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"RTW/Designer KnockOff" Rules     Managed By: MissCelie

RTW/Designer Knockoff Rules

This is a challenge to copy or create a garment inspired by RTW (ready- to wear) or a designer collection, that can be worn by either a child or adult.

1. No cutting in to your actual fashion fabric until December 29th. All garment construction should be started and completed within the contest dates, beginning Saturday, December 29 and ending Friday, Feb 29. Voting will begin on March 1st and continue for 10 days.
Winners will be announced on March 17th.

2. Garment does not have to be the same color as the inspiration garment. But, should emulate the same or similar style.

3. Contest includes clothing and accessories for adults and children.

4. Only one garment / ensemble can be entered for voting.

5. Completed garments can be entered starting January 14th.

6. When posting your garment, you must include a link or a photo to your inspiration garment.

7. If known, please state the cost of your inspiration garment.

There are two prizes for this contest. The first prize will be a $200 gift certificate from Textile Studio Patterns. And the second prize ($100 gift certificate) will be based on the votes given by Judges ( Vonnevo and Ann Smith).

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