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PatternReview Blog > How Will the Royal Wedding Affect Fashion? By Angela Wolf
How Will the Royal Wedding Affect Fashion? By Angela Wolf By Angela Wolf on 5/18/11 10:59 AM

How Will the Royal Wedding Affect Fashion?
By Angela Wolf

After attending PR's 10 Year Anniversary in Chicago, I realize this group is different than any other organization I have ever been part of. I have never felt so comfortable and at home, not to mention surrounded by beautiful clothes that everyone made! We are all the same in our love for fabric, fashion, and sewing, and I thank Deepika for having the vision to create PatternReview...this membership is priceless. This past weekend, I made friends from all over the world, and I can't wait to get together again. Yet in the meantime, you are all only a mouse click away. I love that! So wash up your fabric and happy dyeing - fabric that is! - and thanks, everyone, for making my weekend so special. My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard AT TINA'S CORN DRESS! -- Angela


You know I can’t resist including a recap of the Royal Wedding, not just because of how gorgeous Kate looked in her gown, but how this lavish, historical event will transform fashion for years to come. Now back to Kate’s dress!

With the world watching, Kate didn’t let our imaginations down. With utmost elegance and class, Kate was simply stunning. She donned a classically-styled gown with a modern twist, very different than what has been shown in the wedding scene these past few years. Kate’s sleeves were my favorite! Remember Princess Diana’s wedding gown with the puff sleeves? Those stayed with us for a long time and I have a feeling Kate’s lace sleeves will do the same. Strapless gowns have been the main theme for so long. I wonder how many soon-to-be brides are already wishing they could trade theirs in for the gorgeous lace sleeves.

Here is an idea: why not add a lace bolero jacket like Burda 8200? Another trend is the bride purchasing two gowns, one for the wedding and another for the reception. By adding this lace bolero to a wedding gown, you could remove the jacket for an entirely different look for the reception.

photoBurda 8200 Wedding Dress

Not quite outdoing the bride, Kate’s sister, Pippa, was just as breathtaking. Although a simple style, when cut on the bias with a luxurious fabric this gown becomes one of my top 10 favorites. I can see this on the red carpet out of a dark navy 4-ply silk. The surprising part of Pippa’s gown was the color. We have all been told for years, “Never wear white to a wedding!” Could this change all of the traditional rules?

Did you notice the skirt lengths on the guests?

  • Just below the knee: One of the most flattering lengths on many body shapes and can be combined with almost any length jacket.
  • Below the calf: A very popular trend for summer into fall, but one of the most difficult looks to pull off. Pair it with a shorter jacket or a blouse tucked in with a belt at your natural waistline. An alteration I often suggest for my plus-size clients is to taper the skirt slightly from the hips down, giving an hourglass silhouette. If you prefer to wear a longer jacket, consider wearing the jacket open with a belt.
  • Above the knee: Considering the venue, it was surprising to see quite a few shorter skirts and dresses. Add a longer jacket or loose flowing top to complete this look!

Plans on attending a wedding soon? Here a few pattern ideas...

Vogue 8718...great looking skirt and jacket!

photoVogue Patterns 8718 Misses Jacket, Top, Dress, Skirt, and Pants

I actually just bought Vogue 8543 but haven’t tried it yet. This look could be dressed up or down. I am going to make the skirt out of black wool gabardine to go with sweaters for fall and the jacket out of cotton for a casual look to go with jeans.

photoVogue Patterns 8543 Misses' Jacket and Skirt

A great top to match with a simple skirt would be this Khaliah Ali Collection design from Simplicity 2634 or look all put together in one of her outfits in Simplicity 2566.

photoSimplicity 2634 Plus Size Pullover Tunic/Tops Khaliah Ali Collection

photoSimplicity 2566 Misses or Plus Size Pants, Skirt, Blouse, Jumper & Vest Khaliah Ali Collection

Another trend from the Royal Wedding was the hats. Is this going to be a staple accessory along with the handbags and shoes? That would be hard for me to envision, since the only hats that grace my closet are the Bass Pro Shop visors I wear fishing and a floppy straw hat for the beach in Mexico.

