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PatternReview Blog > PatternReview on Facebook: What Have You Sewn For Men?
PatternReview on Facebook: What Have You Sewn For Men? By DianeSev on 8/29/13 9:21 AM

Menswear! Have you sewn something recently for a man in your life? What did you sew? Did he like it? Would you do it again?

Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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Here’s what other members said on Facebook...

Shirts! I love to make my husband's dress shirts! And yes, I did enter one in the menswear contest!

I have only been sewing for less than a year....but I have made my husband several pairs of pajamas ......he loves them.

New Look 6859

New Look 6859 Misses, Men and Teens Pajama Pants and Shorts

Do PJ bottoms count? My little kids (2 and 4) choose the fabric and I sew them for my husband! But I am dipping a toe in the panties sewing and I plan to do boxers for him eventually...

A camp style shirt. My husband loved it.

Most recently I've sewn jeans and jeans-style corduroy jacket. He wasn't worn the jeans yet, but loves the jacket.

Vogue 8801

Vogue Patterns 8801 Men's Jeans

I made each of my teenage grandsons flannel shirts for Christmas last year. They loved them so much, that I sent them another one in March and just made them another for school. They love them!!!

Just finishing up a dress shirt for my husband and then making him a vest and golf cap for 20s picnic.

New Look 6036
New Look 6036 Misses' & Men's Vests

I made my husband a tailored winter coat and a pair of pyjamas. Both were seriously GREAT successes. However, the coat is up for replacement now (WHY do men have to stuff their pockets like that?!) and the pyjama pants were eaten by the washing machine. Oh, and I also promised him a new yukata *sigh* I'd really love to sew him some new stuff, but I barely (read: don't) even have time to sew for myself, so I'm not sure when it will happen ...

Vogue 8940

Vogue Patterns 8940 Men's Jacket and Pants

I made this costume for my grandson. He loved it!


I love the challenge of menswear, it has to be technically perfect. You can't hide mistakes with ruffles or embellishment. I've been doing more and more menswear lately since ready-to-wear is so boring, especially for larger gents. I am doing a line of couture overalls and rockstar vests for Turn of the Century Clothing. I also made a purple leather tuxedo with tails with Versace velvet lapels and lace-on/off sleeves for hubby.

couture overalls

With three teen boys and a husband, I love sewing menswear. Casual shirts, dress shirts, pants, shorts, bathing suits, pajamas, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, costumes, and alterations on RTW. I find it fun-challenging to come up with interesting guy stuff that they will actually (proudly) wear

Ties...I really like making them, too!

I made a bathrobe for my boyfriend years ago that he still wears today!

McCall's 6231
McCall's 6231 Men's Sleepwear

I wish there was a bigger selection of menswear patterns. Why isn't there?

Several months ago, I made two night shirts for my husband, and I recently finished a short sleeve casual shirt. I just cut out a shirt/jacket for the Fall season. I can't find current patterns that are of any interest, so I search eBay for vintage patterns. I've accumulated quite a collection. Over the years, I've made many items for him.

I made a bathrobe for my husband with dark blue raw silk line with a dark red, dark pink, and blue checked flannel, it turned out very well and he likes it very much!

Six pairs of boxer shorts, that I drafted a pattern for, he is even wearing them today.

kealoha - Sewing for Men Challenge Contest

I have 2 sons and husband, so I have been sewing for them for 40 years. I have made boxers, briefs, ties, shirts, shorts, pajamas, Tshirts, doublets, pirate coats, vests, scarves, pants, bathrobes, sleepers, surcoats, jerkins, leggings and hundreds upon hundreds of long sleeve shirts.


I designed and sewed this for husband, too.


I'm in the process of making a linen shirt for my husband.

$2 Walmart thin satin plus Butterick 6837 equals pajama pants for my husband. I can't get him to relinquish them long enough to shorten the legs. Not the fault of the pattern, I just forgot to turn the hems twice.

Butterick 6837
Butterick 6837 Unisex Robe, Top, Shorts, Pant

Want to see what other PR members have sewn for the men in their lives? 
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What have you sewn for the man in your life? What was the reaction? Tell us!

