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PatternReview Blog > Member in Focus: Natasha Joyner
Member in Focus: Natasha Joyner By AlexisW on 6/12/14 2:06 PM

Member Since: 2012

PR Name: Natasha Joyner

Full Name: Natasha Joyner

Birthday: January 15th


How did you learn to sew? 

“My mum taught me when I was little, although my output and techniques have really improved since I finished university 4 years ago. Having studied music performance, I am one of the few people that find a 9-5 liberating and allows me more time for sewing.”

What are you sewing right now?

“I'm working on a shift dress. As I am so pear shaped this is actually a tricky pattern for me and it has gone through a fair amount of fitting adjustments. It's almost there though!”

What aspect of sewing do you find most challenging?

“Anything fiddly, whether it is pulling thin shoulder straps right side out (don't you just hate that) and sewing things that require 'easing in'. Both of these things aren't particularly difficult, but I always find that once I've finished I have broken a sweat.”

Which sewing book do you refer to most often?

“My mum's Singer Sewing Book, its beige and the pictures are very dated and 70's, but the information and techniques are timeless. I felt very touched when she gave it to me.”

What are your sewing goals for this year?

1. Try making a tailored jacket

2. Continue to make at least 1 garment per month

3. Attend at least 1 sewing course or workshop to learn a new sewing skill(s)

“So far I have done pretty well with 2 and 3. I have exceeded my aim of 1 garment per month so far this year and I'm booked onto a couture sewing techniques course in July.”

What’s your favorite pattern?

Vogue 8711. I love the classic yet chic style. For me this pattern is just like when you put on a pair of shoes and they feel as though they were made for your feet. I have the same feeling with the design and style of this skirt pattern.”

Which sewing machine do you use?

“I use a Janome 7025. I love that it has been so sturdy and reliable. It is a fairly basic electronic machine, but comes with stretch stitches, additional presser foot lift, 1 step automatic buttonhole and top loading bobbin which are things that I have really come to appreciate over the years.”

What you love most about PatternReview?

“I love seeing how people interpret the patterns so differently. I find that particularly inspiring. It's also useful to see comments, such as if a pattern tends to run large or short. Lastly, I love the sense of community that PatternReview has, sharing sewing woes and triumphs and being able to ask advice and questions is pretty awesome.”

Any other favorite hobbies?

“As I live in London I am out and about a lot, either at exhibitions, free festivals, theatre etc. I also eat out a fair bit with friends as there are so many fab restaurants to try.”

Tell us a little more about you - profession, where you live, etc.

“I'm the Events Manager for an international charity. My job is pretty fun and I get to travel a fair bit which keeps me busy. It has given me the aim of trying to pick up some fabric from each country I visit, which I think is a fun souvenir!”


Thanks for sharing with us, Natasha Joyner!

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PureJoy said... (7/29/14 1:49 PM) Reply
I agree that Natasha does not fit into the definition of pear-shaped. She is vuluptious (read jealousy on my part!) and is an hourglass I believe
kajero said... (6/23/14 12:19 PM) Reply
Wonderful to "meet you." What a beautiful write up. You have made some gorgeous garments! I wish I had your fitting skills! Because you said, "I am so pear shaped this is actually a tricky pattern for me and it has gone through a fair amount of fitting adjustments" I posted your dress at "" I know it will be an inspiration to others!
supizoo said... (6/18/14 7:09 PM) Reply
Thanks for sharing your story!
TammyLC said... (6/18/14 6:29 PM) Reply
Natasha, you are a very impressive young lady! Thanks for your inspiration ...I need to get sewing now!
Dlaws said... (6/18/14 11:10 AM) Reply
Great to meet you, Natasha. I love the garments you've made - many of which mirror my own tastes. It's so nice learn more about you and what inspires you!
Elation said... (6/18/14 10:45 AM) Reply
Love your motivation in sewing. I have to tell you that you are not a pear shape, as your shoulders are same or wider than hips, and you are busty. You are an 'hour glass" or X. HTH :)
Wianno Girl said... (6/18/14 9:57 AM) Reply
Super to meet you - fun to read about your sewing adventures. what a great job with a fabulous fabric perk! Looking forward to more reviews using these finds.
Bongoramsey said... (6/18/14 8:56 AM) Reply
I really like your fitted gray dress--it looks great on you. The Singer Sewing Book you mention is truly a classic, I have it in my collection, as well. Thanks for sharing some details about yourself!
loeyme said... (6/18/14 8:24 AM) Reply
You have great style and your goals are inspiring.
travel4fabric said... (6/13/14 1:50 PM) Reply
great goals, you are definitely not a beginner anymore. I love your sense of style, your reviews are always a joy to read. Congratulations on being in the spotlight!
Nancy Rhodes said... (6/13/14 1:40 PM) Reply
So lovely to meet you! Keep Stitchin'
ASiverson said... (6/13/14 11:04 AM) Reply
Hi Natasha, congratulations on being in the spotlight!
Rhoda K said... (6/13/14 9:29 AM) Reply
Nice interview! Glad to meet you.
canei said... (6/13/14 7:31 AM) Reply
Nice...great to know more about you. Happy sewing!!!
Tee Jones Actie said... (6/13/14 7:17 AM) Reply
Nice meeting you! You are really doing a great job with your sewing! Love your creations!
LaMadalena said... (6/13/14 6:21 AM) Reply
Nice meeting you! I have been reading your reviews too and as a novice I found them very encouraging! Keep it up!
TJSEWS said... (6/12/14 8:17 PM) Reply
I am happy to see you as a Member In Focus. I have been reading your reviews and admiring your beautiful creations. Congrats!
Quickie said... (6/12/14 5:23 PM) Reply
Nce to meet you , natastha
mnitts said... (6/12/14 3:54 PM) Reply
Lovely to "meet" you too! You have made some lovely things, and it's great to find out more about you.
MrsCharisma said... (6/12/14 3:46 PM) Reply
Such a nice write up! Great to read more about you!
Deepika said... (6/12/14 2:28 PM) Reply
Natasha, nice to "meet" you. I love everything you've made. It's hard to imagine that you've only been sewing for the last 4 years. Love the red dress and the vogue skirt. And that dress is fantastic!

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