It really was fun to see all the different styles. There were definitely a few that I would be really disappointed to sit behind in the would never be able to see past them! Then there were the sleek “saucers” that could double as a Frisbee for your dog, and others were just fabulous. But in all actuality, many of the hats were very posh, and the fashion press is loving this look.

All in all, the Royal Wedding was what we all would expect for a princess, simply beautiful.

Angela Wolf is the designer and founder behind ABO Apparel, Angela Wolf Ready-to-Wear and ABO Sport. An A-list clientele has given Angela more than fifteen years of experience dressing and fitting many diverse women and has enabled her to understand the different styles that compliment each individual woman.

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said... (5/6/12 3:06 AM) Reply
It's a tradition where you can see below:
carolrv said... (6/21/11 8:17 AM) Reply
I am getting sick of the strapless look in wedding fashions. I remember one family wedding a few years ago when my view was only the heads and shoulders of the wedding party standing at the altar. All I saw was bare shoulders and upswept hairdos. It looked like they were naked!
Bongoramsey said... (5/27/11 5:34 PM) Reply Lots of great pictures of royal brides of yesteryear.
abbersmom said... (5/26/11 11:59 PM) Reply
I was hoping to see sleeves on Kate's dress. Sleeveless has been way overdone these past few years. I'd previously thought that the wedding dress from the Twilight movie that's coming out in November could influence wedding dresses (especially of young brides). According to the book, it echoes a dress from the 1800s. Kate's dress style is certain to be more popular with brides of every age.
LauraJ said... (5/26/11 1:53 PM) Reply
I truly like that Kate's style was classic and not overdone. Pippa's dress compliments Kate's in some similarity of line while holding it's own elegance. Kate's dress seemed influenced to me, by dresses from the early 60s (reminds me of my mother's).
Bongoramsey said... (5/24/11 9:14 PM) Reply
At least Pippa didn't wear one of those "mermaid" dresses! Those are a wee bit overused in weddings, I think.
KarenTeel said... (5/21/11 9:56 PM) Reply
You were the highligt of PR Weekend. It was a pleasure to meet you and to pet your jackets. Thank you for all that you shared, some that even I can do!
Debmom7 said... (5/20/11 12:58 PM) Reply
I had an all white wedding in 1969, at my mother's suggestion, since my bridesmaids were all different skin tones, hair colors, etc. They loved it and so did the attendees; my wedding pictures still look terrific! Two of them dyed the dress and wore it for other occasions...a rarity with bridesmaid dresses! Wish I still had that same body from 42 years ago!
Loobyloo said... (5/20/11 5:51 AM) Reply
Am I the only one who thought that Pippa Middleton's dress was completely unsuitable as a bridesmaid's dress and didn't 'blend' with the other dresses? I loved Kate's dress and hope it will mean the end to those awful strapless dresses which are so popular. Just one thing though, Kate is a Duchess not a Princess!
kikismama said... (5/19/11 5:52 PM) Reply
Thank goodness she had sleeves. When my sister married 5 years ago I was horrified that we couldn't get a bridesmaid dress with sleeves. I have a surgical scar on my elbow and prefer to hide it for such a special event. I also have had heavy upper arms since adolescence and would prefer to disguise them. I am all for sleeves on wedding dresses.
sewgranny said... (5/19/11 9:39 AM) Reply
Angela, we are all waiting for those patterns to come out. Get working on those! Great to meet you at the PR Weekend. Lots of great information and your designs are wonderful!
Angela Wolf said... (5/19/11 8:37 AM) Reply
Hi Anne, If you are going to wear the maxi skirt or dress (which is huge for this summer and into fall) try to find one with a lower neckline and make sure you accent your waist with something ... a belt, waistband, rouching, or just a tighter fit thru the waist area. Only wear a short jacket and wear the jacket open. Hope that helps :)
Angela Wolf said... (5/19/11 8:32 AM) Reply
