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Posted by: SavySheri

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Posted on: 2/25/08 4:33 PM
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If anyone goes to this event in the future, please do not take any class with Linda Poole!! I paid $57 for a 3-class-session class (which was 4 hours long) $32 Material Fee - which was the highest Material Fee at the event, and got about $4 worth of materials.

Also, the Class Description stated we were going to be making small 25" quilts, but that didn't happen, and what we did make should have taken 45 or 1 hour, and she purposefully made it last for 4 hours; with us mostly just sitting and waiting for her to tell us the next step. This was totally ridiculous, and the only bad experience I have had in 8 or 9 years or going to the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo.

But, the experience and the way I feel that I was cheated out of $89 of my hard earned money for nothing will be making me let everyone know to NEVER take any class that this teacher, Linda M. Poole teaches, as you will never get your money's worth! After doing some research of reviews on the internet, of others that have taken her class, I see that I am not the only one who got "screwed", and cheated out of money. There were also 5 others in this Friday, February 22nd class that feel the same way, and I will be sending this link to them so they can also write how bad their experiences were with this class, and this teacher!

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ElizaVA said... (7/26/08 8:46 AM) Reply
Confess I never heard of Linda Poole before this review, but based upon the comments that follow, if I ever get a chance, I would not miss her class for the world!
bluee said... (3/5/08 4:23 PM) Reply
I have never met Linda Poole in person but she is someone I would love to meet. I've know Linda online for several years and she is a compassionate and caring, and very giving. I'm sorry but you are not very savy sheri. Bluee
KYRN said... (2/28/08 8:45 AM) Reply
Wow-hon, are you sure you read the class description right? I've taken several of Linda's classes, and have always found them to be fun, informative, and very useful. Linda has always gone out of her way to give individual help and tutoring, with patience, warmth, and expertise. She uses the Fairie pattern to teach the basic techniques-and gives loads of encouragement and information toward using these techniques to create whatever we desire from there. Just add creativity! As far as the class package-you do understand that the price includes the time taken to assemble the kit, as well as the creativity and knowledge it took to conceive of the class? Look at it this way-when you go to a doctor, do you expect to pay only for the half hour or so of time? If that's the case, you might as well talk to a bum on the street-not a professional who has devoted years of her life, and countless hours of practice and study, to offer her expertise and knowledge. I'm sorry to hear you feel you had a bad experience, but I feel you're comments about Linda are extremely inaccurate, and potentially harmful to her career. Is that really fair?
cfin said... (2/28/08 7:57 AM) Reply
SavySheri, I have taken two classes from Linda M. Poole. The first one was so enjoyable that I travelled from Florida to a quilt show in Maine a couple of years later to take a another class from Linda. I found her to be an excellent instructor. I know that she is committed to her work and cares about her students. I will take other classes from her if I have the opportunity. Over the years I have taken many, many classes from all kinds of instructors. I find that I do not enjoy the classes as much when everyone makes the same project as much as I enjoy technique classes. With technique classes you learn how the instructor does his or her work and then you use them in your own project. One of my sewing friends is the opposite, she likes classes in which everyone makes the exact same thing, using their color choice of fabric. She will sew, sew, sew in class to get as much done as she can, so hand applique or art quilts do not appeal to her. Perhaps you might need to think about what type of class appeals to you the most. You don't say if hand applique is new to you, only that you were suposed to make a small quilt. You don't say if you make art quilts or traditional quilts. You don't say if you were taking the class for new ideas, new techniques, etc. I take technique classes and project classes when I am interested in learning the how the instructor works. Even if I am not interested in the project I still learn from the class and the instructor. I have even taken classes when the person sitting next to me was very inexperienced and I spent a lot of time helping that person. Yes, I have signed up for classes that I did not enjoy as much as others, but I have always learned something because I kept myself open to the possibilities offered. It also helped me to be more selective in the classes that I take. I have also signed up for classes that were very advanced and from time to time have struggled with the technique. I still learned from the experience and it made me strive to perfect my skills. There is one other aspect of taking classes that I truly like. I find quilters (men and women) to be some of the most giving, caring folks I have ever met. I enjoy talking with those taking the classes, looking at their fabrics and learning from them as well as from the instructor. I am sorry you feel the way you do about the class, however I just don't understand why you would sit through the whole class and not say anything to the instructor or the show. You stated that you have been going there for 8 or 9 years so certainly the show would have wanted to take care of you as their customer. I would hate for someone to meet you, have a bad experience and then post such comments about you without talking to you. I am a business owner, so satisfied customers are very important to me. You were a customer of the Expo and of Linda M. Poole, and I know that both of them would want you to be satisfied. Linda M. Poole and the owners of the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo are just people, like you and me, trying to make a success of their life in this hectic world that we live in today. As for me, I will make every effort to go where Linda M. Poole is teaching just so I can take another class from her. I wish you success with your classes in the future.
