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PatternReview Blog > Announcing the Winners of the Jeans Contest!
Announcing the Winners of the Jeans Contest! By DianeSev on 7/12/13 11:55 AM

Jeans...we love 'em, and many of us live in them. They are essential to the modern wardrobe. And if we can make our own jeans...all the better.

The participants in this contest bravely went where many of us hardly dared to go...into the land of making their own jeans. Many started out on the journey (41 members, in fact), but they were thwarted by lack of time, leaving 10 members to actually finish the contest. We applaud them all, though (including this month's Member in Focus), and give them an "A" for effort. Bravo!

The goal in this contest was to make a pair of jeans from denim cloth. They could be any color, but they couldn't be skirts, overalls, rompers, capris, shorts, dresses, bathing suits, etc.  Topstitching and embroidery were allowed and encouraged. Jeans could be for a man, woman or child, but not for a doll. See more rules here.

Now let's meet the winners.

First Prize: Amy-may for Jalie: 2908 Women's Stretch Jeans

 First Place Jeans Contest

Like many other PR members, Amy-may loves the Jalie 2908 Jeans pattern. She says that the pattern photos are representative of the real jeans, and although there are a lot of steps, the instructions are good and she advises potential 2908 sewers to just keep going.

She believes that quality of the topstitching makes or breaks the professional look of jeans, and so she spent quite awhile deciding pocket design and top stitching thread options. She used 2 strands of heavy nylon thread with an 18 needle for all the topstitching and ran lots of samples to decide color, weight and determine proper tension settings.

She says that the patterns are nicely drafted but that you will probably want to make some "personal tweaks".

She has this to say about the process:

"No step is particularly difficult, but you will need to do some samples before getting started. I used a scrap of denim folded 4 thicknesses to tuck behind the presser foot when starting seams to level up. By the time I got to the belt loops, I was using a generous stack of sticky notes as my leveling aid to get smoothly from 2 layers of denim, to suddenly 6."

She will sew these again, even though they were time-consuming to make. And she says, "Having invested the time into getting the fit right, I plan to replace my ill-fitting RTW with custom Amy-May-Zing Design jeans!"

Congratulations, Amy-may!

Second Prize: ChildOfTheWild for Self Drafted Pattern: 320402-1000 Donna

 Second Place Jeans Contest

Congratulations, ChildOfTheWild!

And congratulations to all our contestants!

Thanks to StyleArc for sponsoring this contest.


Thanks to crazygrad for managing this contest.

See all the entries for this contest.

See the Contest Report and Rules.

Read the “behind the scenes” contestant talk.

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lohroffe said... (7/29/13 11:21 PM) Reply
Folks, it's member votes, so the one who "should" have won, won. If you like someone else's entry better, then vote for them. And I'm guessing the winner is listed as ineligible because she won *this* contest. I say congrats to everybody who entered and double congrats to the winners!
HDWen said... (7/21/13 4:44 AM) Reply
Congratulations to everyone brave enough to try Jeans! Way to go Amy and Child hope you all had fun and learned a lot as well :-)
cgandy said... (7/20/13 11:05 PM) Reply
I agree that Child of the Wild should have won 1st prize. Fit is everything; decoration comes second, and Child of the Wild's jeans were constructed much better.
TechDesigner said... (7/17/13 2:27 PM) Reply
Child of the wild should have won 1st prize. Her pant pattern is perfectly balance and is a fantastic fit. Amy May's pants is a poor fit. There is a lot of drag lines in the back leg, which means the pattern needs to be shifted so the excess is picked up for a clean back leg. I'm a technical designer in NY and pants is one of my specialties. One of the biggest problems I have with the factories is all the excess at the back leg. Sorry Amy May, ChildOfTheWild wins hands down.
AtiyaAfi said... (7/17/13 2:22 PM) Reply
I agree with bluefly. PR how did this happen?
bluefly said... (7/17/13 8:17 AM) Reply
Child of the wild, great job! And self drafted with a terrific fit!
Darla in PA said... (7/17/13 8:16 AM) Reply
First, I want to congratulate everyone who made their jeans. However, I found it interesting that the person who is listed as being the winner is also listed as being ineligible for votes because she had won a contest in the previous 4 months. I hope that the correct winners are acknowledged.
nancy2001 said... (7/15/13 6:57 PM) Reply
Congratulations to both winners. Fantastic jeans!
Living Beauty said... (7/15/13 1:43 AM) Reply
Congratulations to both ladies for allowing your fellow sewists to judge all the hard work you ladies put into making such stylish and professional looking garments! I applaud you ... Beautiful job!
Ashford said... (7/14/13 7:32 PM) Reply
Amy-may and Childof the wild, you gals are the Queens of Jeans. Congratulation on winning this PR Contest. All the sewers who signed up are my heroes and heroines for being brave enough to sew jeans -a difficult garment to fit and difficult fabric to sew. Applause for one and all.
hoodoo 2 said... (7/14/13 5:37 PM) Reply
the runner ups jean had a great fit but didn't have the decorated pocket but I would have picked these as the winner due to the great looking fit! Congrats!
hoodoo 2 said... (7/14/13 5:36 PM) Reply
the winners fit was not good however the pockets looked good, she could focus next of how to fit her jeans so they don't have those lines and bags in the legs
hoodoo 2 said... (7/14/13 5:36 PM) Reply
Congratulation on the Win and in sewing jeans they can be hard but fun
Sue Parrott said... (7/13/13 10:20 PM) Reply
Beautiful jeans, congratulations!
sewingsilly said... (7/13/13 9:20 AM) Reply
Both look Fantastic!! Congrat's!!
caper81 said... (7/13/13 8:10 AM) Reply
Those are some great-looking jeans! Congratulations ladies! :)

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