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PatternReview Blog > PatternReview on Facebook: Sewing in a Crunch
PatternReview on Facebook: Sewing in a Crunch By DianeSev on 11/8/12 2:50 PM

PatternReview on Facebook Sewing in a Crunch

We asked you:

What is the fastest you've ever sewn for a special occasion? Tell us about the project! Did you finish it? How did it come out? Would you sew in a crunch again?

You said:

"I've done plenty of same-days from patterns with existing stash, but I'm going to venture to say the most ambitious crunch time project is the one I'm about to start: New sloper, newly drafted dress pattern, construction of the silk brocade dress and faux fur shrug. That all begins today for attending a fashion show on the 11th. Fingers crossed!"

"I once sat down 1 hour before the guests for our Christmas dinner arrived to cut and sew the Christmas dinner napkins (9, if I recall correctly). I made it, almost. I finished the last one as the first guest arrived. I'd do that again. But would prefer a little more time..."

"3 days (after work) to make two super hero costumes. They turned out fantastically! Also, as a costumer/cosplayer, I am, by default, a procrastinator and thus ALWAYS sew under pressure. Smile"

"Daughter's first Christmas....was sewing the 'night before' on her's a family tradition now, started when her older brother was a had completely slipped my mind to make hers (she was a preemie, born in October) and I bought, washed, dried, cut, and sewed as fast as possible to get it done before bedtime....put the final hand sewing stitched in on Christmas morning (sigh), which was fine since the pajamas are the ONLY present on Christmas Eve....never again....never never"

"Many years ago, when my ex was not my ex, I worked as costumer for his mom's dance studio. The year she was to retire, she decided one week before the annual recital that she wanted to do a big production number with all the advance tap students. I made 34 gold lamé tuxedo jackets, all sized to individual measurements, in less than a week. The end result was incredible and added to quite a spectacular finale for my m-i-l's incredible career. I would do it again, in a heartbeat."

"Dress for my cousin’s wedding. I started the day before and love that my mom finished the hem for me about 2 hours before the wedding. The dress got rave reviews (my husband was especially impressed), which was appreciated, but don't think I'd cut it that close again, at least not for a wedding."

"I pulled an all nighter finishing 2 princess dress-up dresses for my twin daughters’ birthday party. It was rough but worth it, those dresses have been well loved. Other than that most of what I make is casual wear for myself and my kids so no deadlines."

"Christmas Eve blouse and skirt started that morning, worn to church later that morning. I wore them for a long time, donated them because I got tired of them. It seems like everything I sew is in crunch time!!!"

"1809 day dress. Made it in 2.5 days, including flat-felled seams on bodice. Skirt was 3 yards gathered and lined. I finished it one hour before I left for a Williamsburg-inspired dinner."

"A puppy dog costume for my 6 year old in two nights after work, I found a pattern on the net, called my local Fabric Shop Robina, they organised the fabric and trim, billed my CC. I raced over in lunch hour, cut the pattern pieces out that night, cut the fabric and had it half done by midnight. Finished the following night in time for book week dress-up the next morning at school. He loved the costume 7 years later after several wears it’s been passed to another little boy."

"I used a lace tablecloth with very little alterations for an elegant wrap for a formal evening.”

"Dress for a cocktail party the same evening. And of course I would do it again!”

"I've sewn an outfit for a wedding after the dress rehearsal the afternoon before the wedding, had also dropped off the bridesmaids’ dresses the day before that. So no time to do mine before that, in total I had about 5 hrs, was a pattern I hadn't made before and made a petticoat, obi belt and fascinator to go with.. I’m a pretty speedy sewer so I knew I could get it done."

"Full skirt out of fab fifties curtains for party same night. Big time saver: not having to prewash. I can't answer this one honestly as I am cramming hemming and alterations for nightmare choir dresses, out of 40 only seven SEVEN more to go by next Monday. If I don't have a deadline, I tend to get sloppy with finishing work. If I have one, I go all Kenneth King on it. Piping everywhere!"

"I often sew an item for an event on the day of the event: once I was hand-stitching the binding for a jacket in the car on the way to the event. It certainly focuses the mind, having a deadline."

"I made 2 dress-up queen dresses one morning for a 1 PM birthday party after working a 12 hour night shift."

"I made my daughter's wedding dress in less than a week. Now THAT felt like a real accomplishment!"

What is the fastest you've ever sewn for a special occasion?

Leave a comment below.

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Diane Slade Inc said... (11/22/12 8:40 PM) Reply
I finished MY wedding dress the day of my wedding. My mother was near a heart attack, but I wanted to do what gave me stress relief. I just had to hand stitch the selvedge lace trim around my jacket. I was not stressed at all!
sings2high said... (11/17/12 0:53 AM) Reply
I studied costuming in college, so deadline sewing was a way of life. 2nd act costumes being finished during the first act etc. The closest call I had was when I cut the thread from the last stitches made to hold a large tail on the backside of an actress, just as Kanga hopped onstage.
Fannie Rebecca said... (11/16/12 8:10 AM) Reply
My daughter had a fashion forward concept for her prom dress. It was so new there was nothing like it in the pattern books. I asked her to sketch it for me; but she couldn't. I kept sewing and ripping the top until it looked right. She wanted to have it strapless which I refused to do since it had no boning and no motivation to say up on my daughter's slim figure. It reminded me of last minute projects in high school when I would be sewing frantically while my mother called to me from downstairs. Hemming and sobbing in panic!
BriarRose said... (11/14/12 4:49 PM) Reply
My maid of honor sewed the cuffs and back neck of my wedding dress together five minutes before I walked down the aisle. hadn't put on the buttons prior to cleaning, the cleaners were late with the dress, and I forgot the buttons in the race to get to the town where we were getting married. That night my new husband ceremoniously cut me out of the dress my friend had sewn me into earlier.
Timmithea said... (11/12/12 9:53 PM) Reply
I finished my mother of the groom dress just a few hours before my sons wedding! I had made the flower girl's dress, and five bridesmaids dresses. I decided to go couture with mine though, and do a Claire Shaffer formal dress that required hours of hand stitching. I even have a funny photo of my husband helping me with my hem. His motivation to help me was so that I wouldn't go buy a dress after spending lots of money on silk burnout fabric for my dress. What anice guy, huh! He really is a trouper, though!

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