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Forum > Miscellaneous > Celiac? ( Moderated by Deepika, EleanorSews, CynthiaSue)

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Who else is facing this challenge?
Michelle T

Michelle T  Friend of PR
British Columbia CANADA
Member since 8/24/02
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Date: 8/28/10 12:27 PM

I am newly diagnosed with Celiac disease. After decades of digestive trouble that has only been diagnosed as IBS and lactose intolerance, I finally have a diagnosis. It took my B12 being really low to get the Gluten test once again and a positive result.

Now the real challenge changing the way I eat and where I eat. Luckily I have never been a big bread eater, so that will not be too much of a hardship. But we do travel, day trips and longer away from home when we would eat out. This will be the greater challenge.

Friday night has always been home made pizza night. Last night I made a gluten free pizza for me and regular for the rest of the family. It was o'kay but I will have to teach the kids how to make the regular dough.

Life will be interesting for the next while as I get used to this new way of eating.

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Margasweet  Friend of PR
Member since 2/15/05
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Date: 8/28/10 12:53 PM

Great that you finally have a diagnosis! Feeling better will make the effort to eat properly well worthwhile.

DH, DS and DF are all either gluten intolerant, celiac, or have a wheat allergy. None of them have been properly diagnosed, but they all do so much better without gluten that I've been shopping & cooking this way for years.

Shopping: read all labels. You've probably got information from celiac groups or your doctor about what to avoid. Remember to check all the condiments, etc. that you have at home--most soy sauce, for example, is about half wheat. I buy "wheat free organic tamari" which tastes just like soy sauce.

At home: rice pasta is fine. I like the texture & flavor of Tinkyada the best--rotini or shells. Rice spaghetti doesn't hold together as well. If you like Thai food, they use a lot of rice noodles. For pizza, I've bought gluten-free crust, used rice cakes, used a piece of gluten-free bread, and tried my own crust made of shredded squash, eggs, parmesan cheese, garlic/salt/pepper/oregano, and gluten-free pancake mix. My favorite GF pancake mix is Pamela's (based on rice flour & ground almonds)--tastes better than any other pancake mix, bar none. Ask for any recipes, advice, etc. here, there are a bunch of us that cook GF.

Eating out: be conscious of cross-contamination. DH recently had an issue, the food was GF but I'm sure they cooked some of it in oil that had previously cooked floured items. Some restaurants now are understanding the food issues that their customers are facing. The more people who ask about GF, the more options we all will have. Our favorite place to eat out is a little local French restaurant--the chef is great, and DH has never had a problem after eating there. I'm sure you'll find places near you. Just ALWAYS ask before ordering.

Good luck!

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Alberta CANADA
Member since 1/14/07
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Date: 8/28/10 2:20 PM

A great source for gluten free baked goods and flours/ingredients is from here in Edmonton AB and they do ship:
My mother and daughter are both celiac and while I have not been diagnosed as celiac, I voluntarily avoid gluten as I feel much better not eating it.
I'm not sure which grocery stores you have in BC but in AB our Sobey's and Save On Foods both carry lots of gluten free items - some are just labelled as health foods. Safeway is also beginning to carry more in this line as well. You just have to look.
When eating out, a steak and baked potato with a salad (no croutons) always works. We normally bring our own small container of acceptable salad dressing. A fruit cup and poached egg for breakfast is good. For lunch, check out salads offered or maybe a smoothie. New York fries works and so does Swiss Chalet and Tony Roma's for chain restaurants.
Hope this helps you get started.
Doris W. in TN
Doris W. in TN  Friend of PR
Tennessee USA
Member since 2/9/04
Posts: 9647
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In reply to Michelle T

Date: 8/28/10 3:55 PM

There was a long discussion thread here a year or two about celiac. I'll bet it can still be found by searching the message boards under the Misc. category

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minggiddylooloo  Friend of PR
Member since 5/17/05
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Date: 8/28/10 10:26 PM

I do not suffer from this but DH's good friend's wife was also recently diagnosed with celiac. She told me that Outback Steakhouse was one of the few chain restaurants that make special accommodations for those w/ gluten allergies. HTH

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ryan's mom
ryan's mom
Member since 11/30/04
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Date: 8/28/10 10:51 PM

Good luck! The initial adjustment will be difficult, but I can guarantee that after a period of time it becomes easier because a new way of life will become a habit.

One of my closest friends has a son with celiac (now 14), and my son has a severe peanut allergy. There is definitely a big learning curve, but once you have it down pat, you live a life of a new type of "normal".

Food issues are definitely difficult to deal with when diagnosed, but after a while it becomes a new lifestyle routine and habit. It DOES get better.

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Mary Reed

Mary Reed
Arizona USA
Member since 6/2/03
Posts: 328
Skill: Intermediate
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Date: 8/28/10 11:23 PM

Very timely....I was also just diagnosed on August 18th. I am still learning, but am now VERY aware when I have been "glutened." I, too, have had a "sensitive tummy" for my entire life. No one EVER whispered Celiac, until now and I am 53!!

Thank you to everyone who also responded. I would love a couple of blog recommendations for recipes. Any suggestions.

I am sorry that you are on this path.

Member since 2/3/06
Posts: 1780
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In reply to Mary Reed

Date: 8/29/10 0:00 AM

I would love a couple of blog recommendations for recipes.

I always recommend Gluten Free Goddess to not only coeliacs, but others with food allergies/sensitivities. She not only has brilliant recipes but advice on how to go gluten free, what to look for when shopping and covers multiple food issues.



Member since 6/18/03
Posts: 2143
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Date: 8/29/10 2:04 AM

I'm gluten intolerant and we've managed to exorcise wheat from the house pretty thoroughly. The first month is decidedly the hardest as you just keep running into all this stuff you can't eat any more. Give it some time and be patient with yourself and stock some little GF treats to make it a little more bearable. I've found that most of the blatant substitutes for gluten rich items, like GF bread and pasta, just isn't that great and only reminds me of what I'm missing. Instead I much prefer going naturally GF with potatoes, beans, rice, and rice noodles forming the bulk of our carbs. It's gotten to the point I don't notice it and the few times I've sneaked some bread I've found that I don't actually like it all that much. And I used to ADORE bread. Tastes change, fortunately!

One positive I've discovered is that so often bread is just the filler. Get rid of that and you can focus on the good stuff!

I have found that fast food is just a pain to try and do GF. The places that offer salads can often be worked with but it's discouraging to munch on greens when what you really want is a good ol' burger. Don't be ashamed to steer clear of places like that for a month or two.

Do start reading labels. I've discovered some unexpectedly GF granola bars and other little treats that make life a little easier.

Pick up an asian cookbook - most of those recipes can be made up GF and are so good you won't miss your breads!

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Washington USA
Member since 3/27/02
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Date: 8/29/10 3:20 AM

Corn tortillas are good too. Of course make sure they're not a flour/corn blend, but that's not terribly common anyway. I like them warmed and folded around almost any filling, and quesadillas satisfy my pizza cravings nicely. And then of course there are chilaquiles...
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