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PatternReview Blog > New Vogues! What Do You Think?
New Vogues! What Do You Think? By DianeSev on 8/21/12 4:25 PM

As summer turns into fall, so we turn to thinking about our fall wardrobe.

Vogue reminds of this by releasing their fall collection, full of un-summery coats and pants and dresses.

Baby, it's going to get cold outside!

Here are a few patterns by three popular designers that will help take the chill off the air.

Vogue 8839 Misses' Jacket

Vogue 8839 Misses' Jacket
Marci Tilton

Sporting popular front ruffles, this light jacket is perfect for those crisp fall days.

Loose-fitting jacket has contrast reverse side, front extending into collar, collar/front/sleeve/lower bands, side front seams, welt pockets, darted sleeve cap, no shoulder seams, and topstitching. Bands (collar, sleeve, lower): cut on crosswise grain of fabric.

Suggested Fabrics:  For Moderate Stretch Knits: Wool Jersey, Sweatshirt Fleece, Double Knit.


Vogue 1320 Misses' Coat

Vogue 1320 Misses' Coat
Issey Miyake
Sizes: 6-14, 14-22

Now for something a little warmer!  This stylish coat is a great transition piece from fall to winter (Oooo! Don't say that word!).  

Semi-fitted, lined coat has rolled collar, yokes, side panels, no shoulder/side seams, side front pockets and two-piece (bias upper) sleeves.

Suggested Fabrics: Novelty Woolens, Mohair, Fleece.

Vogue 8844 Hats

Vogue 8844 Hats
Patricia Underwood
All Sizes in One Envelope

How about a chapeau to complete the outfit?  You have four styles to choose from here.  One of these is reversible to maximize your wardrobe choices!

Four lined hats, each offered in XSmall, Small, Medium and Large. Hat A has contrast lining. Hat D has contrast band and bow.

Suggested Fabrics: A,B,C,D: Nylon, Ripstop, Velvet/Velveteen, Tweed, Wool/Wool Blends and Synthetic Suede. Contrast D: Satin. Lining B,C,D: Cotton/Cotton Blends and Lining Fabrics.


See all the new Vogues! Shop now!

What do you think of Vogue's new patterns and their models' poses?  Leave a comment!


