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"2012 Fabric Stash Contest" Rules     Managed By: Aroura

Fabric Stash Contest
January 1 through January 31, 2012

Contest Rules:

The objective of this contest is for each contestant to reduce the size of his or her fabric stash.

1) Sew an item (usable or wearable) using fabric in your stash. It counts as stash if you had it in your possession for at least 6 months (so prior to July 1, 2011). If you aren't certain when you got the fabric, your educated guess is fine; the concept is to exclude more recent purchases, not track exact dates.

2) Any sewn item is allowed (clothing, accessories, home dec, pets). However, each individual project is limited to 5 yards eligible for contest entry. (Curtain sets count as one 'project'. Slip covers count as one project per piece of furniture.)

3) Points will be awarded based on the total yards sewn up by each contestant during the contest. Each yard sewn earns the participant one point.

4) Any item entered must have been made entirely in the contest time frame (no earlier than January 1, 2012, and finished and reviewed by the end of January 31, 2012 Eastern time). Item must be completely finished to count. (It's ok if you have to press or wash it still.

5) Definition of Age of Fabric: The age of stash yardage is determined from the date the fabric came into your possession.

6) Have fun! Even if you know you can't do the most yardage, enter your yardage to increase the contest total. We all love seeing how much fabric gets sewn up during the contest, and at the end we are all winners, whether we sewed one yard or one hundred yards!

How is the Winner Determined?

The first and second places winners are the people who have used the most fabric during the contest period.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Can I do anything beforehand?

Patterns can be ones used before, or you can make muslins before hand. Fabric can be pre-washed before hand. Any other work with that fabric must wait until the start of the contest.

2) What if I don't have enough fabric to make my item?

You may purchase fabric to complete a project but only the yardage that was stash yardage may be counted. For example, if you need additional fabric to cut out sleeves, and buy another 2/3 yard, that 2/3 yard is not included.

3) What types of things can I make?

Clothes, home dec, costumes, doggy beds, Linus blankets, anything that can be sewn from fabric counts - as long as it is useable or wearable by the intended person or object. This means muslins do not qualify.

4) I bought this 1908 fabric last year; is it's age 102 years old?

No; it's stash age is only 6 months or so. Another example: If it was your grandma's and she had it for 20 years, then she gave it to you for the 4th of July last year, that fabric has only been in your stash less than a year - not 20 years plus 8 months.

5) Can I count these old pants that I want to make into a skirt?

No. Stash is fabric in its natural state only (so to speak). Recycling garments, curtains, or other items does not fit with this contest.

6) I sewed 2.5 yards. Does that round to 3?

No, it counts as 2.5 yards, and two points. When you sew another 1/2 yard, you will reach 3 yards and 3 points.

7) But someone can make a big home dec project using oodles of yards and I'm making this complex...

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Home dec isn't as easy as you might think. And the goal here is to use up YOUR stash in the way YOU want. So if home dec is what you need, great! If a tailored jacket with welt pockets and hand-stitched lining is what you need, great! Everyone has the choice to make anything they want for the contest, as long as it uses stash fabric.

8) What counts as a yard of fabric?

Fabric is any material that is wider than 24 inches. Everything below this width is a trim.

9) If a pattern envelope countains patterns for multiple garments, e.g. a top, skirt, trousers and jacket, how should the individual garments be counted? As one or multiple projects?

You may count each item as a separate project.

10) If I make the same item multiple times, do I have to write a separate review for each?

No, you do not have to write separate reviews for each. I will be reviewing the contest report to make sure participants don't go over the 5 yard rule, so it's important for you to clearly indicate within your review the total number of the items and the total number of yards sewn for the contest.

11) Are photos required?

Photos are encouraged. Pictures are worth 1,000 words!

Tips for Keeping Track of Yards and Points

Contestants should enter the yards including decimals. The points are a total of what they have sewn, rounded down (roughly). So if they sew 1.5 yards, that is one point. If they sew a 2nd project that uses 1.5 yards, they then have 3 points.

If they have one project that is less than a yard, that would typically be considered no points until they sew some additional projects.

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Second Prize: $50 Gift Certificate

Rules that apply to all contests:

1. All reviews must be entered for submission by 11:59 PM Eastern Time on the last day of the contest. Contest dates will be listed for each contest.

2. Unless otherwise stated in the rules, patterns may be drafted, tweaked, and muslined before the contest date, but fabric for the pieces entered may not be laid out or cut till the start date of the contest. Fabric may be pretreated before the contest date.

3. Items intended for sale, or for which you were or will be paid to make, do not qualify for any contest, but items made for charity are welcome!

4. Unless otherwise stated in the rules, all reviews written for a contest entry must include a picture of the entry.

Contest Eligibility

1. Any member of Pattern Review, either paying (FoPR) or non-paying, who's been a registered member on the site for 90 days prior to the start of a contest is eligible to enter.

2. Any member of Pattern Review, either paying (FoPR) or non-paying, who's been a registered member on the site for 90 days prior to the end of a contest is eligible to vote in a contest.

3. Any member who's won 1st place in a contest on Pattern Review ended in the previous 4 months is ineligible to win another contest (for that 4 month period).
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