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"One Pattern Many Looks" Rules     Managed By: arianamaniacs

One Pattern, Many Looks (OPML)
July 1 to July 31, 2011

Exercise your Patterns!

The goal of this contest is to take one view of a pattern, and create multiple garments with distinct looks from that view, without needing pattern drafting skills.

- Select one view (if multiple included) of a pattern. A magazine pattern can also be used, again only one view. For example, if the pattern includes a View A, View B, and View C, the entrant can only select one of those for an entry. For this contest, self-drafted patterns are not allowed. Wearable garments only are eligible for this contest; no home dec or accessories.
- Sew that view up multiple times (minimum twice), with the goal of a different look for each garment made.
- Each entry (all garments created from the single pattern view) must be in one review. Members can submit multiple entries. However, rather than multiple entries, more variety of one pattern is encouraged.
- The changes to the pattern must be visible from the public side of the garment. Examples are changing the fabric, neckline, length, or adding piping and trim.
- Any fitting changes can, of course, be done but should be basically the same for all versions made for the contest. Differences between entries should not involve changes that require extensive drafting. The changes should be 'cosmetic', meaning changing the look but not the overall structure of the garment. The object is to spark creativity and create variety within one general style.

The winner will be decided by member vote. There will also be a random drawing winner from all eligible entries.

*Rules that apply to all contests:

1. All reviews must be entered for submission by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on the last day of the contest. Contest dates will be listed for each contest.

2. Unless otherwise stated in the rules, patterns may be drafted, tweaked, and muslined before the contest date, but fabric for the pieces entered may not be laid out or cut till the start date of the contest. Fabric may be pretreated before the contest date.

3. Items intended for sale, or for which you were or will be paid to make, do not qualify for any contest, but items made for charity are welcome!

4. Unless otherwise stated in the rules, all reviews written for a contest entry must include a picture of the entry.

Sponsored by Fitz Like a Glove (
The winner by reader votes and the random entry winner will both receive Fitz Like A Glove Ironing Board Cover, Superior Felt Underlay and Best Boy Pressing Cloth.

Contest Eligibility

1. Any member of Pattern Review, either paying (FoPR) or non-paying, who's been a registered member on the site for 90 days prior to the start of a contest is eligible to enter.

2. Any member of Pattern Review, either paying (FoPR) or non-paying, who's been a registered member on the site for 90 days prior to the end of a contest is eligible to vote in a contest.

3. Any member who's won 1st place in a contest on Pattern Review ended in the previous 4 months is ineligible to win another contest (for that 4 month period).
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