goldenrodfarm said... (2/28/08 6:27 AM) Reply
I have taken several classes of Linda Pooles, the first one being the Dream Watcher class. I have sewn all my life and quilted for 20 years but stayed away from much applique. I learned the glue stick applique in this class and was amazed at how well it came out. The edges were perfect with no unsitely bumps or wrinkels that other types of applique produce. This first class was a whole day class and I wished it was longer. Linda was such a good teacher with a wonderful upbeat and fun manner that the class was a joy, the day flew by and I didn't get the dream watcher all done on the quilt but it gave we a wonderful start to finish at home. I paid more for the class then you did even though the class was 3 years ago, but I relize that the contents of a kit are not the only "cost" of making of such an item, assembly, gathering special items, printing on a extra large printer, designing the pattern, planning the class, all come into the cost of such an item. last year at Paducha I paid a $12 fee for a "kit" that was 3 rather poorly photocopied pieces of paper and sat through 4 hours of unispired teaching to learn a techinque that I Was determined to learn from a nationally famous teacher. I did learn the techinque and knew the price up front so I decided I got my money's worth. At Pahduca I also took 2 more classes my Linda, and was so glad I did, her method of teaching is so refreshing compaired to the others that they were relaxing to attend. Class mates were soon talking amoung each other offering material to ones who couldn't find the right color or pattern and I came away with friends in the class. To me quilting has always been an acitivity that in the past was a gathering of neighbors and friends as they pieced together material to make a functional item. Linda's classes reproduce this togetherness and people become more creative in a positive atmosphere with encourgement from not only the instructor but class mates also. Linda is an extreamely approchable teacher and would do anything to help her students, at any time in the class that you discovered that this was not what you wanted you could have gone to her and expressed that and left, it is much easier to get a refund of something you did't like if you express dislike after the first bite instead of comsuming the whole meal first. The internet has made much easier to launch a vendetta against someone with out even expressing your concerns to the indivual or approiate athorities first that many people feel that spewing your dissatisfactions in this way is acceptable. I read your artical and then curous I searched the internet on Linda Poole for several hours and visited 100's of sites and found no negative items, do you have specific sites you could direct us to? Can you say you learned nothing from this class? I noticed you say you are a beginer at quilting but you say you could have done this in 45 minutes, I am an advanced quilter and sewer and no way could I have done this in 4 hours much less 45 minutes, just picking out fabrics sometimes takes me a hour or more, never mind cutting out all those little pieces. My hope is that people will in the future take proper actions before such a public smearing of one teacher. To start an article of review by telling people not to take classes from Linda Poole is very inapproiate. Lots of people and teachers don't mesh, think back about when you went to school, I am sure you had many teachers that you didn't mesh with but that doesn't mean the the rest of us will also not get anything out of her classes.
kentucky saint said... (2/28/08 5:40 AM) Reply
I have taken three of Linda Poole's classes and have enjoyed and learned from each one. Her techniques have helped me to enjoy hand applique which I had always hesitated to try. I would encourage anyone who wishes to learn hand applique to take one of Linda's classes.