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grandmarose said... (9/5/13 11:05 AM) Reply
When my sons were younger I sewed shirts, vests, pj's, etc. all the time as well as matching shirts and outfits for my husband and I. I'm sorry to say I don't see the variety in patterns we used to have available, especially for little boys. I do keep one or two on hand for new grandsons!
kjkravits said... (9/5/13 4:00 AM) Reply
I have sewn menswear. I started out with lounge pants and polar fleece items but the pieces I am most proud of are two Kwik Sew 3485 men's suit jackets for my son. I made one in a designer silk from Vogue Fabrics (Ann Klein I believe) and the other in charcoal gray corduroy. The welt pocket instructions are not good but YouTube has some great videos. They fit him like a glove! Such a beautiful pattern. He loves them!
KD in ATL said... (9/3/13 7:58 PM) Reply
The most unusual items were for my father. I made him some "backward shirts". Due to paralysis, he spent a great deal of time in bed, and would get cold while watching TV. He would take a flannel shirt and put it on backward, so I made him some snuggy fleece shirts that closed in the back with a Velcro tab at the neck. He loved them!
Jenerator said... (9/3/13 7:01 PM) Reply
I've made a couple of shirts for hubby (from a Get Creative pattern) - one of them was using a Star Trek quilting cotton and I made the "delta" shape buttons by cutting two "arms" off silver star shaped buttons. I've also made him a few ties. I've made a few costumes for my son (Ash Ketchum from Pokemon was the first one, I think) and using the Simplicity Civil War costume, I made him a jacket and pants to look like a train station controller. I also made him a fleece jacket last year that is worn so often it barely goes in the wash (much as I would like it to) in VR (Victorian Rail) colours and logo embroidered. (Can you guess he's into trains?)
SewRusty said... (9/3/13 12:15 PM) Reply
Both my husband and my son are of the very tall AND ultra skinny variety. My husband's job requires business casual. I've sewn all but the first 2 or 3 shirts he's worn to work the last few years, and I've even made a couple of pairs of his slacks. (Another pair is in the queue right now, actually!) As for my son, I've made so many pajamas for him I think I could make them in my sleep. I've also made him a few polo/sweat shirts, and several pairs of pants because he's built just like his daddy, and RTW seems to cater to significantly shorter, stockier boys. In fact, on the cutting table right now is 2 pairs of denim trousers worth for him to wear back to school. There's a plan for a fleece vest for Fall in there somewhere too--hopefully, I'll get around to it. My guys aren't big on heaping compliments, but the clothes get worn to death and I get requests for more, so I think they're pretty happy. And I notice that my clothing is always the first to the dirty clothes hamper, so I call it a win. ;-)
KBT Sewer said... (9/3/13 12:15 PM) Reply
Gosh, where do I start.My DH is an Army Officer so I've been asked to tailor his combat kit along with his 'great coat' (a very bulky item) and numerous other bits of uniform, along with sewing on name tapes and rank badges (those without pushpins attached). I've made most of his silk evening shirts, cummerbands and matching bow ties (depending on what else he was wearing ie black tie or formal Scots attire ).I made a few of these matching items for other men whose wives wanted a co-ordinated look with their evening dress/ballgown.Also on the list was a black velvet waistcoat with regimental buttons. On the casual side there was a denim jacket, numerous shirts (as bought ones didn't fit properly--in the end I persuaded him to use a 'made to measure' firm in Yorkshire---very successful).Then there was the fly fishing jacket made to his own requirements. Also made a similar one for another military colleague who admired my DH's. What else--aprons for DH and my father, with appropriate machine embroidery. Returning to live in the UK, DH decided he could use a long winter coat to go over suits. I made that in dark navy cashmere with a paisley silk lining. Over the years I've lost track of all the clothes I've made, but I can say that he's always been very pleased with everything and never complains when I want to shop for fabric.
biochemistress said... (9/3/13 11:45 AM) Reply
I often sew fleece hoodies/jackets for my boys, as well as jammers (swimsuits that look like bike shorts). I've made pajamas and costumes and slippers for them too. I made several blankets when they were babies, and lunch bags when they went to school. I even made them balaclavas last year, because we walk to school.
terrafree said... (9/3/13 10:39 AM) Reply
I sew quarter zip fleece hoodies for my son. He has a hard time finding them for a reasonable price so one year I sewed one for him for Christmas. He told me what changes he'd like for the 'next time' I made one for him so the following Christmas I made one as requested. He bragged to all his friends that his mom made it for him. One year I was busy sewing for my nieces and I figured he had several that I had made previous years so he wouldn't miss not getting one for Christmas that year. A couple weeks after Christmas he mentioned that he didn't get a hoodie that year and then I felt bad so now it has become an annual thing. I got an embroidery machine a couple years ago so now I sew a little emblem on it. He likes wolves so last year I found a wolf paw print design and embroidered it on the hoodie. It was a big hit.
Mole Princess said... (9/3/13 9:20 AM) Reply
Nightshirts for my father. The most recent one was navy blue flannel with a cranberry and gold vertical stripe. I found a coordinating red stripe and made wide cuffs out of the red, on the bias. I piped the hem in red narrow foldover binding, used cranberry buttons, and made red buttonholes, plus used a chunky decorative stitch for the "tack" at the bottom of the placket pleat. A red stripe hanging loop finished it off. He liked it so much he said he would use a hanger for it, and my mother liked it so much she said it would be a pleasure to wash, so they felt honored for his 75th birthday, and I was thankful.
dev said... (9/3/13 8:34 AM) Reply
Have made mens suits as well as jackets. Favorite thing was short wool winter jacket with appelates and oversized patch pockets with flaps. I am on the third jacket of this type, he seems to wear them out. love it
Kendrasewsindetroit said... (9/3/13 8:25 AM) Reply
I have made short sleeve camp style button down shirts for my husband. He also has me making his tee shirts. The qwik sew men's patterns work well for me, my husband seems to be pleased as well. He loves hats, so my next project for him is a collection of mixed media news boy and fidora style hats.
Lem Apperson said... (9/3/13 7:25 AM) Reply
Lately, I've made dozens of Superhero costumes. It's been a few years, but I've pretty much made most under and outer wear.
Judy Kski said... (9/2/13 5:16 PM) Reply
I've made gym shorts/swim shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, workout T-shirt and boxer briefs for my DH to wear. I've also designed a tote bag to his specifications for carrying the salsa he sells at work.
sew4grands said... (8/30/13 6:01 AM) Reply
I recently sewed cotton PJ bottoms, now he wants more from flannel for winter.
61sew4fun said... (8/29/13 10:16 AM) Reply
The most unusual thing I have sewn for my husband was his boxing shorts and robe when he was a professional fighter. I have made him a surf board cover, different hunting and camo clothes, and a raw silk sports coat and a wool peacoat.

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