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Detailed Contest Report

Progress Report for Sarah Sew and Sew
Contest: 2012 Fabric Stash Contest     Managed By: Aroura
  Photo Pattern Used Points Items Made Yardage Used Description Last Updated
1 No Pattern Used:Serape (Outerwear) 4 1.000 3.625 I used some more of this colorful plaid to make this warm serape! It keeps me warm when I get up early in the morning. It was easy to make and you can do it, too! 1/31/12 9:56 PM
2 No Pattern Used:Skirt (Skirts) 3 1.000 3.125 I love this chocolate brown gauze, have had it for about 25 years. still have some, so I can wonder what else to make! I started this last week but was waiting to get the right color brown thread to stitch the top of the skirt down over the bottom. This skirt is easy to make, and you can too! 1/31/12 2:25 PM
3 New Look:Misses' Capes (Outerwear) 5 1.000 5.000 This is actually the first project I started for this contest! I did not like the colors of thread that I had for topstitching so I set it aside. Then when I got the thread 2 weeks ago I had a hard time going back to it! I used more than 5 yards, but I know the limit is 5! A gorgeous plum colored wool coating that I got last winter and the lining is a cotton jaquard that I have had for about 16 years. Lots of careful clipping and layering of seams, steaming in excess fabric at curves and so on. I used a size 18 leather needle to go through all the thicknesses. Now I think it needs a better pressing, so maybe I will take it to the cleaners to be pressed. 1/30/12 10:19 PM
4 Butterick:Misses' Shirt (Tops) 2 1.000 2.500 I cut this out on a hotel floor while on a medical trip a couple of weeks ago. I've had this piece of fabric for about 20 years! I think the fold marks will come out! I almost did not finish it because it does not fit me! But it will fit someone I know, so I finished it. 1/30/12 4:32 PM
5 Simplicity:Doll Clothes for 18 (Crafts) 1 1.000 0.875 I was unsuccessful in uploading a photo, so if you do end up on my flickr page, it is "Sally in Blue." One of the women who works for me has a daughter with a birthday coming up and she asked me if I would make some doll clothes. I am honored! My boys don't appreciate my sewing as much as a girl would! So here is View E of this pattern. Cute! 1/29/12 9:42 PM
6 No Pattern Used:SC03 (Home Dec) 2 2.000 2.000 I have a roll of beautiful cotton challis/sateen. I want to make a dress with it, but thought I would see how it was to work with (the last fabric I used did not press well.) So I made a pair of pillowcases. I had a wide (5 1/2 inch) piece of lace that I added for a finish. See my review! 1/29/12 6:35 PM
7 Simplicity:Misses' Dress and Bag (Dresses) 3 1.000 3.000 I got this piece of rayon about 2 years ago. It is very spring like! I wear a lot of dresses in the summer, but this one will need a slip! Still, very pretty and now I don't have to wonder what to make with this piece of fabric! 1/29/12 9:03 AM
8 Vogue Patterns:Misses' Coordinates (Coordinates) 3 1.000 2.250 I got this bolt of colorful brushed plaid in 1978. It is really pretty, lots of great colors! I had this pattern (unused) in my stash as well, so I decided to make the skirt with this plaid. It has pleats on one side of the front, as well as a kick vent. I put in an invisible zipper, which can be a challenge if A: you like your plaids to match thread for thread like I do! and B: if you don't have an invisible zipper foot. It came out ok, though. I used hem tape on the hem to keep this skirt from getting a bulky hemline. I also drafted a facing for the skirt instead of using the waistband. I will probably not wear this until next fall, and I think all of these colors will be in style next year! 1/27/12 10:30 PM
9 Self Drafted Pattern:Stretch Skirt (Skirts) 1 1.000 0.750 This is from a piece of cotton double knit, another piece of fabric that I got in the early 1990s. It was quick to cut out and make. The waistband is similar to waistbands that you find on yoga pants: Fold a piece of cotton/lycra in half, stitch together and then ease the bottom of the skirt into the waistband. 1/27/12 11:54 AM
10 New Look:Unisex Child's Top, Pants, Sh (Easy to Sew) 1 3.000 0.750 I wish I could get the photo to change! I made PJ bottoms for a little boy I know with bright red flannel printed with silouettes of coyotes howling at the moon. There was enough of the fabric left over to make some flannel handkerchiefs, too. 1/27/12 11:42 AM
11 New Look:Misses Top, Skirts and Pants (Easy to Sew) 2 1.000 2.750 I made a pair of yoga pants with another piece of fabric that I have been moving around for about 20 years. It is a nice bottom weight cotton/lycra. It is not very wide, about 40 inches. I still have another 35 yards or so!