Kyle, I can't thank you enough for that website! I have a huge bin of hand dyed silk scraps, now I know what to do with all of it. BTW I will not be posting pictures LOL ;)
Angela Wolf said... (5/19/11 8:28 AM) Reply
It was great meeting you girls, what a fun group! I did see Angie in the Vogue 8718 and she looked awesome! I was thinking about buying that pattern just for the jacket, but the dress was smashing! There is one tricky part to the jacket, hopefully Angie will write a review and tell her tips.
Angela Wolf said... (5/19/11 8:26 AM) Reply
Tina, not so sure about the white corn LOL - but what a great article about the Carrickmacross Lace, thanks!
Jacqui315 said... (5/19/11 0:12 AM) Reply
I really enjoyed watching the royal wedding for the various styles. There were trends that we traditionally don't see here or even a combination there of. As with everyone else,I am in love with Pippa's dress. I wonder how it would look shorter and a bit of a flared skirt. As far as color, I know I can dye it any color I wish. It was great meeting you in Chicago and I can't wait to put the knowledge you shared with us to good use! I think I'll start with putting that twill tape inside my jean's waistband.
AnnS said... (5/18/11 9:57 PM) Reply
Loved your sessions at PRW, Angela! I'm the mama with the baby who can't really batik...but has all the supplies for dyeing! (as I run to the craft cabinet...) I've seen a blogger friend of mine ('s friend rock a maxi skirt with a short waist-length jacket (this case, leather) with a tucked in blouse. What's your take on the maxi skirt?
BlossomKyle said... (5/18/11 9:11 PM) Reply
Angela, I really enjoyed your talks at PR weekend. It was great to meet you! You are SO talented in so many ways. --Kyle (the one who mentioned elastic from
Dagmar O. said... (5/18/11 6:45 PM) Reply
Angela, it was great to meet you in Chicago and be inspired by your wonderful Chanel jackets. I can't wait for your pattern of the white one with black trim to come out as I will be the first in line to purchase it to make it up in the black and white fabric I bought with the hot pink lining while we were at Fishman's. BTW, did you notice PR member Angie (Angien), who was wearing a turquoise cotton pique version of the Vogue 8718 jacket and skirt that you mentioned? She looked fabulous!
Laurie Lou said... (5/18/11 2:32 PM) Reply
I too was so impressed with Kate's dress and I believe it might have been on Sunday Morning on CBS they had done a piece on the hand embroidery in Britain. Certainly was very interesting. Thanks for this wonderful write up and I so Enjoyed meeting you , Angela and loved your inspiring presentation.
swany said... (5/18/11 2:31 PM) Reply
I found a place that has a pattern similar to Pippa's ress. Both dresses were classic. I would love to make Pippas dress out of a Charmeuse.
a7yrstitch said... (5/18/11 1:36 PM) Reply
I also noticed that white was the obvious choice for Pippa so as not to detract from the bride's gown. What a great sister she is! Obviously she, too, had to be in her best shape to pull off that dress and all the bending required to tend to her sis. What a sweetie.
craftinginmycave2 said... (5/18/11 12:37 PM) Reply
If I change to white corn, would that be appropriate? ;) If you think about how Pippa carried the train the entire way of the aisle, it makes total sense that she was in white, so that she blended with the dress. If she were in another color, she'd stand out. Who knew that she would rock her dress so much that she wouldn't blend? I love that there's an interest in the hand embroidery, which has an interesting history,
OlindaM said... (5/18/11 12:28 PM) Reply
It used to be the tradition for hats to be worn at British weddings too, and it was nice to see hardly any fascinators. Perhaps this wedding will make hats popular again amongst the wedding guests, its always so entertaining!
Karenino said... (5/18/11 11:03 AM) Reply
My British friends tell me that there is a tradition of the maid of honor and little bridesmaids to wear white, which is meant to echo and honor elements of the bride's dress--different from the tradition in North America of staying away from white. But yes, it will be interesting to see if there's an impact here. Thanks for your great article and ideas!!!

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