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PatternReview Blog > Tip Tuesday: Unpick a Cover Stitch by NhiHuynh
Tip Tuesday: Unpick a Cover Stitch by NhiHuynhBy AlexisW on 2/18/14 1:00 PM

Tip Tuesday: Unpick a Cover Stitch by NhiHuynh


Just for fun, we’d thought we introduce a new series on PatternReview – Tip Tuesday!

Every Tuesday we’ll feature a useful tip, tool, or technique suggested by you!


We were impressed with NhiHuynh's ideas for unpicking different types of stitches and asked if she would like to share!

NhiHuynh's tip:

“Unpicking a cover stitch use to be a maddening process for me. I would learn to live with a wonky hem or sew a second row because I was so time consuming and difficult to rip out. I experimental for a while and found this method." (Read more on PR

“Starting at the end where you finished stitching, slip your seam ripper under the set of vertical blue threads, under the diagonal blue thread and through the tiny red thread loop.  Cut the threads with the seam ripper.  Now you want to gently pull on the looper thread until you get a magically unraveling of the stitch. We all can use less unpicking in our lives but hopefully these tips will help you get through it quickly.” (Read more at source)

NhiHuynh also has an excellent video tutorial!

Check out NhiHuynh’s blog for more advice on unpicking different stitches!


Have a tip or trick you’d like to share? Post it here!

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NhiHuynh said...
Lindy Ann, I figured out how to unpick the chain stitch. Again you need to start unpicking where you ended your stitch. If the top (needle) thread isn't on top, you need to pull it to the top. Then all you have to do is pull the bottom/looper thread and it unravels in a split second. I hope this helps.
3/6/14 0:26 AM
sewrose said...
Oh what a fabulous tip. I'm trying this the next time I have to re-do my coverstitiching.
3/1/14 12:40 PM
dientedulce said...
Thanks so much. This is a lifesaver. :-)
2/28/14 11:50 AM
NhiHuynh said...
Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. Lindy Ann, I'll test out the chain stitch when I get the chance or maybe SavesIX can help out. Julkane, the unravel when I don't want it to was my first clue that it could unravel easily. So I started experimenting. Karen n, I'm so happy that it worked for you. SavesIX, if you remember which thread it is, Lindy Ann could use the info. Thanks everyone.
2/25/14 1:25 PM
SavesIX said...
Feed bags are sewn shut with a chain stitch. When we were kids, we figured out how to pick hem open with a nail, then pull the proper string, and they would open like magic. Thanks! for the reminder.
2/22/14 7:52 PM
karen n said...
I'm so glad you posted this. I knew it was possible but when I had the need, I ran to this post and undid the wonky hem. I'm just getting to know my new coverstitch machine so will probably use this technique a lot! I probably would have kept the yucky hem and been annoyed with it forever had you not mentioned that very point yourself!
2/21/14 12:43 PM
Julkane said...
Thanks so much. The other night I had the revelation after trying to get my coverstitch hem to unravel that it only unravels when I don't want it to!
2/20/14 6:30 PM
ASiverson said...
Tuesday Tip, Love it. And this tip is certainly a very good one to start with. TFS!
2/19/14 4:31 PM
Karine said...
This is invaluable! Love the Tuesday tip concept too.
2/19/14 9:33 AM
Lindy Ann said...
This is timely! I just sat down to ask a question on PR: How do you unpick a chain stitch? (made on the Brother 2340) I thought I should be able to simply pull one of the threads and have it unravel, the way I have done on RTW stitching, but no luck. Am I missing something or is this stitch made differently? (I'm using it to baste a muslin together, and then I want to unpick long seams to make adjustments.)
2/18/14 4:03 PM

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