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Ashford said... (9/9/12 0:26 AM) Reply
Several of the coats and vests have a detachable collar. Easy to change the style with collars in various textures -faux fur, lace, satin, twill, brocade, embroidered, quilted. As for the poses, we expect avantgarde designs from Vogue, so the poses do fit their image. Is the photo useful for the customer to see the amount of ease in the design? "Enough ease you can lay down on the sidewalk during your lunch break and put your feet up on the wall?"
Breyan said... (9/7/12 5:05 PM) Reply
I just got 1312 in the mail. I'm looking forward to shopping for fabric. My friend says the model's pose looks like she's wearing 'hammer pants.' Yes, pants. I like that particular pose. too bad I won't be able to stand around like that all day :-)
dbsewer said... (9/4/12 11:16 AM) Reply
I'm working on Vogue 1320 - the fit is not at all the dimensions listed on the pattern sheet. But I love the style. I'm way over the ruffle front unlined jacket and the hat patterns are pretty boring. I agree about the poses - too bad because there are some pretty styles in the new collection, but you can't really see them because of the awkward photos.
a7yrstitch said... (9/2/12 11:18 PM) Reply
After eagerly opening v1312 to make a fun and funky hang around the house dress, I was disappointed to see that the entire size range have front and back bodices that are nearly identical. Really??? With that kind of start, the skirt will only hang well off of a stick. Maybe some of the poses have an additional purpose of hiding design problems. I'll work it out. Seriously though, they could have just sold a sketch with a suggestion for the design and done just as well on this one. Oh well, I mostly morph anyway.
Mickey63 said... (9/2/12 9:52 AM) Reply
I really dislike the poses, as well, and while I agree with sewcrafty19 that you CAN find line drawings if you work at it, it seems like a marketing blunder to be so invested in appearing 'creative' in your photography that potential clients have to do extra work just to understand exactly what it is you are trying to sell. That, plus the fact that the models appear to be suffering from tragic neurological disorders of some sort... Really irritated with their new book. I thought the point of all these new reality shows and focus on up and coming designers was to convince the general public that high fashion can truly be accessible, not ridiculous--but maybe I'm missing the point. When I see presentations like this, it makes me think the artistic people involved are more into themselves and demonstrating their amazing skills than they are into engaging the people they are supposed to be focused on--the clients. Now it appears McCalls is doing similar silly poses and also using such loud patterns in their fabric choices it is impossible to see the cut or lines of the garment. I'm sure that these shoots get boring after so many decades, but I have turned in desperation to European patterns where it is still possible to see what you are actually supposed to be sewing out of irritation with the silliness of the McCalls line. Really hope this is just a phase...
Robin Denning said... (9/1/12 1:51 PM) Reply
I keep hoping the company will move towards showing the garments on more women than just tall skinny young women. I can understand the logistical challenges of sewing samples quickly in order to photograph them in time for production deadlines, but it is a risk to continue this trend. It is downright dated. Women are getting increasingly vocal about this and want to see more realistic models. Seems to me the fitting issues could be remedied by using the same models over the course of a year or more. The samples would be easy to sew if fitting issues for the models were known. Bonus- couldn't they then publish articles in the magazine focused on how the flattering fit was achieved? It would require a drastic change in mIndset - but to continue with these dated images is a risk, too. Just my humble opinion. Too heavily made up, too.
banzaibrittany said... (9/1/12 6:30 AM) Reply
They're going for fashion photography...which is fine for catching your eye for a label's clothing line, but not-so-fine when you need to know what something looks like so you can sew it. Some of these are just the lady in 1312 who looks like she's squatting in the woods. Just what.
tinker4u said... (8/31/12 7:25 PM) Reply
I really like the look of V1320 coat and after reading the pattern envelope I think it would be a great coat to sew. The hat reminds me of the ones pictured in the Ralph Lauren add in the Vogue September issue . I'd like to try on a hat like that to see if it's flattering before I sew it. Update: I bought the coat pattern today but passed on the hat. It's over 100 in Texas today so I won't be sewing the coat up any time soon.
Teenyjeanie said... (8/31/12 3:10 PM) Reply
I always want to see the drawings/drafting for the sewing lines and shapes of the garments. I am very petite, 5'and 110 lbs so I can't rely on the photo or a 6', 100lb model wearing something. I do like the pattern, however, what's with the huge hounds-tooth print? I can't wear that, it would wear me.
Veronimuse said... (8/31/12 10:30 AM) Reply
I usually get pretty excited when Vogue releases new patterns. Not so much this time, but I can't tell if it's the designs or the presentation. I approve of creative photography, but I think the last season's efforts worked better than this one. If I'm going to "buy" a portrait/picture, it needs to be believable: one does not don an outfit for the office and then proceed to contort into awkward poses in a window as part of preparation for an important meeting. Form needs to follow function. The stylists might have been going for edgy but they missed it. Easy to do. Part of the risk. However, they did get our attention and that is, presumably, at least part of their goal. Moving from presentation to content: there are some eras designers borrow from that I respond to better than others. I am NOT a fan of 70s or 80s fashions, nor designs that take their cues from those decades! I much prefer the glamour and elegance of the 1940s and 1950s. That said, I like pattern #'s 1316, 1317, 1321, 8839, and 8841... but I have things in my stash that are similar and that I think I like better. I want my patterns to WOW me... and these don't really do that for me this time. I don't like these patterns enough to justify adding them to an already huge stash!
Batik said... (8/30/12 11:11 AM) Reply
The Issey Miyake 1320 coat looks like it has great lines and a lot of potential for variation. It could be structured or less stiff and more casual.
wingamajig said... (8/30/12 7:49 AM) Reply
I think that both the shirt and skirt in V1324 are really beautiful, and have interesting construction. These would showcase some simple elegant fabrics, and I can wear them to work. The Chado Ralph Ruchi red dress is also very nice, I like the neck, and the fact that there is an extended underarm gusset that goes into the back panel should make it fit well. I also got 1316, but the thought of fitting with all those pieces is daunting, so I am not sure it will make it past a muslin. For the Vogues, I like the dresses 8825 & 8829. Both simple, but with some interest in the sash and the bow. I was only disappointed with the blouses - not much selection (not including the designer ones), and that 8832 pirate number looks like a home-ec disaster even on the model.
VogueMistress said... (8/29/12 3:16 PM) Reply
For the most part, I think the poses are the most interesting thing about these patterns. The garments themselves did little to inspire me.
RuthLouise said... (8/29/12 9:45 AM) Reply
I guess the advertising industry has their own ideas about presentation techniques. I want to see the details of the garment. Their sketches are entirely too small to see the construction details. The unusual poses also don't allow me to evaluate the construction details. Are they trying to show the consumers how flexible the designs can be? The presentation just makes me gloss over the garment even faster. I'm totally turned off!!
Gwinnier said... (8/29/12 9:43 AM) Reply
I'm with squeakcola on this one. McCalls has also gone for the sixties homage in their on-the-model visuals. it's fine by me - I rely on the line drawings and descriptions anyway. Now if they start getting tricky with those ...
squeakacola said... (8/28/12 5:14 PM) Reply
You know these patterns are definitely more fashionable with the general tone of it all...I believe that the intention is to create a better sense of movement of the design & fabrics illustrated...after all, we deserve to feel as hip & glamorous as the models showcasing our future artful creations!
motherwoman said... (8/28/12 11:54 AM) Reply
This is exciting that you can see the real product. It is terrifically disappointing when you cannot see the product well b/c of the posing. If changing things up, why not pose doing true-to-life types of things? (That would be better than stalking a window.) Love Vogue, but hope they find a better change.
sewdoggie22 said... (8/28/12 11:28 AM) Reply
I have to agree with all of your comments. It is really annoying not to be able to see the details OR the back of the garment. Even the patterns sometimes don't show the details. I refuse to buy them, Hey Vogue, are you reading these comments? I haven't sewed for 30 years and you haven't made any improvements.
HDWen said... (8/28/12 10:50 AM) Reply
The only reason I think many like the Red Jacket pattern, is that the model is actually posing more "normal"... but rather a very small. I can't imagine they didn't have to size down the jacket for this thin person. Agree some of the poses look silly or they are doing the "pee pee" dance!
StephiLuna said... (8/28/12 9:17 AM) Reply
Interesting designs, really stupid poses. Are they stalking prey? Robbing a bank? About to jump? Having stomach cramps? Really need to pee? Come on Vogue. Sewers want to see the garments on the models, not freaky "fashiony" poses.
Pinstrip Pony said... (8/28/12 8:41 AM) Reply
I so agree with the other comments. Vogue needs to hire A of M's as a consultant. I am really surprised that this campaign was approved by anyone at Vogue. Have they lost touch with their target customers? I thought it was bad enough some of the photo's that are taken white on white background and dark colors with no shadowing to show form or details but this is even worse.
A of the M's said... (8/28/12 8:23 AM) Reply
My first thought is---Vogue is trying to sell patterns--correct? Now picture the marketing people trying to decide the best way to promote their products. Several ideas come to mind. One, take pictures of models in several different fabrications to give the sewer more ideas. Nah--throw that one out. Maybe include more of a description and close up shots of the details. Nah, throw that one out. Then the lightbulb goes off for the marketing group. Take pictures of the models with their legs on a wall or so hunched over no one can see anything! Perhaps that idea was proposed as a joke and someone at Vogue wrote it down and mistakingly took it serious.
Judy Wentz said... (8/28/12 6:42 AM) Reply
It is interesting that the question has come up. When I first saw the new patterns and the models' poses, I thought it was very strange. I have never before seen models all hunched over. I don't think it is flattering to the clothes or to the models.
Timmithea said... (8/27/12 0:32 AM) Reply

