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Member in Focus: beanchor By AlexisW on 3/21/14 1:10 PM

Member Since: 2010

PR Name: beanchor

Full Name: Bianca Springer

Birthday: January 6th

Blog: [email protected]

How did you learn to sew?

“I was born in The Bahamas into a family of sewists. I acquired my appreciation and love of sewing from my mother and great aunt. They sewed for the love of the art and to earn a living.”

What’s your favorite pattern?

“Today, my favorite pattern is Simplicity S0529 by Cynthia Rowley. It is fast to sew and, with the optional cowl, can be jazzed up. I recently made this dress in a Ponte knit for a wedding. With the cowl, heels, and jewelry, it worked well for the occasion. It packed well for travel, and I dressed it down with flats and no cowl for a casual switch up.”

What aspect of sewing do you find most challenging?

“My most challenging part of sewing is cutting the pattern and fabric. It is a necessary part of every project, but it always feels like a hurdle before getting to the fun of construction. When choosing a pattern, there is a part of me that always asks, "how many pieces are there?"

Which sewing book do you refer to most often?

“The manuals for my serger and sewing machines. I can never remember the proper steps for sewing a buttonhole or steps for sewing a rolled hem. I have learned that sewing them from memory is not worth the trouble. If I need to do them, I just grab the manual and get it right the first time.”

Which sewing machine do you have? What do you like/dislike about it?

“I have a Singer HD110. I like the speed of this machine and that is does an okay job on leather. I have a Brother SQ 9000. I like the speed control options and the many decorative stitches. These machines are workhorses! I have wanted to upgrade to a higher end machine, but these will not die to justify the purchase.”

What are your sewing goals for this year?

“This year, my goal is to further develop my sewing point of view. I like to put my spin on patterns and tailor them to my style. I love 60's and 70's style with a modern twist. I also love hand-sewing and embroidery. My goal this year is to use those passions as a foundation for expressing my individual style and philosophy.”

What are you sewing right now?

“Recently, my 5 yr-old daughter came home and told me a friend said her free flowing bi-racial hair was weird. We talked about the beauty of her hair and seeing the beauty in who we are. She got over it, but it was harder for me. I recently began an embroidery series that focuses on the beauty of natural hair. The plan is to stitch a new hair profile each week for a year to showcase the beauty and versatility of natural hair.”

What you love most about PatternReview?

“I love the community of PatternReview. If I cut and sew 2 dresses in a day, no one here thinks "that is insane". When I say that I bought a stash of fabric at an estate sale, reviewers here say "score!" not, "eww, dead people's stuff". This is a place of like-minded people who encourage and help me develop my craft. They inspire me to expand my tastes and skills. It is a place where I have developed new friendships with people who help me be better.”

Any other favorite hobbies?

“I love pottery and metal-smith jewelry making. I have two young children; so, due to safety and time concerns, I do not make as much as I like in those areas.”

Tell us a little more about you - profession, where you live, etc.

“I live in Pearland, Texas where I am a stay at home mother to a 5 and 2 year old. In my spare time, I teach sewing and make and sell items in my Etsy store.”

Great to hear from you, beanchor!

See all of beanchor's reviews.

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21 Comments      Login to Add a Comment    
Danmar said... (3/28/14 7:00 PM) Reply
I loved getting to know a little about you. I love and am inspired by your reviews.
sewrose said... (3/28/14 10:18 AM) Reply
And you're coming to PR Weekend? Sweet!
Lynn67 said... (3/26/14 5:04 PM) Reply
Congrats, Bianca! This woman helped me speed through a hand-beading project with her wonderful tips and tricks - love her!
beanchor said... (3/26/14 2:09 PM) Reply
Again, thanks for the kind words. I get so much inspiration for PR and I am glad to inspire others. Wellingtonamy, I am so glad my inspiration led to good results for you; I would love to see your jacket! Bongoramsey, my PR name is a close phonetic pronunciation of my name in the Bahamas :)
arianamaniacs said... (3/26/14 11:30 AM) Reply
Interesting profile, thanks for sharing!
Bongoramsey said... (3/26/14 11:12 AM) Reply
I would like to know how you chose your PR name. I bet there's an interesting story in there!
KarlaB said... (3/26/14 11:04 AM) Reply
It's lovely to meet you beanchor! I enjoyed reading your spotlight, and looking at your blog! Thank you for all of your reviews. Your craft is inspiring!
wellingtonamy said... (3/26/14 8:19 AM) Reply
So glad to have read about you here. Your review of a jacket you made once and posted was one of the first reviews I read upon finding the Pattern Review site. Made the jacket....and am totally in love with it! It's inspired me to try and make more clothing items!! Thanks again to the inspiration you give to not only me but others too!
beanchor said... (3/24/14 6:29 PM) Reply
Thanks everyone for the encouragement! PR rocks! My daughter got over her hair issue as soon as I reassured her. She is so smart and resilient. She got "Happy to be Nappy" from the bookshelf, read it and was fine. I learn from her everyday. :)
Baja Susana said... (3/24/14 1:52 PM) Reply
Mucho Gusto! I love your reviews, and your style. Keep sewing!
Sue Parrott said... (3/24/14 9:23 AM) Reply
I love your style Beachnor! It is fun to read your reviews and see what you are up to creatively!
TJSEWS said... (3/22/14 11:12 PM) Reply
So very nice to meet you! Love your style. I always enjoy looking at your beautiful creations. My daughter has bi-racial hair and had someone tell her when she was a little girl that it was "witch" hair. I understand how you feel as I was very upset at the time. However, she is all grown up now and she knows how to style her natural hair beautifully and gets many compliments. Success is the best revenge!
Sew Good said... (3/22/14 1:39 AM) Reply
Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself :) I am inspired by your sewing projects. I too love this sewing community and find joy in seeing what others create. I only know of one other person in my town who sews :( so, it's great to know I am not alone. Oh, and tell your daughter that I have beautiful bi-racial hair and so does everyone in my family! She's not alone either!
Melwyk said... (3/21/14 10:59 PM) Reply
How nice to meet you, Beanchor! Love your style, and I'm also interested in your hair project... sounds like a fabulous idea.
beanchor said... (3/21/14 10:26 PM) Reply
Thank you all! Sew Whatever, I plan to post the beginnings of the embroidery project in the coming week. I will then dedicate one day of the week to show that weeks' piece.
kealoha said... (3/21/14 5:23 PM) Reply
Love your style! Excited to follow your blog :)
Loualibar said... (3/21/14 4:15 PM) Reply
Yes I look forward to your reviews. Your creations always have a great sense of style and are unique.
Sew Whatever said... (3/21/14 2:10 PM) Reply
I am interested in the weekly project. I do a daily beading project. Where can we see your embroidery series on hair styles?
helenkosings said... (3/21/14 1:55 PM) Reply
I was just on your site today! Your reviews & photos of Alabama Chanin have really inspired me. In fact, I first saw Alabama Chanin on yer blog - which is a little embarrassing because I live about 1 hour away from where they are in Florence, AL. Still, I am excited to try making some of their garments.
Quickie said... (3/21/14 1:47 PM) Reply
Glad to greet you.
jjosiejo said... (3/21/14 1:29 PM) Reply
I always love your reviews - you have an enviable sense of style and finesse! Thanks for sharing this snapshot of your creative life.

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