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Winners of the Fabric Stash Contest 2015By MadelineL on Today at 5:14 PM

The Fabric Stash Contest 2015 edition has ended! Participants for this contest had the opportunity to use up as much fabric as they could from their fabric stashes. Fabric had to be at least 6 months old and contestants were limited to five yards per item item. Members were allowed to sew both garment and non-garment items, and had the choice of using commercial patterns, frankenpatterns, self drafted patterns, or no pattern at all! They also had to answer questions about their fabric stash, age of their fabrics, and reasons for making the items.


Let’s see who won!


First Place Winner: dianewilson with 90 points! She made 53 items!



Second Place Winner: costume kim with 70 points! She made 44 items!


Congratulations to all of you. It has been an extraordinary effort!


Special thanks to our Contest Manager, treefrog for managing this contest.


Thank you also to our sponsor Mood Fabrics.


Follow the participant chat.


Want to see what others made? Browse the contest gallery.


If you haven’t already, sign up for the Historical Fashion Contest today!

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Judy Kski said... (7/6/15 at 7:59 PM) Reply
Congrats to both of our winners. You both did an awesome job of completing your many varied projects.
quana577 said... (7/6/15 at 6:56 PM) Reply
Great job, wow, you guys did great, congrats!
dianelwilson said... (7/6/15 at 5:43 PM) Reply
Big, big thanks to treefrog and ConnieBJ! You were so supportive and responsive!!
Inspiration: Historical Fashion ContestBy MadelineL on 7/2/15 2:04 PM

As many of you may now know, the Historical Fashion Contest started yesterday. As I am a fan of historical costuming myself, I look forward to seeing what everybody is making for it. You may be wondering, what is the Historical Fashion Contest and how is it different from Vintage Contests of previous years?

The Historical Fashion Contest encourages contestants to sew an authentic garment or outfit from 500 AD to 1929. Because we already see many 1930’s, 1940’s, and 1950’s garments on Pattern Review already, we wanted to encourage members to sew something from previous eras in history. I wanted to give you a little bit of inspiration from various periods in history, so here’s a smorgasbord of awesome clothing from different eras.

Let’s start with the Renaissance

The Renaissance is one of the more popular time periods for historical clothing. Many people find it worthwhile to make Renaissance era costumes to wear to multiple Ren Faires. Wonderful patterns like Simplicity 4059 and Simplicity 3782 are the foundation of a good costume.


Here is ZulmaFrench’s rendition of the men’s costume for her husband:

Here is prettything’s rendition of the women’s costume:

And finally, here is Tweet Twacey’s couple’s costume. She uses Simplicity 4059 for her boyfriend and Simplicity 2589 for herself.


Now comes the Regency

One of the oft neglected time periods for historical costuming enthusiasts, the Regency (along with the Rococo) sits in between the Renaissance and the Victorian period. Fans of the Napoleonic era and fans of Jane Austen’s novels will delight at Simplicity 4055. One of the great things about Regency fashion is that you can easily dress up or dress down your costume. For casualwear, you can make the dress in a simple cotton fabric with minimal accessories. If you want to be Empress Josephine you can make the dress in a satin or taffeta, then bling it out.

Here is the casual version of the dress made by wheezybee:


Here is rmusic1’s version:

And here is Fairworthy’s:


And finally, the Civil War Era

In this Historical Fashion Contest we are looking for a more period accurate look. We think McCall’s 4745 Civil War Costume pattern is a great choice. We also love Butterick 5831 and 5832; they would look great on any would-be Scarlett O’Hara.



JustineSewcountrychick’s made two amazing versions of the men’s outfit:


We wanted to wrap up with this gorgeous couple’s costume by timetravelcostumes. She uses McCall 4745 for her husband and McCall 5132 for herself.



Sign up for the Historical Fashion Contest today!

and chat about it here on the forums

Thanks to Patterns from the Past for sponsoring this contest. 

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Charles02 said... (7/6/15 at 6:35 AM) Reply
First time came through such amazing historical costumes. Great thanks.
Bonnie O said... (7/3/15 6:33 AM) Reply
Great post! Thanks for providing all those great examples.

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