I did not make these pants with pockets. I did lengthen the legs. Because of the fabric used, I did not have to add elastic at the waist. I folded the fabric down upon itself and stitched it as if it were a hem. The pants fit snugly in the hip, but are very comfortable!
1/26/12 9:50 PM
12 Simplicity:Bathrobes (Loungewear) 4 1.000 4.500 I cut this fabric after 20 years of carting it around. I thought it would make a good sweater coat, so I used this robe pattern. It looked terrible. One of my sons told me it was just as hideous on the inside as it was on the outside! So why had I been holding onto this fabric! I still like it! It is a wool knit, nice and warm. I hung it up for a bit and let the fabric tell me what it wanted. I dug into my stash and came out with some wooly nylon and used it decoratively. I finished the edges, made some tucks down the front, back and sides. I shortened the sleeves and tucked those as well. I also did tucks across the hood, so in this picture it looks like a collar. Now it looks like a sweater coat! Another easy pattern that I made complicated! 1/26/12 4:41 PM
13 Butterick:Misses' Jacket and Coat (Coat/Jacket) 3 1.000 2.250 Here is a simple pattern that I once again made very complicated. I had a nice thick piece of double sided fleece, purchased a couple of winters ago. I decided to make the jacket reversible! I overlapped the seams, zig-zagged them, then carefully trimmed the fleece on a beveled edge to show both colors. I wish the picture was as nice as the jacket!
I also cut the front bands off and cut another one to "stack" on top of the front edges. The edges themselves do not overlap, but meet in the middle, with cording as a button hole. This way I was able to make the jacket reversible, with buttons on both the inside and outside of the front edge. I like it!
1/25/12 3:35 PM
14 Simplicity:Misses' Knit Tops (Tops) 1 1.000 1.500 Here is an example of why I don't cut things up. I agonized over this fabric....what should I make? I finally decided on this top...then I wondered if I should make the sleeves longer! My sister finally said. "Just cut it! It is only fabric! When you use it up you can go get some more!"

I have had this roll of Betsy Johnson cotton lycra knit since about 1990. I still have 5 yards left! That is good, because I think the front of this top is a little bit too low cut for me! Hmmmmm....what should I make?
1/23/12 3:09 PM
15 Butterick:Fast & Easy (Dresses) 2 1.000 1.625 I love this dress! I made a few changes, like, taking in some seams, eliminating the zipper, and changing the facing. I had a piece of cotton/lycra double knit that worked perfectly for this pattern, though it is all one tone. I have had this fabric for about 20 years, and I think I have enough left to make something else.
I am going to wait for my sisters to take a photo, then I will put that photo up!