Carolyn H. said... (2/27/08 6:29 PM) Reply
It is very sad to see a personal attack on a very gifted quilting instructor posted on a list such as this. I personally believe that if a person is dissatisfied with a class, she should discuss this with the instructor as soon as she decides that the class is not fulfilling her expectations. The teacher would then be able to attempt to satisfy the student. It is inappropriate on my opinion to stay for 4 hours in a class and then decide she was not satisfied. I have learned a great deal about quilting from Linda M. Poole. I have quilted for quite a while, but only piecing quilts, I was unable to appliqué even simple shapes. Linda taught me the glue stick appliqué method, and now I can appliqué even intricate patterns with ease. Linda has the ability to teach quilters of all ability levels to become comfortable and very skilled at appliqué. Ms. Poole inspires creativity with her classes as well as with her books. Linda Poole is an honest and honorable individual. Her integrity is above question. In addition to being an excellent quilting teacher, she is also a good person. She is enthusiastic and always willing to share her positive outlook. Linda Poole’s classes are very popular. All of her classes tend to fill up quickly at any event, especially the Dreamwatcher Fairie classes. If one wants to take one of her classes, it is important to sign up early to be assured of being able to attend the class. I have never met anyone that was dissatisfied with her class. I am grateful to have learned many quilting skills from Linda M. Poole.
Ginabee said... (2/27/08 7:59 AM) Reply
I am truly surprised by your review of Linda Poole's class. I have taken classes across the country from numerous instructors and have had both postive and less than exceptional experiences. I have had classes that I found were not a fit and learned if nothing else that the particular technique was not for me. I still learned something. I am definitely surprised to read that you were so disappointed in Linda Poole. I've taken two classes from Linda and found them both to be pleasurable experiences. My experiences were completely positive. She was knowlegeable, informative, funny and relaxing. The classes were structured to work at your own pace and to explore your own creativity. Linda was very encouraging and kept us all entertained. I have taken classes from instructors whose classes were designed for you to sew at 75 mph in order to leave with a completed project. I found the concept of Linda's classes were to relax in the creative process so you could continue to create when you left. I am sorry you had such a negative experience but felt the need to comment positively as my experiences in two different classes, two very different projects, two different expos in opposite ends of the country both left me with an appreciation for Linda, her love for the art and her passion for teaching. Best of luck in your future classes and may they be what you are looking for.
eyes of fire said... (2/26/08 7:56 PM) Reply
cshelly while you are correct in saying Savysheri has a right to an opinion you are just as incorrect in saying the others post to her are just as harsh. No where in any of the other post do I see words set out to destroy Ms Savys career , can you say the same about Savysheri's post? She simply could of stated that she was not happy with the class she took, but she went way beyond that. Her words are libelous and there for I believe the "be very careful" in your post should not be to the people that disagreed with ms savy but to Ms Savy who is hell bent on ruining someones career over the fact she was not happy.
CShelley said... (2/26/08 3:06 PM) Reply
Let me first say I know nothing about Linda Poole but have read through the review and all the comments. I can see that you all feel very passionately about this but be my opinion you are being as harsh to SavySheri as she is to Linda Poole. She is entitled to her opinion. You are entitled to disagree. No need to take it any further than that.
RIquilter said... (2/26/08 12:10 PM) Reply
I cannot imagine why anyone in her right mind would write such a hateful personal attack on another human being. I have had the honor (and I do not use that word lightly) of knowing Linda M. Poole for several years. She is one of the most generous caring persons I have ever met, always encouraging us to carry our creativity to new levels previously undreamed of. It is unfortunate the reviewer was dissatisfied with the class, but why she would want to get other persons to join her in this libelous attack is nothing short of disgusting.
