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PatternReview Blog > Sewing Spaces - Irmartin Tours
Sewing Spaces - Irmartin Tours By AlexisW on 6/5/14 2:36 PM

Considering remodeling your sewing room? From sewing furniture, organizational pieces, and decorative fixtures, it can be tough to update your sewing space on a budget.

Continuing our décor tour, irmartin keeps her space modern by using a neutral color scheme, combined with a well thought-out design. irmartin shows us her creative space-saver solutions for her cutting table, pressing station and sewing workplace. We love it!

irmartin says, “My sewing room has evolved over the past 2 years. I have a space that I absolutely love."
"Currently, I am in the process of moving my pattern collection to a space that will allow for growth. Smile  I had them in a dresser that I out grew. So I decided to store them in an elfa drawer system from the container store.”
Republished with permission from irmartin.
Thanks for sharing your sewing space!
Read more details on irmartin's blog
Get this look!

Images left to right: IKEA Billy, IKEA Galant, The Container Store Elfa Drawer.


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34 Comments      Login to Add a Comment    
sammysews said... (6/23/14 7:01 PM) Reply
Fabulous! I especially love the pressing area. Great idea.
Kathy Russell said... (6/18/14 1:17 AM) Reply
What do you have on top of the Elfa drawers that you use for cutting out your fabric ? Also what did you use to make the ironing station ?
PurdyGirlPeg said... (6/17/14 6:33 PM) Reply
I love how you used the nooks of the dormer as well as the wall space. A full length mirror in the sewing room--what a luxury. Well done!!!
dazdesigns said... (6/12/14 11:11 PM) Reply
Great sewing room! I have a small section that doubles as my office and sewing room. It's hard to create the perfect sewing space because we are never in one place for long. Thanks for sharing some great ideas.
ka404 said... (6/12/14 4:21 PM) Reply
All I can say is wow! It has everything!
mcbrow said... (6/11/14 8:39 AM) Reply
I would enter that room (with my two small dogs and their beds) and no one would see us again!!!! Thanks for sharing your excellent design style.
sewsewnewby said... (6/10/14 8:01 PM) Reply
My small dog has a small bed in my sewing room, too. I say, "Let's go sew!" and she happily runs ahead of me to jump in her bed. It's one of our favorite, soul-mending things.
sewmadd said... (6/10/14 7:51 PM) Reply
I absolutly love you sewing space. So organized and neat...I can understand why you love your room.
make it right said... (6/10/14 6:59 PM) Reply
Love how you set up the Elfa Drawer with the cutting board table. Really like the calm/airy feeling in this beautiful room. Thanks sooo much for sharing!!!!!!
P.Kay.King said... (6/10/14 2:03 PM) Reply
Peaceful, organized, and pretty! What's not to love. I'd love to "play" in your room. :)
LaMadalena said... (6/10/14 11:30 AM) Reply
So peaceful and functional!! Love it!!
Vicki330 said... (6/10/14 11:16 AM) Reply
Great work space. I like your storage idea for the scissors. I think I will try it when I set up my crafts room.
badcooker said... (6/10/14 11:16 AM) Reply
This is gorgeous!
arianamaniacs said... (6/10/14 11:00 AM) Reply
Really nice! I have a large room, but it's not nearly as organized as this. Well done!
markita said... (6/10/14 10:28 AM) Reply
I love your idea board - beautiful space for creating
zekebit53 said... (6/10/14 10:08 AM) Reply
This is so beautiful. Mine is so squeaked together.
ghijsmom said... (6/10/14 9:30 AM) Reply
What a beautiful and functional sewing space you have! Some day, I will have a sewing space, and I hope it will be half as wonderful as yours!
Christas said... (6/10/14 9:04 AM) Reply
Oooh, I love your sewing room! What a beautiful place to create .... so organized and lovely! :-)
Bongoramsey said... (6/10/14 8:55 AM) Reply
Looking at the pix of your sewing room gave me some good ideas for my own space. Thanks for sharing!
JennyQNY said... (6/10/14 8:48 AM) Reply
Love this sewing space! Great ideas for organizing
RosemaryJoan said... (6/10/14 8:41 AM) Reply
Your sewing room looks so nice. It looks neat and tidy. You have many great filing options to make the place look manageable. My sewing space is in the sun room next to the kitchen. I am forced to make it look good because it is right there in clear view of everything, most days it looks like an explosion took place. I love the inspirational sayings on your walls. Well done m'dear!
Shari7 said... (6/10/14 8:01 AM) Reply
Great space! I just bought some of the Elfa drawer units recently and they are fabulous for organizing sewing notions.
TTrent said... (6/8/14 1:25 PM) Reply
Sewing mends the soul...that says it all. Beautifully organized space.
AtiyaAfi said... (6/7/14 6:03 PM) Reply
Verrry Nice. Gives me more ideas for when I move later this year. Great use of space.
Diane333 said... (6/6/14 8:19 PM) Reply
Like your sewing room a lot. Do you have 2 IKEA Galant tables butted up next to each other for your sewing machine and sergers?
Rita R. Russell said... (6/6/14 5:56 PM) Reply
Love your space!
marjenann said... (6/6/14 4:16 PM) Reply
Love your sewing studio! And puppy too!!
ASiverson said... (6/6/14 2:02 PM) Reply
Lots of great ideas here. Thank you for sharing all!
ASiverson said... (6/6/14 2:02 PM) Reply
Lots of great ideas here. Thank you for sharing all!
Barbara3 said... (6/6/14 12:00 PM) Reply
Lovely space. I'm really struck by how warm and inviting it is - in addition to being so functional!
SewJoyous said... (6/6/14 11:21 AM) Reply
What a nice space you've created! It oozes peace.
Merry G said... (6/6/14 9:00 AM) Reply
Myspirit4 said... (6/6/14 7:29 AM) Reply
I absolutely LOVE this warm, cozy and functional sewing room!
Tee Jones Actie said... (6/6/14 7:05 AM) Reply
Beautiful! I love drawers!

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