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PatternReview Blog > Vote for the Best Patterns of 2011
Vote for the Best Patterns of 2011 By Deepika on 12/8/11 2:43 PM

Can you believe the year is coming to an end? Like every year, it's time to vote for the Top 10 Patterns of the year. As is the tradition, once your votes are in, we will publish the results in our Best Patterns Article next year. The patterns below are the nominees for this year. Click on the photo to see more info on each pattern and pick your top 10 list.

Vote here(Voting ends December 31st )

New This year!
We're going to do two more titles this year. Member's Favorite : Big 4+ and Members' Favorite: Independent.

Voting ID: 1
New Look: 6648 Misses Knit Tops
Voting ID: 21
Colette: 1013 Crepe
Voting ID: 3
Simplicity: 2497 Misses Dresses
Voting ID: 4
Simplicity: 2443 Misses' Dresses
Voting ID: 5
Simplicity: 2444 Misses' Dresses
Voting ID: 6
McCall's: 6078 Misses' Tops
Voting ID: 7
Simplicity: 2406 Misses Dresses
Voting ID: 8
Vogue Patterns: 1179 Misses' Dress
Voting ID: 9
BurdaStyle Magazine: 09-2010-121 Turtleneck Top
Voting ID: 10
Butterick: 5562 Misses' Top
Voting ID: 11
Simplicity: 2250 misses dresses
Voting ID: 12
Vogue Patterns: 1220 misses dress and belt
Voting ID: 13
Vogue Patterns: 1224 misses dress
Voting ID: 14
Simplicity: 2209 Misses' Dresses & Jacket
Voting ID: 15
Simplicity: 2246 Misses' & Miss Petite Sportswear
Voting ID: 16
Simplicity: 2245 Misses' Sportswear
Voting ID: 17
Vogue Patterns: 1236 Misses' Dress and Belt
Voting ID: 18
Vogue Patterns: 1250 Misses Dress
Voting ID: 19
Vogue Patterns: 1247 Misses' Top and Skirt
Voting ID: 20
Collete Patterns: 3 Sorbetto

Vote here

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Mollymax said... (1/17/12 4:30 PM) Reply
Thanks for sharing the most reviewed patterns for 2011. I have the Sorbetto top printed and ready to go when I decide on a fabric!
Ingiepops said... (12/25/11 2:17 AM) Reply
heathergwo said... (12/19/11 2:06 PM) Reply
I notice a lot of us use plus size patterns... how about adding a Plus Size Category??
sunnysewer said... (12/18/11 11:17 AM) Reply
I agree with the suggestions to have categories, this is not representative of best patterns, but of those that sold well.
ggf2005 said... (12/16/11 2:33 PM) Reply
jinkies velma! it's a very simple contest. the most reviewed top 20 patterns are selected and then we get to vote on the 10 that we like best.soooo if we want more of whatever in this selection, that means, we need to make more, whatever. no need to bring in the CPA firm. i used simplicity 2443 but have yet to do a review.
marec said... (12/16/11 11:47 AM) Reply
I have always taken this list with a grain of salt. Like Deepika has mentioned, the list comes from the number of reviews the previous year. It is conceivable that a pattern gets made up numerous times because...we want to get on the bandwagon. There is really no way to tell if a pattern is popular because it is a "best pattern" or because it is just a popular pattern in this community. Do pattern companies pay attention to this list? If so, then PR needs to be more scientific in its sampling and surveys. But if it is just for fun, no harm.
ArtAttack said... (12/15/11 10:10 PM) Reply
I had to vote for V1250 since I made it like 6 times! The others I have not made nor are they in my stash or wishlist. Some of them I don't even think I've seen before and I'm on PR most every day. I'm sure this is a really difficult process!
kkkkaty said... (12/15/11 12:50 PM) Reply
sewliz's point is good, if the selection for voting is based on how many times the pattern was reviewed, then effectively they've already been voted on.
Cathyaw said... (12/15/11 6:51 AM) Reply
I have enjoyed this in past years, but the options this year lack interest. They seem so much alike, and frankly lack character or challenge. Categories would add balance. How about another method for nominations? Love PR!
Cathyaw said... (12/15/11 6:47 AM) Reply