Peggie sews said... (2/26/08 9:16 AM) Reply
I am amazed that someone would write such a hateful review. Never have I read something so vitriolic about a class. I have taken many classes with Linda Poole and I have even driven 100's of miles to take a class from her. She is the kindest, most caring teacher I have ever encountered. She must be heartbroken if she has seen your hatefilled review. I know that if you were that disappointed, you should have told her soon into the class and she would have tried to work something out with you. I have taken the dreamwater class a couple of times just because she does it so well. As far as the cost, you knew the cost when you signed up, and you also knew the cost of the kit. Have you any notion of how long it takes a teacher to prepare for a class? How long it takes to put all of those kits together? Quilting teachers do teach because of their love of quilts and their love of sharing of talents, but they also teach because it is their livelihood. I've seen Linda Poole give away fabric and other supplies to people who came to class unprepared. Her applique method was worth the price of the class, to me. I had no idea I could do delicate hand applique until she taught me how. She has infinite patience and can show anyone how to do anything, then make sure they have it. What you have written borders on slander. I sincerely hope, for Linda's sake, that you never do take another class from her. Some of the things you wrote about her look to me like grounds for a slander and defamation of character suit. Lucky for you, Linda is not the type of person to sue. You owe her a huge apology for posting this drivel. Not that you will give it. People who feel as you do never admit to being wrong. Please, please stay well away from Linda's classes, I don't want to run into you.
Goddess Girl said... (2/26/08 9:04 AM) Reply
I have taken the dreamwatcher class with Linda Poole several years ago and I found her class to be really fun. I was only able to complete part of the fairy but I enjoyed the class so much that I went home and finished the rest and made a background for her to be in. I even wrote a story to go with her. Linda was very helpful during the class and was very accessable. I already knew how to applique and to learn Linda's technique was very interesting and easy for someone who may not have tried it before. I am sorry you were not happy with what you got for your money but I really think you should have waited to speak to the show organizers and to privately speak to Linda before making such a public slamming of this person. I am sure something can be done to maybe give you some restitution.
PoppyB said... (2/26/08 6:30 AM) Reply
I attended the EXPO, but not this class. I did notice that there was no opportunity to provide feedback on classes or teachers, which I think help both teachers and EXPO planners improve.
Vix said... (2/26/08 0:15 AM) Reply
Oh my goodness - when I saw these negative nasty comments I just had to respond. I have taken Linda Poole's classes in the past and have found pure joy in them. Never having met this wonderful instructor before, I found her to be refreshing in her ideas and teaching methods. I was taught needle turn applique by my great grandmother when I was 8 years old and that was the only method of hand applique that I knew until the first class I took from Linda Poole. Not only did I learn a new method of applique (gluestick applique) from Linda but I fell in LOVE with it and use it in some way with every quilt I make! Not only did she make each and every one of us seasoned quilters comfortable but she also took extra time with the novice quilters to make sure they were catching on to each step in the process. Some of us were much more speedy than others and completed our quilts in the class time period and others may not have finished their quilt, but all of us left Linda's class with the knowledge of her teaching and confidence that she instilled in us that we would be able to complete the project on our own. I truly find your comments hard to digest when I as well as hundreds of my fellow quilters have always had 100% positive experiences in Linda's classes. Linda Poole's fees are well worth every penny in my opinion. I am well aware that when I pay for any class that I am paying not only for the kit and class fees but also for the instructor - who does this for a living and these classes are their way of making their living/paying their bills, etc. I can also admit that I have taken a class or two that I just did not mesh well with - but with that being said I can also tell you that I came away from the class with more quilting knowlege than I had before I took the class. You would never find me spreading the type hogwash that you are slinging about this instructor. Do you feel that you are above everyone else and should pay absolutely nothing when you take a quilting class that you had a hard time with or feel that you deserve a refund because the class you have chosen may not have been your cup of tea? If this is the case then I think you need to seriously consider giving up quilting as a hobby. If everyone acted in the way that you are acting then there wouldn't be any type of quiting class available to anyone because the instructors wouldn't want to teach. Please in the future, make sure you have completed all of the steps when requesting a refund and give the instructor and Quilt Expo officials a prompt amount of time to respond and work with you in making good on your complaint before clogging the internet with your infantile display. Your class was on Feb 22nd and today is only Feb 25th. Not nearly enough time for a busy instructor or quilt official to make any type of offering to you. So with your "problem" not even being given the chance to be resolved you insist on this disgusting bashing. Please act like you are a mature 53 year old and not like you're 10. I agree with BlueRoseDragon and bbquilter - Linda Poole is an excellent instructor and you certainly owe her an apology.