Timmithea said... (8/27/12 0:32 AM) Reply
Usually I love Vogue. Nothing is popping out at me at the moment!
QuikSew said... (8/25/12 6:11 AM) Reply
I agree with the group about the angles of the models. It seems to me that a website such as this one should post the photos in an article that flatter the clothes and entice us to purchase the patterns. I can only do that when I get a realistic idea of the fit, length, etc. I do like the 8839 jacket, but probably won't purchase it.
Erin Sooit said... (8/22/12 2:09 PM) Reply
It seems to me that the posing strategy Vogue has used worked to their advantage; they made us look at the garments. That said, I really love coat 1320, a modern classsic, imho. :)
Calama said... (8/22/12 11:04 AM) Reply
Do love the hat!
Karie207 said... (8/22/12 8:19 AM) Reply
If you look on the Vogue Patterns website, they show multiple photos of the models/clothes, including front & back photos of all their new patterns. I like the new patterns, and I like that Vogue shows people wearing them, rather than just drawings. I do wish they would show more normal sized people in their clothes, rather than super skinny models.
lamstu said... (8/22/12 4:11 AM) Reply
I agree with Kathy452 about the poses of the models. Also, has anyone else noticed how brief and uninformative the text descriptions have become? Of the new designs, the best one and the only one that is calling to me is the Ralph Rucci dress 1317. I am inventing an occasion for that one, I hope!
Kathy452 said... (8/21/12 11:49 PM) Reply
I like some of the styles, but I really can't tell anything from the models' poses. In every one they are hunched over or turned at a strange angle. You can't even tell how long it is supposed to be. While I understand that Vogue is supposed to be the high fashion end of McCall's patterns, it is not like high fashion in a dress shop where you can try on the garment to see what it really looks like before you buy. They really need to remember that we are buying an image. If I can't really tell what a garment is shaped like in the photo and have to rely on a 2 dimensional drawing of the shape, I'm apt to look at a different pattern where I have a better chance of visualizing how it will look on me.

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