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PatternReview Blog > Sewing Spaces - Meleliza Tours
Sewing Spaces - Meleliza Tours By AlexisW on 6/27/14 1:55 PM

For many of us without a dedicated sewing room in the home, a peaceful space is necessary for inspiration and relaxation. We love Meleliza’s bright and airy sewing space, which has all of her sewing supplies readily at hand.

Meleliza says, “For a while now, I've been working to organizing my sewing supplies. I don't have a dedicated space - yet.

“The bedroom is the only room with enough free floor space to accommodate laying out and cutting. It also has plenty of natural light even though it is north facing.”

“Right to hand, I keep a few little boxes with essentials. This one I saved from some John & Kira's treats is full of those little things you need all the time - seam ripper, small scissors, pencil, seam gauge, extra bobbins, etc. The other little tin has all my feet. They live with the tomato and magnetic pin cushion right next to the machine. The other tin holds a hand sewing kit that I take into the family room to sew cozied up on the sofa in front of the TV.”

“The little drawer unit you see was super affordable and perfectly sized for tools and notions. The top drawer holds a caddy full of cutting supplies, extra needles and my sewing machine manual.”

“This one holds two tea bag organizers which are exactly right for packets of snaps and elastics. They also are perfect for skeins of embroidery floss and packaged bias tape and trims. The tiny labels made me feel so Martha.”

“Other drawers are exactly the right size to hold upcoming projects as I gather the supplies needed.”


“The tulle spilling out of this drawer can barely wait to be sewn up! This unit is so useful, I bought another for the rest of my notions, knitting and embroidery supplies. Fabrics and trims I plan to keep in plain sight.”

“Hanging on my chair at the ready is the Liberty tote I take fabric shopping. Just now, it has a list and swatches for my next trip to Joann.”


“In a previous life, I trained as a classical musician, so it's been just wonderful to hear my old favorites after so long.”


“And the flowers? Just cause they look so pretty and cheerful on my desk... It really brightens up an ugly plastic table and encourages me to keep things tidy.”

Republished with permission from Meleliza.

Thanks so much for sharing, Meleliza!

Visit Meleliza's Blog for more details.


Get the look!

Images clockwise: IKEA Ingolf, IKEA Rationell, IKEA Helmer, IKEA Kvart.


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Someday2005 said... (7/4/14 4:19 PM) Reply
Nice space. I love the windows which allow so much natural lighting. I also like the idea of having a drawer unit to organize sewing notions.
Rhoda K said... (7/1/14 4:31 PM) Reply
Beautiful! I'm sure it's very relaxing and such a pleasant atmosphere.
marjenann said... (7/1/14 10:10 AM) Reply
What a glorious space! Time spent there, must be the best!
supizoo said... (7/1/14 9:24 AM) Reply
You have such a lovely, inviting sewing space. I really like the idea of drawers to gather the bits a pieces for up and coming projects.
Sewing Gal said... (7/1/14 8:37 AM) Reply
I saw your first picture with the three windows and all that available lovely natural light and just sat and stared at the picture. Wonderful space!!!
daphnebrightbox said... (7/1/14 7:36 AM) Reply
I really like what you have done without a large space. It has given me some ideas on how to sort my space out as it is getting very frustration when things are not earily to hand Thank you for showing your ideas. I was a bit doubtful about the drawers, but can see they work very well.
petro said... (7/1/14 2:31 AM) Reply
Very pretty and organised, it has a cool and collected look. Is this your sewing style?
sewnaughty said... (6/30/14 7:24 PM) Reply
Very nice room. I love the lighting. The problem with having a dedicated sewing room is...Its always messy. I have a lock on my door so it wont be seen util I clean :)
DianeL said... (6/28/14 10:02 AM) Reply
Love the "other" drawer idea holding items for next project all in one place. I'd need a lot more 'next project' drawers, i'm afraid! ;-)
nothy lane said... (6/27/14 6:08 PM) Reply
Yes, it takes a while to tidy and organize a sewing space. You have done a nice job with yours. I love the sewing cart (Ikea Kvart) isea. I may have to get a few of those.
MrsCharisma said... (6/27/14 5:26 PM) Reply
This is so cool! How I missed this feature before, I'm not sure. Very nice space you have!!

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