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PatternReview Blog > Member in Focus: carrie18584
Member in Focus: carrie18584 By AlexisW on 2/21/14 1:24 PM

Member Since: 2012

PR Name: carrie18584

Full Name: Carrie Thompson 

Birthday: February 28th

Blog: Apricot Adventure "Although I'm in the process of changing the name to Crafted by Carrie. I already own the domain name but that's as far as I've gotten - too distracted by actual sewing!"

How did you learn to sew?

"I first learned to sew in Home Ec class in middle-school. I sewed a bit here and there during college, converting men’s shirts into different things, but picked it up more seriously two years ago when I asked for a sewing machine for my birthday. Since then I have learned mostly from online tutorials, books, and by simply trying new things!"

What are you sewing right now?

"I'm in limbo right now actually. Just finished a project and am looking for inspiration for my next! I'm leaning towards the Vogue 1323 blouse though."

What aspect of sewing do you find most challenging?

"Most challenging has got to be picking the right fabric-pattern combination. I'm definitely getting better but I get really attached to my fabric and refuse to use it for a 'sub-optimal' pattern. I tend to be a pick fabric first sort of gal but then I stare at the fabric for hours, contemplating which pattern is 'right', and usually end up putting everything aside and sewing something else. I drive myself crazy doing this!"

Which sewing book do you refer to most often?

"Claire Schaeffer's Fabric Sewing Guide or Couture Sewing Techniques."

What type of sewing machine do you have? What do you like/dislike about it?

"I have a Brother CS-6000i. It’s my very first sewing machine and has been wonderful actually. It was inexpensive, easy to use, has many stitches and there are specialty feet available for just about everything! It’s starting to make some weird noises from frequent use so I’m looking to buy a new machine though. There are so many options though - I don’t really know where to start looking!"

What’s your favorite pattern?

"Vogue 8904! Not only is this dress cute and flattering when you sew it as directed (shingles) but the base layer fits so great as either a top or knit dress!"

What are your sewing goals for this year?

"While most people seem to be headed down the 'cake' route, I'm focusing mostly on frosting this year! i.e. party dresses! I'm getting married in August and since I'm not making my wedding dress or bridesmaids dresses, I've decided to make enough white/ivory/blush cocktail dresses to bring me through every event leading up to the big day. My mom constantly tells me that I don't NEED to wear white, but I just don't care and want an excuse to make pretty dresses that incorporate all the fun details that aren't included in my wedding dress. Because as much fun as it is making wearable clothing, I get much much more excited about sewing pretty dresses - even if they only get worn once. In addition to my own wedding, we have 5 other weddings to attend this spring/summer and I need a different dress for each!" :)

What you love most about PatternReview?

"I love how much information in buried in the site and in all the members! When I started out sewing, if I had a question there was a very good chance I'd find the answer somewhere on the site. I also love the community fostered by the website. It can get lonely when you're the only one you know who likes to sew (I'm the weirdo who refuses to buy her clothes like a normal person!) and it's so nice to share my hobby with other friends!"

Any other favorite hobbies?

"Reading, cooking, playing with my dogs, relaxing and play ice hockey! Growing up in MN I learned to skate when I was 3 and played competitively through high school and college (Division I)."

Tell us a little more about you - profession, where you live, etc.

"I'm studying/researching to get my PhD in Biological Engineering from MIT. We live in Boston but I'm constantly plotting my path back to Minnesota!"


Thanks so much, carrie18584!

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highroad said... (3/2/14 2:26 PM) Reply
It's fun to learn more about you, Carrie -- ice hockey! I always enjoy seeing your sewing projects.
JetSetSewing said... (2/27/14 6:32 PM) Reply
Hi Carrie, you're right, not too many fellow Bostonian sewing peeps, although they all seem to hang out at Winmil fabrics! It was nice to see your interview with PR and some of your projects.
spirithorse said... (2/24/14 5:56 PM) Reply
So much fun to get to know you a bit. You've inspired all of us with your energy. God bless your upcoming marriage and oh yes, do continue to sew!
carrie18584 said... (2/24/14 9:52 AM) Reply
It's nice to meet you all too! Now that you all know my plans, I have high expectations to live up to - I better get to the sewing part!
Sew Good said... (2/23/14 10:05 PM) Reply
I know what you mean. I'm the weirdo in my town who refuses to buy her clothes like a normal person. I love the Pattern Review Community! So much to share so much to learn from one another. Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself.
annakeeton said... (2/23/14 7:10 AM) Reply
It's so nice to read about your sewing and will be fun to see all of the dresses you create this year.
TammyMJZ said... (2/22/14 3:59 PM) Reply
Nice to meet you Carrie! I love all of the garments you made in your photos. Nice job! I lived in Minnesota for 6 years, and I am also slowly plotting our return. :)
Danmar said... (2/22/14 8:11 AM) Reply
Very nice reading about you. Thank you and best wishes on your marriage.
jkwnorth said... (2/22/14 6:35 AM) Reply
You sew, grow plants on the balcony, take care of a very cute dog, are planning a wedding and making beautiful dresses to attend 5 other weddings, spend time /w your fiancee (hopefully) and by the way in your spare time you are completing a PhD from MIT. I am in awe!! Have a wonderful time in the next few months! Hope you have some time to breath sometime between now and August!
CBLSEWS said... (2/21/14 5:11 PM) Reply
Great review of Carrie18584 and I love your puppy.

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