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"Lined Jacket" Rules     Managed By: Therisa

Lined Jacket Contest

March 1 through April 30, 2011

The object of this contest is to create a lined jacket. The jacket must be wearable by a person, and must be lined, with out exposed interior seams. The jacket must have sewn on sleeves.

In your review, pictures of both the inside and outside of the garment must be included. Details on the method you used for creating the jacket will be useful to those voting.


A jacket is a garment meant to be worn over another top. It has sewn-in sleeves and may any length from cropped (midriff) to full length (typically worn as a coat at that length). Being lined means at least 2 layers of fabric and no exposed seams. Bound or otherwise finished but exposed seam allowances do not qualify as lined for this contest. Small exposed but finished sections as a result of the lining technique are acceptable.


- Reversible jackets do not count as lined for this contest.

- Cloaks and capes are not jackets.

- Sleeves may be set-in, raglan, or dropped, but may not be cut-on (dolman or kimono).

- Any type of fasteners for the jacket opening can be used (buttons, zippers, frogs, hook and eye, ties) but are not required.

- Lining may be stitched down to the hem as is typical of a tailored jacket, or may be left loose as is typical of a tailored coat.

- Jacket does not need to be tailored in style. It just needs to be lined.

There will be a 1st place winner determined by Pattern Review member vote, and second winner randomly drawn from all qualified entries.

Voting guideline suggestions:

- Does the jacket meet the rules criteria (lined jacket)

- Does the review include sufficient information to judge the construction of the jacket?

- Does the construction of the jacket match the declared skill level of the entrant?

- Is the lining fabric appropriate relative to the fashion fabric (weight, type)

*Rules that apply to all contests:

1. All reviews must be entered for submission by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on the last day of the contest. Contest dates will be listed for each contest.

2. Unless otherwise stated in the rules, patterns may be drafted, tweaked, and muslined before the contest date, but fabric for the pieces entered may not be laid out or cut till the start date of the contest. Fabric may be pretreated before the contest date.

3. Items intended for sale, or for which you were or will be paid to make, do not qualify for any contest, but items made for charity are welcome!

4. Unless otherwise stated in the rules, all reviews written for a contest entry must include a picture of the entry.

* Contest Eligibility

1. Any member of Pattern Review, either paying (FoPR) or non-paying, who's been a registered member on the site for 90 days prior to the start of a contest is eligible to enter.

2. Any member of Pattern Review, either paying (FoPR) or non-paying, who's been a registered member on the site for 90 days prior to the end of a contest is eligible to vote in a contest.

3. Any member who's won 1st place in a contest on Pattern Review ended in the previous 4 months is ineligible to win another contest (for that 4 month period).


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First Prize: $100 Gift Certificate

Random Entry Prize: $50 Gift Certificate

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