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Fit For Art March-2013 Sewing Patterns

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Shipped from Fit For Art (Maryland, USA)

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Coat/Jacket (2)
Pants (1)
Fit for Art Patterns feature classic designs and simple pattern pieces that are easy to assemble and very versatile, have alternate pieces for bust and hips to give every woman a great fit, and are well-suited to creating wearable art. Our comprehensive illustrated instruction books accompany each tissue pattern and include essential fit guidelines and design ideas.

Our pattern variations make it easy to change the look of the basic garment without having to learn and fit a new pattern.

We strive to inspire all sewers to exercise their creativity, especially through our wide variety of sample garments. Visit for more information.


show bestselling Coat/Jacket
Tabula Rasa JacketTabula Rasa Jacket
Tabula Rasa Jacket
2 Reviews
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Sleeve & Cuff VariationsSleeve & Cuff Variations
Sleeve & Cuff Variations
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Eureka! Pants that FitEureka! Pants that Fit
Eureka! Pants that Fit
11 Reviews
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