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PatternReview Blog > Announcing new pattern - Ina Maxi Skirt
Announcing new pattern - Ina Maxi SkirtBy Deepika on 8/18/14 10:34 AM

As much as I am into dresses this year, its no secret that I am a separates girl. Maybe its because my first sewn garment was a skirt! Even when the Maxi dress trend began, I felt most comfortable with a maxi skirt but pretty soon they all looked the same and I needed something a little extra. So when I spotted a skirt I fell in love with, I asked YOU to help me make it. Was there a pattern for it? Yes, maybe a few. But Catina explained, the "secret sauce" of my inspiration skirt was the shape of the godets which cleverly followed the stripes in the fabric making it like no other skirt we'd ever seen. "Would you like me to post some instructions on how to tweak a pattern or I can even draft a pattern for it". Make a pattern? HELLO! Of course! So from design to conception to testing and tweaking we did it all right here, on PatternReview. Without further ado, I give you,

The Ina Maxi Skirt #104 - A PR Exclusive Pattern


A Slight A-Line Knit skirt which flares at the knee slightly to accomodate two bias godets inserted very cleverly so they have no side seams. As our testers started submitting photos, we were oohing and aahing over how good this skirt looked on all body types so we decided to make a plus size version as well.

Even though a striped fabric really shows off the godets, our testers took it upon themselves to think outside the box and use different fabrics and prints to take advantage of the lovely shape.

Color-Blocking, Exposed seams, Ruffled Fabric, Self-created striped fabric, Tie-Dye, Lace to name a few. In the coming few weeks, I'll show you all these and more.

Why A-Line? Because mermaid I'm not and neither are most peopleAnd because we like to breathe in our garments and not feel self conscious. Dressing for my body is my mantra these days. Ina Maxi Skirt makes me feel Pretty! Isn't that what its all about? 

About the Pattern Format
Ah, the ongoing PDF/Paper debate. I understand arguments from both sides and because I love you both, this pattern is available in paper AND digital format. Take your pick! Also, because the pattern pieces are cleverly designed and placed, this skirt only takes 20 pages. Can I get a round of applause for Catina please?

About the Instructions
Even though this skirt is so easy to make, I've written detailed instructions with step by step photos and illustrations so you'll really have no excuse not to make itCan you tell I love this pattern?


Get your own copy of this fabulous new skirt pattern and twirl with us! 


UPDATE  August 25th 

Ina Tester Photos Part 1

26 Comments      Login to Add a Comment
Knorthc said...
Beautiful, elegant design. Just the maxi skirt I've longed for.
8/31/14 3:11 PM
Arted said...
I just purchased the skirt. This is my first digital. How do I download the pattern? Thanks.
8/29/14 4:17 PM
slpteacher21 said...
Deepika, where did you purchase your striped fabric. I love that look on this skirt and would like very much to duplicate it.
8/29/14 10:50 AM
Deepika said...
Great idea Quickie. I'll ask Catina for a photo.
8/25/14 4:06 PM
Quickie said...
I am already fond of this pattern. I would love to see a picture of Catina in this group.
8/24/14 8:20 AM
Deepika said...
@Susie Sewsmuch You could shorten it. But I think you will like it as is. Vertical stripes are very flattering.
8/21/14 3:15 PM
Robyn16626 said...
Ooo, congratulations on this lovely, clever and easy pattern! Hope it's the first of many!!
8/20/14 3:21 AM
Susie Sewsmuch said...
I know it stated 'all body types'... but I hesitate and wonder if this style may not be for me. I'm 4'10 inches..... very short. I don't want to wear anything that will make me appear visually shorter. What do you think?
8/19/14 11:24 PM
wimmie said...
great looking skirt. Thanks Deepika and Catina
8/19/14 8:05 PM
Deepika said...
@geckokl, yes it can totally be shortened. There are shorten/lengthen lines on the pattern. And then you could take some length off the godets too. In fact a member just sent me a photo of her knee length Ina.
8/19/14 3:54 PM
geckokl said...
Is there a zipper in the waistband? Pockets? Think this can be hacked to make a just-below-the-knee version instead of a maxi?
8/19/14 2:55 PM
ASiverson said...
This is such a terrific skirt! I can't wait to make mine up! Thank you so much!
8/19/14 2:20 PM
Shona said...
I'm in the PDF camp; I hate to wait. Mine was in the cart before I finished reading the newsletter. I've been a maxi-skirt (or as y husband says, "hippie skirt" fan, in fashion or not, forever. Comfortable and can go everywhere. Love it!
8/19/14 12:52 PM
carolynw said...
Love it - have watched it take shape and huge thanks to Catina!
8/19/14 10:06 AM
Dreadrev said...
Love it. Versatile for many body types-all looking good. Can't wait for mine.
8/19/14 9:49 AM
janet said...
8/19/14 8:37 AM
Danvillegirl said...
Very nice pattern!
8/19/14 5:10 AM
curvesmart said...
How much did the skirt change from the tester pattern?
8/18/14 10:03 PM
TJSEWS said...
It's a beautiful skirt!
8/18/14 7:55 PM
Bonnie O said...
8/18/14 7:02 PM
daintydeb said...
Thank you, Deepika for the paper version for those like me who prefer paper. It is already in my cart.
8/18/14 6:28 PM
ConnieBJ said...
It is such a great skirt! Classy and swishy without too much fabric involved!
8/18/14 5:43 PM
Nancy Rhodes said...
OUW! do I love that pattern... might give up pants for the rest of the summer and go to the skirt-side... Ordering tomorrow no doubt... thanks! and A++++ for the choice paper or PDF... and that round of applause for Catina? here it is: {[< clap >]} and repeat...
8/18/14 4:57 PM
Erin Sooit said...
What a fabulous project! Congratulations to Deepika, Catina and of course all of the beta testers. It is a really pretty skirt. Edited to add that ALL the models look great too! :D
8/18/14 3:39 PM
canei said...
8/18/14 1:38 PM
mrsbewley said...
Yay!Can't wait to make mine up!
8/18/14 12:52 PM

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