eyes of fire said... (2/25/08 11:37 PM) Reply
Hi I' m sorry to read of your experience in one of Linda Poole's classes, actually I find it rather rare to have had such and experience. I have taken a couple of her classes now and each and every time I have walked away feeling I have gained new knowledge and understanding. I find Ms. Poole to not only be very gifted in her craft, but an outstanding teacher, one who takes the time to make sure each and every individual taking her class understands and can do the technique being presented. As for the cost I did not find it to be out of line, actually they are within a few dollars of most quilting classes. I hope people that read your angry post will take the time to look online and talk to others who have nothing but rave reviews of her classes, her books and her talent. Sincerely Eyes Of Fire
BlueRose Dragon said... (2/25/08 11:11 PM) Reply
In reading your comments about Linda M Poole I am a little confused. You do not state where you found other negative reviews. Did you learn anything in the class? How nice that you are a very quick learner. Many are not and need more time. I have taken Linda's classes and could not have met a more caring, capable, enthusiastic teacher!!!!!! I was scheduled to take two of her classes three years ago, sadly my little nephew had passed away that week, I missed the first day of classes. However I went to the second day of classes. Linda amazed me with her energy, her joy in teaching, her giving. She was right there when a student needed help, she always brings plenty of quilts and projects to show her techniques and possibilities. I am a quilt teacher myself and I found her classes enlightening, informative, well planned and the kits had everything needed to learn a new technique. I have had students unhappy in a class, but they took the time to express to me their concerns. For this I am thankful, I wish you had done the same with Linda. Do you not have an imagination to look ahead in creating your 25" block, did you perhaps need a class where the teacher held your hand 99% of the time? If you thought after an hour you were being cheated you should have at that time spoke with Linda to help clarify things, if after speaking with her you were not satisfied you then should have contacted the show directors. Do you realize how many hours, days, weeks, even months go into the design, planning, preparing a pattern for a class? More than a teacher will be compensated for. I know of hundreds of people who have enjoyed this class and continue to create using this pattern. And many who continue to take her classes. You are paying not only for kits, a pattern, but the knowledge of a teacher. While it is sad that you feel cheated, perhaps you need to sit back and really think about what your expectations in a quilt class are. Perhaps this technique just was not a fit for you. Yes, you could create a 25" block in 4 hours, it was up to you to create the background, create a story, Linda does not and can not make a kit containing everything a person would need for a completed block, as she has no clue on an individuals taste and or experience in quilting. Did you want a cookie cutter quilt. I am saddened to read of such a great teacher being accused of cheating, or the fact you are slandering her without reasonable cause. Please the next time if you take a class any class and you find it is not to your expectations, you exhaust all methods of compensation and or satisfaction before trying to ruin a reputation. In my opinion you owe Linda M Poole an apology!!!!!
bbquilter said... (2/25/08 10:41 PM) Reply
Your comments about Linda Poole are very interesting to me because I have hired Linda to teach in the past and have never had these kinds of comments from any of her students. Since I hire about 100 teachers during a year and we do occasionally have a student find that the class is not what she expected, but never have they sat through the entire class of instruction before they came to the registration desk to talk about it. I believe that you stayed for the whole class, you received the instruction, and maybe learned that this was not the kind of class you want to take next time. I find it very destructive to carry out these kinds of dialogue before you have exhausted your discussions with the show producer. Maybe you and the class just didn't click. I know that many people like or do not like specific kinds of techniques and sometimes you don't know that until you've been in the class. I once took a class where the instructor taught us an entirely different class than was advertised. I figured that I did learn something from the money I paid - that I did not like her class or teaching methods. OSQE is one of the shows that does require every teacher to prepare a full kit for each of the classes. In addition to the cost of the supplies, you need to consider that these instructors spend hours preparing these kits to make it very easy for the students to come to class and sit down to sew and some of what you are paying is for the time it took to make the kits. I double the cost of the materials for my kits and believe me, that gives me about 20 cents per hour for the time it takes. I have spent several days preparing kits for some kitted classes at conferences. I'm sorry that you did not have the kind of experience that you expected, but I know that Linda Poole is a good instructor and her students have a good day (or half day in this case) of instruction and enjoy themselves while doing it. bbquilter
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