1/19/12 4:15 PM
16 Simplicity:Misses Knit Dress and Gown (Dresses) 2 1.000 2.000 I got this eye-popping blue knit 2 years ago. It is the perfect color for me, so I am glad I finally cut it up and can stop wondering what to make with it! The knit I used is medium weight and does not hold a press, so I used wooly nylon for the hem. 1/16/12 12:31 PM
17 Simplicity:Misses' Skirts and Pants (Easy to Sew) 1 1.000 1.625 This might become one of my favorite skirts this spring! I have had this piece of fabric since the mid 1970's. It still looks great, sheds wrinkles, and was supple and easy to work with. I top-stitched everything so it has a nice finished look. I might add elastic to the waist. 1/15/12 5:00 PM
18 New Look:Unisex Child's Top, Pants, Sh (Activewear) 1 1.000 0.875 I had a short piece of cotton cable double knit that I thought would make a nice pair of sweat pants for a little boy I know. 1/14/12 10:00 PM
19 Simplicity:Aprons (Accessories) 4 1.000 3.625 full apron 1/14/12 7:48 PM
20 Vogue Patterns:Misses' Hat and Hood (Accessories) 1 1.000 0.500 I had hoped that this would be a quick diversion, but found this to actually be a tedious little project. I made about 100 V clips to help the seam lie flat where the upper part of the hat joins the lower part. I also basted the grosgrain ribbon (hat band) into place two separate times. I made version A. I did not think it had a nice finish on the inside when I was done. 1/13/12 10:30 PM
21 Simplicity:Aprons (Other) 2 1.000 2.500 I don't think any of the guys in my family will want to wear this apron.
I got this pink tutti-frutti fabric last winter or spring. I had only 2.5 yards. so I made the insides of the pockets with a different fabric. I purchased the lace from a discard bin about 3 years ago. The rick rack was part of my grandmother's stash. She passed away in 1998 and the rick rack found its way into my stash then.
The tutti-frutti fabric is a little bit stiff, and while I was gathering the waist I thought it might be easier if I had done it in sections instead of having the gathering thread run from one end to the other.
1/13/12 11:07 AM
22 Simplicity:Pants and Skirts (Pants) 3 1.000 2.750 I had purchased this piece of flannel a couple of winters ago. I made pattern adjustments by leaving off all the details and lengthening the inseam. I also joined the hip yoke to the back pant leg before cutting these out, and added enough fabric to the top to construct an elastic casing. I cut these out at the same time as another pair that I made from wider fabric. It fits nicely through the hips and if I were to make flannel lounge pants again, I would make the legs a bit narrower so they don't ride up (under the covers!) 1/10/12 5:42 PM
23 Simplicity:Quilted Bags In Four Sizes (Accessories) 2 1.000 1.625 I found this colorful pink fabric in a remnant bin a few years ago. It was waiting around my house for a good contrast, which I found a couple of years ago. I made an identical bag last year and gave it away. I saw these pieces laying around in my stash and thought about that spring-like bag and made it again. This is easy to assemble. It is a perfect size tote for a child's beach bag, or knitting, or patterns...whatever you like to carry around with you. 1/9/12 1:04 PM
24 Simplicity:Skirts (Easy to Sew) 3 1.000 2.750 I had some nice double cotton knit that I have had since 1992. It is a nice weight for winter tops and also a nice weight for bottoms. I made the top out of this knit. It was a good way for me to get the cobwebs out of my head and my machines tuned up! Next time I will use a lighter weight knit. (spring will be coming!) 1/8/12 7:13 PM
25 Simplicity:3796 (Pants) 1 1.000 1.500 This pattern was altered by me to make a simple pair of flannel lounge pants. I eliminated the details and added an elastic casing on the top, as well as adding length to the legs. I used a 60" wide piece of cotton flannel that I purchased about 3 years ago. 1/8/12 1:39 PM
26 New Look:Misses Top, Skirts and Pants (Easy to Sew) 0 1.000 0.500 I used this pattern more as a sloper to make a short straight skirt with a nice ottoman double cotton knit. I adjusted it by eliminating the front seam of the straight skirt that allows for a slit, since the piece of fabric that I had on hand was not really long enough to require a slit. My serger and I had this stitched up in a jiffy. I serged the hem edge, turned it up and put double top stitched it. The top was serged and folded down for a quick elastic casing. I had this fabric since 1992! 1/8/12 1:36 PM
27 New Look:Misses Top, Skirts and Pants (Easy to Sew) 1 1.000 1.375 I had some nice double cotton knit that I have had since 1992. It is a nice weight for winter tops and also a nice weight for bottoms. I made the top out of this knit. It was a good way for me to get the cobwebs out of my head and my machines tuned up! Next time I will use a lighter weight knit. (spring will be coming!) 1/8/12 1:32 PM
  Total 58 30 58.125    
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