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PatternReview Blog > Creative Fringe: A Picture Tutorial by sewingsilly
Creative Fringe: A Picture Tutorial by sewingsilly By DianeSev on 4/4/13 4:38 PM

By sewingsilly

There are unlimited ways to embellish your creations!!  I LOVE finding new ways to add just the right bit of charm to a project.   On my latest project (which I'm keeping secret for now [sort of]), I used linen to create fringe.  It's a simple technique that has a BIG payoff.

Step 1.  Cut linen strips on the bias.  Linen is a loosely woven fabric that is perfect for this technique.  It's imperative that it be cut perfectly on a 45˚ angle.  I will show you why later.  No need to cut them too wide unless you want to fringe both sides of the strip and fold it in half.  I chose to fringe only one side so I cut the strips of bias 1 1/4" wide.

Bias strips, cut 1 1/4

Bias strips, cut 1 1/4" wide

Step 2.  Stay-stitch the bias strip 3/8" in on the edge of the fabric with the machine set to a medium length stitch with tear-away stabilizer underneath.  DO NOT pull the fabric through the machine.  Pulling will cause the fabric to stretch, and we want to prevent this from happening.   We want fringe, not ripples.  Just let it remain as flat as possible as you sew.

Stay-stitched bias strip stitched onto tear-away stabilizer

Stay-stitched bias strip stitched onto tear-away stabilizer

Step 3.  Select a decorative stitch on your machine for fun.  I chose turquoise embroidery thread for a punch of color on my melon-colored linen.  I threaded my machine with 2 spools so that I would get a nicer covering satin stitch.  Stitch right on top of your stay stitching line.  Play around with your stitches and thread colors!!!

2 spools of embroidery thread threaded together on the machine

2 spools of embroidery thread threaded together on the machine

Decorative stitching

Decorative stitching

Step 4.  Press the embroidery flat and remove the tear-away stabilizer from the edge to be fringed.

 Tearing away the stabilizer 

 Tearing away the stabilizer

Step 5.  Lay the strips flat on the table, and start to pull the edges of the cut edge gently to soften the weave of the fabric.  Push the fibers in one direction against the weave and then repeat from the other direction.  Gently inserting a pin into the weave will also help unravel the fibers.

 Unraveling the fibers

If you cut it on a perfect 45˚ angle, both sides of the fringe will be even. If not, one side will be longer than the other. If this happens, just trim away the longer ones to even it up. The more you manipulate the fabric, the more the fabric will "bloom".

The result: a soft fringe

The result: a soft fringe

This technique creates soft fringe that gives a shabby chic/casual look to my project. There’s a lot of emphasis on the beloved Chanel Jacket these days, and this process could also be used to make fringe out of your favorite tweed to trim your own version of the Chanel Jacket.  Stay tuned to my blog to see what I did with my fringe!!!

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sewingsilly said... (4/13/13 1:02 PM) Reply
Hi GwenH: The reason I use bias is because it won't "fray" it will "fringe". Cutting the strips on the bias allows the fabric to "bloom". The decorative stitch is the stopper. If the strips were cut on the straight or cross grains then the fabric would fray and fibers would be lost. This way the fibers create the fringe. Hope this explanation is understandable.
GwenH said... (4/13/13 10:18 AM) Reply
Love the decorative stitch idea as a 'fringe-stopper'. I'm curious about the reason for using bias strips.
sewingsilly said... (4/11/13 8:00 PM) Reply
I'm happy to read such nice comments!! I did this on the L-500, but you could used any machine with a few deco stitches. I hope some of you will give it a try and post back with pictures!!
Lenarciak said... (4/11/13 2:44 PM) Reply
Interesting... I have to keep this in mind while making Chanel-like jacket :-)
Oojie said... (4/9/13 6:26 PM) Reply
Is that a Singer L500 ?
Oojie said... (4/9/13 6:25 PM) Reply
Is that a Singer L500 ?
SEWNYA said... (4/9/13 2:32 PM) Reply
Thanks for sharing this technique with us. I have done fringing, but not exactly this way. I have been looking for fringe for a bed spread. Perhaps I will play around with this method. Thanks.
JoaniesJosh said... (4/9/13 12:50 PM) Reply
First time I've seen fringe done on the bias. I always thought it had to be straight of grain. Your tutorial is great. Thanks, Joanie
Sew Passionista said... (4/9/13 12:18 PM) Reply
Love it. I've done fringing before but never like this!!
sewcasual said... (4/9/13 10:11 AM) Reply
Thanks...I just happen to be working on a linen jacket. I think I will add this to my jacket.
carolynsuetoo said... (4/9/13 9:34 AM) Reply
The fringe is really beautiful. Thanks for a great tip!!
Vonnevo said... (4/9/13 8:20 AM) Reply
Lovely !! Thank you for sharing your great technique :)
MAD14kt said... (4/9/13 8:20 AM) Reply
NICE...THANKS for sharing!
marec said... (4/7/13 1:06 AM) Reply
Nice technique for adding a folksy look.
ksgentry said... (4/5/13 10:08 AM) Reply
Wow.. great technique. I will definitely have give one a try.
Myspirit4 said... (4/4/13 9:09 PM) Reply
Very cool and I love the color combo!
Pj3g said... (4/4/13 8:58 PM) Reply
This is very cool and I cannot wait to see what you do with it!!!

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