Sewliz said... (12/14/11 5:41 PM) Reply
It was indeed the year of dresses and many gorgeous dresses were made and reviewed. Perhaps a title like Most Popular Patterns of 2011 or Most Sewn Patterns of 2011 would be more suitable? If the patterns are chosen by number of reviews, why do we need to vote? Sorry if I'm being a dunce but I don't get it.
KathleenNW said... (12/14/11 9:59 AM) Reply
I find myself looking at these over and over and over, and not really seeing anything I really like and can vote for. These are really the top patterns for 2011? :(
sewmodest said... (12/14/11 3:00 AM) Reply
I don't have a problem with the selection, but I do wonder who votes? is those who have made up these patterns or anyone, we just look for the ones we would love to sew and vote for those?
sfshaza said... (12/13/11 9:19 PM) Reply
I do think that these choices reflect what I have noticed this year. Dresses have exploded in the home sewing market, especially amongst younger sewists. Personally, I am so over the resurgence of the dress. I sew a lot, I post what I sew, but I think there are many sewists, particularly in my demographic, who simply don't post reviews, and we *are* making tops, pants, and jackets/coats. I didn't find much of interest in last year's "Best Of" patterns, either. For me the list is fairly useless. I do think that the criteria should be refined for next year to be more varied. The suggestion of categories is a good one.
JillyBe said... (12/13/11 8:46 PM) Reply
14 dresses and 6 tops? And the dresses simply don't have that much variety in style? Methinks it might be worth considering adding categories in the future, like Best Pants, Best Dress, Best Top,....something to add a LITTLE variety. I only made 1 of these, and would only even consider 1 other. I recognize my taste is not all that conventional, but this does seem awfully slanted. Too bad, because I think the IDEA of "Best Patterns" is such a (potentially) great one!
fourkid said... (12/13/11 8:25 PM) Reply
Well, I submitted my vote - but am not sure it went through. It said thank you for voting, but all the information remained at the bottom. I actaully could only find 5 patterns I would consider using. Since this is chosen by number of reviews - do porr reviews (if they even exist) count towards the total? Just wondering.
Deepika said... (12/13/11 4:29 PM) Reply
spirithorse The nominees were selected based on the number of reviews members wrote in 2011. That's it. sewmodest Thanks for pointing that out! It's been replaced with Crepe. I am bummed that you guys are not excited about this year's line up but it simply shows that this was the year of dresses which I am very excited about! Fashion changes so fast that it's impossible to predict what's going to happen the next minute. Doing the Best Patterns every year helps us to reflect the on the trend we saw the year before. Hope this sheds some light on the process. Update We've added two more categories to the Best Patterns. Members' Favorite Independent and Members' Favorite Big 4+.
spirithorse said... (12/13/11 2:31 PM) Reply
Would be interested to understand how the selections were made. Very disappointed in choices. Chose not to vote.
lcdrbetty said... (12/13/11 1:49 PM) Reply
Ditto on the pattern choices! I just voted for the pattern that made up well many times.
nancy2001 said... (12/13/11 10:45 AM) Reply
Unfortunately, I have to agree that this is not a promising group of patterns.
sewmodest said... (12/13/11 9:24 AM) Reply
Deepika number 2 or Simplicity 2648 does have a "Best pattern of 2010" award maybe it can be replaced with a bottom.
MidnightBleu said... (12/12/11 3:51 PM) Reply
Very similar style on a lot of the dresses. Don't own any of these. No pants, no vests, no jackets.
Deepika said... (12/12/11 3:02 PM) Reply
The patterns are chosen based on the number of reviews written in 2011 for these patterns. The patterns which were awarded the best pattern award last year were are not included in this year's line up. Hope this helps.
Chris Kelly said... (12/12/11 2:45 AM) Reply
no voting this time, Nothing to vote on. Sorry.
threadandthumb said... (12/11/11 10:49 PM) Reply
Where are the pants to vote on? I only wear a skirt if I must. No pants, no vote. How did these patterns make the cut to vote on them?
Big Red said... (12/11/11 9:25 PM) Reply
Aroura said... (12/11/11 8:57 PM) Reply
I hate to agree, but I also had a very hard time finding any I wanted to vote for, although I did select 10 in the end. I haven't sewn any of them, and am uninterested in ever owning most of them. I wish there was more variety, though there were a few I liked.
Nanax4 said... (12/11/11 8:06 PM) Reply
It would be interesting to hear how these patterns were chosen. No jackets, no coats, no pants. I can't vote for any of them.
hpsauce said... (12/11/11 7:47 PM) Reply
I could hardly find anything to vote for - I only own a couple as many are too gathered and unflattering on my shape.
sleeping wolf said... (12/11/11 5:26 PM) Reply
Sad to see no patterns from pattern magazines except the Burda turtleneck which I believe was from last year. Judging by the Review Gallery plenty of people sew from them and get good results.
Jo-Anne said... (12/11/11 4:20 PM) Reply
I agree. There are only two patterns in this group that I own nevermind made.
Clareew said... (12/9/11 1:47 PM) Reply
I am disappointed with the selection of patterns to choose from. There are so many dress patterns and a distinct lack of pant patterns.

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