many wonderful people- I can't wait for Chicago!
slmstyle replied...(5/2/15 1:07 AM)
I had a blast, and it was such a pleasure to meet you! Hope to see you again soon!
dianelwilson said... (5/1/15 5:34 PM) Reply
I, for one, am looking forward to PR Weekend 2016. I already told my husband I'm going!
MVi14 replied...(5/1/15 9:13 PM)
Me, too! I told him it's like CME for sewing.

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