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PatternReview Blog > Caption Contest on Facebook
Caption Contest on Facebook By AlexisW on 5/22/14 2:31 PM

Now through next Wednesday, we’re having a fun Caption Contest on our Facebook Page

For a chance to win a copy of The Lost Art of Dress by Linda Przybyszewski, simply add your own caption for the book cover art on our Facebook Page.

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KG2 said... (6/9/14 8:38 PM) Reply
I prefer to not mix FB and PR.
kushami said... (6/9/14 3:23 AM) Reply
I don't use facebook, because I don't like the compromises it asks of my privacy. I don't have anything against other people or companies using it - that is their business and many find it useful and entertaining. But more and more companies make offers or hold contests that are "facebbok only", and I have to say that I don't like that.
Alpine Queen said... (6/1/14 7:29 PM) Reply
Wow, I thought I was the only one in the whole world who just simply refuses to have the first thing to do with FB. Not only am I not alone, I'm in a club with my favorite group of people. I don't do Pinterest, either, but that's because I don't figure out just how they work and why.
acmena said... (5/30/14 9:33 PM) Reply
I just had my first look at the facebook page. Imagine my consternation in seeing one of my photos there. Luckily I had cut off the head. Not happy
kayco said... (5/30/14 4:00 PM) Reply
I think pattern review contests need to stay on pattern review not slosh over to facebook eewww!
TJSEWS said... (5/28/14 4:44 PM) Reply
I am not clear on who these Facebook members are...are they PatternReview members as well? Can't these giveaways, etc. be posted solely on PR with a link on the Facebook page so that way everyone can participate? If not, then perhaps the member benefits page should indicate that a Facebook account will be needed to participate in all events that way everyone is clear on what is available to whom. Or perhaps the reason is that they are not PR members and that is why we need to have these events separate?
BriarRose said... (5/28/14 4:25 PM) Reply
While I understand your desire to support Facebook members, I'd like to add my voice to the "No to Facebook" contingent.
Deepika said... (5/27/14 11:02 AM) Reply
We hear your concerns. But we do have to support our members on facebook too. Most of our giveaways happen right here on PatternReview on the blog, but every once in a while we host a giveaway on Facebook. We thought it might be nice to tell members about it on the blog too. We're sorry that this upset some of you.
madbadger said... (5/26/14 11:28 PM) Reply
Sew Good said it best...agree 100%. I don't see myself ever posting my pattern reviews on FB.
PFYPFY said... (5/26/14 11:51 AM) Reply
No to Facebook - period!
Sew Good said... (5/25/14 1:33 PM) Reply
Also not interested in sharing my reviews on FB. Often I share a photo or two of my newest garment on FB but I don't like to share everything on FB. I also think of my Pattern Review Friends differently than FB friends. You all love seeing every single thing I make but some of my FB friends couldn't care less.
TJSEWS said... (5/25/14 9:26 AM) Reply
I agree with all of the others. This may be hard to believe but not everyone wants to participate on Facebook. Why is this necessary? Why not use the PR forum? All of us who do not have Facebook accounts are excluded.
sleeping wolf said... (5/25/14 9:25 AM) Reply
Add another to the no vote for Facebook
EmilyAF said... (5/24/14 8:26 PM) Reply
NO to Facebook, please!
Miss Tanya said... (5/24/14 6:26 PM) Reply
Another no vote for FACEBOOK!
Danmar said... (5/24/14 12:23 PM) Reply
Another no vote for FB!
BJHM said... (5/24/14 4:05 AM) Reply
It is not fair to discriminate against your non-FB customers.
domesticatedmennonite said... (5/24/14 2:02 AM) Reply
Agree with acmena, daintydeb, and AtiyaAfi. A book called BrandWashed convinced to stay off permanently.
acmena said... (5/23/14 11:22 PM) Reply
My friends & I don't do facebook or anything else of that ilk either. Please don't discriminate between those who do and those who don't.
daintydeb said... (5/23/14 10:50 PM) Reply
I would also ask that we keep this off Facebook. Many of us choose to only connect with family on this medium.
AtiyaAfi said... (5/23/14 5:56 PM) Reply
I DON'T DO FACEBOOK AND REFUSE TO DO SO. Wish this was open to all PR members not just those on Facebook.

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