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Sewing Machines - Review Highlights By AlexisW on 7/22/14 2:50 PM

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Janome Horizon MC8900 QCP

Fliggie on the Janome Horizon MC8900 QCP Sewing Machine

Fliggie says, “I was impressed by how solid this machine felt in comparison to my Babylock Espire, which I had used to trade in. It sounded smooth when it sewed and I was and still am impressed by the wide harp space. The extra 2" of space does make things much easier.”

“It is a lot of machine, but I think its a good solid machine. I am a little discouraged when I piece with this machine. Seems fussy about hopping over thicker seams, as noted above. I haven't had it long enough to really say, 'Yes, buy it!' or 'No, its a lemon'. Actually, I think once I learn to use it better and make adjustments (and if I can ever get in for some lessons), I will probably really love it.”

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Baby Lock BLE1AT Imagine

EastwoodFan on the Baby Lock BLE1AT Imagine Serger 

EastwoodFan says, “Extremely impressed. Especially after having a Brother 1034D that didn't work out during a very short run. Good manual and workbook and a cheat sheet (large card). Came with a DVD too. It sews great through denim, plastic colored screening, fleece, cottons and knits.”

“As above, no problems at all ever. I love that fact, because I wasn't a 'serger' person. Like I said I had tried the Brother one and took it back to Walmart in a week. It was hard for me to thread and gave me nothing but problems. The Babylock has a been a dream. My only complaint is that the on/off switch is in an awkward position, and sometimes I wish this serger had a free arm. But not really a big deal. I've definitely gotten my money's worth on this machine.”

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jeweller5 said... (7/30/14 10:44 PM) Reply
I bought the Imagine in about 2005. I have not ever had a problem and if I did it was the "user". It's sturdy and has taken on tasks from serging fine rolled hems on silky fabric to seaming bulky wool and denim. I've tried all sorts of threads; it's just not a problem. Love the threading system! Load the thread, press the lever and "done". "Imagine" not having to worry about tensions!! Highly recommend this machine!
Libby7 said... (7/30/14 2:47 PM) Reply
I've had my Imagine since April 2006 and LOVE it! I was sewing my daughter's HS grad gown (one like Belle's yellow ball gown in Beauty & the Beast) & it was fraying horridly. I needed a serger that I could use that day and after looking at others that came with 3 hour classes my hubs said No. We found a shop that had these (we didn't research sergers just lucked out) and after a 20minute lesson on how to use it we bought it and I was serging immediately! My hubs has been impressed on how much I've used it. The quality of my articles are so much better than without. I can do stuff quickly that used to take time for folding & ironing to get a nice clean edge. Would get one in a heartbeat...looking at Babylock to replace my 50yr. old Singer sewing machine.
Bwin said... (7/30/14 1:21 PM) Reply
I have a Babylock Imagine Wave which I love for the most part. Only problem is, of late, I have had to manually thread the machine using the supplied wire threader. That's not so much fun. Otherwise, this machine has become my go to workhorse. I bought mine used on eBay years ago. I did not realize then how lucky I was.
MelissaB in WA said... (7/30/14 9:41 AM) Reply
Oh gosh, I've had a Babylock Imagine since February 2003 and I adore that machine. It's been such a workhorse for me and if it died today, I'd buy another in a heartbeat to replace it. Thankfully the few times I've had a problem, it's been fixable by my local dealer. Yes, they are spendy (at least mine was at the time even with a trade in), but totally worth it in my opinion if you're an avid seamstress.
sew4grands said... (7/30/14 9:14 AM) Reply
I've had mine several years now and love it. best of all problem free. The manual is very user friendly, as is this serger. Love the air-jet threading, press a lever and a rush of air goes into the serger to push the thread through the machine.
cherrypathats said... (7/30/14 8:25 AM) Reply
As a long time user of straight stitch machines, I was nervous about sergers--I don't know what I don't know. The BabyLock Imagine solves many newbie frustrations by adjusting the tensions automatically so you can start experimenting right away. Threading was simple enough. The diagrams color code the thread. Most of the instructions are clear, except for the use of jargon where if you don't already know the term, you will not know how to follow the instructions, but that's a general complaint of many scripts.
Ima Sewandsew said... (7/30/14 8:19 AM) Reply
I love my BabyLock serger(s). I upgraded from an Evolve to a (yes I am lucky) Ovation. These servers are the BOMB. I use my for everything. The rolled hems are divine. You can out zips in with them. They go form light weight silk to heavy heavy denim effortlessly. The differential feed is probably one of the most overlooked parts of the machine. Use it to counteract the stretching that is inherent with knits. Pop it up one notch and your knits will feel beautifully, pop it up twice around neck curves to leep them from rolling outwards.
Baja Susana said... (7/23/14 10:13 AM) Reply
I had the Brother 1034 and it was just plain junk. When I had a dramatic meltdown over it one night, DH came in my sewing room and said, " Buy the Babylock," I bought a used one over the phone. I live in Mexico, and found a dealer in the Seattle area near where a friend was visiting. The friend was driving back to MX, so she agreed to bring the machine. The saleswoman agreed to let me call her if I needed tech support. I have only had to call her twice, and both times were user error. This is a wonderful, solid, reliable machine.

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