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PatternReview Blog > In Stitches: My Sewing Room Is a DISASTER!
In Stitches: My Sewing Room Is a DISASTER!By DianeSev on 5/21/12 11:17 AM

by Elona

I think I might be the champ here.

Some years ago, Christmas was coming up fast, and I was fully into my annual sewing frenzy. Pattern pieces and fabric pieces were stacked and lying everywhere in my sewing room/extra bedroom, which--- since we were renting a house without garage-- had a fair amount of camping gear and tools stowed in it, as well. But I knew where everything was, which was what mattered, it seemed to me, and this was no different from any other year.

Well, seeing as how it was the holiday season, an enterprising thief jimmied the window of our personal bedroom (a fairly neat room, I might add) and stole one of DH’s expensive, custom-made art knives from the chest of drawers. Considering its worth, we called the police, and they sent out this tall, handsome, boyish officer to do the interview.

I walked the kid, um, policeman, through the house, from the living room (not too untidy), past our son’s bedroom (obviously a child’s room), and, just ignoring the sewing room, tried lead him past it to the room where the theft had occurred. But the officer’s attention was riveted by my sewing room. He detoured right into it, making “aha!” and “tsk-tsk” noises, and when I said, “But the robber stole from the other bedroom!” he goggled a little and asked, “You mean this one looked like this before, Ma’am?”

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JanineMck said...
sorry that you got robbed but a very funny story - I wonder if the policeman is spreading this story around too !
1/1/13 3:45 PM
moushka said...
Great story, Elona. I can totally identify.
12/31/12 9:33 PM
sewnaomi said...
Had to read this one. Just finished a 4 day sewing frenzy with my sister netting 5 hippy blouses and one dress. I can't even see the shelves aginst the walls! We must have just thown stuff aside as we worked.
6/19/12 11:46 AM
cookies8331 said...
are we ALL like this?? ROFL :D
6/8/12 7:27 PM
AdaH said...
Great story, I had a similar thing happen except my sewing room is upstairs. At that time there was only a path from sewing room to bedroom. Officer was probably wondering how I would be able to tell if something was missing.
5/29/12 1:29 AM
Witches Stitches said...
That is funny. I had a theft, and had to show an officer my home office (empty bedroom with a desk). It had papers in piles all over the floor. I am sure he thought it was ransacked.
5/28/12 2:00 PM
Lesley said...
Wow!! I sure can relate to that, and my goodness, you have given me much inspiration to start tidyin n sortin... but dunno where to start in my room as its spillin out everywhere :) thanks great read and definately leaves me with a big smile from ear to ear !
5/27/12 8:05 AM
valkyrie01 said...
OMG That's hysterical... I won't even try to top that....!
5/24/12 11:40 PM
sewwithoutpain said...
I can relate to that sewing and "stuff" room! Burgulars would get trapped in my spare room and not appear for some days, begging for a way out.
5/22/12 8:35 PM
Courtney Ostaff said...
5/22/12 12:23 PM
StudioCherie said...
Ha Ha Ha :D Thanks for sharing
5/22/12 10:37 AM
BlossomKyle said...
What a great story! I know what you mean!
5/22/12 7:22 AM
reallyrob said...
That is so funny! What a great story!
5/22/12 1:58 AM
dove29 said...
LOL! That does it. I'm cleaning the spare bedroom. :)
5/22/12 0:05 AM
Elnoramarie said...
I sooo relate. After I stop laughing I'm getting busy. Thanks for helping me decide to work on the sewing room before the stuff I bought PR weekend arrives!
5/21/12 5:52 PM
LindaKaySews said...
That read, I'm off to clean my sewing room! Great story!
5/21/12 4:10 PM
Pj3g said...
Very funny! Too bad they didn't send an officer who's Mom sewed!
5/21/12 3:18 PM
Aroura said...
Haha, :D great punchline by the officer, lol.
5/21/12 2:06 PM
Deepika said...
ROTFLOL! I was literally in stitches when I read your story. Thanks for sharing.
5/21/12 1:47 PM
Erin Sooit said...
Cute story!
5/21/12 12:16 PM

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