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Forum > Sewing Machines > Juki TL98Q issues with regulating speed ( Moderated by Sharon1952, EleanorSews)

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Juki TL98Q issues with regulating speed
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Date: 11/21/12 1:08 AM

I have a Juki TL98Q and bought an add-on speed regulator for it. I can set the speed regulator at a certain speed, sew, and when I stop and start again, it either runs slightly faster or slower than it did before I stopped. I tested it without the speed regulator by putting a rectangle eraser behind the foot pedal so it would only depress so far. It does the same thing. Do you think the problem is in the foot pedal or in the motor of the machine? This issue is important to me because I want to free motion quilt with this machine and I prefer to quilt slowly and at a consistant speed. I like to set a machine at a particular speed so I don't have to think about slowing down or speeding up, I just want to think about moving the quilt.

Julia C
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Date: 12/2/12 12:57 PM


California USA
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In reply to janetstone <<

Date: 12/2/12 3:27 PM

I had actually never heard of those things, until I looked them up. I think if machine runs slower or faster each time you use it, and you have an outside kind of device plugged into for speed control, it probably is the speed regulator thingie. And just putting a rectangle eraser on there somehow to pretend it was not on there as a comparison, to not using one at all, in retrospect, is probably not a very good comparison test. Since to me, it seems it would still be on there and electrical connected, if it's the kind that plugs into your normal came with the sewing machine foot control. Also once you plug something into the foot control, maybe even small chance that could even possibly change something in the foot control, or the sewing machine, even when and after you took that item off the foot control later. Probably depends on just how it even works.

So if it was me, and I put one on a foot control like that, and had your issue, first I would try to figure out if it was supposed to work that way or not, as maybe it really is, and maybe just user error in expectations or thinking it's not. Then, after that, if I still really thought it was a problem issue, then I would just try to find an extra and new and good different normal real foot control that went with that machine, (found probably in any real brick and mortar store that sells the actual sewing machine near you) and remove the foot control you are using now with the speed regulator thing plugged into it, or ever had one plugged into it, and just use the other known good and fine foot control, for comparison and see if machine then ran just like when brand new and never used with the regulator thingie plugged into the foot control or not.

If it still did not, then at that point, maybe it's really something more in the sewing machine instead now.

Also you don't state what kind of thing or where you even got it from, there are probably several of those kind of things being sold. If you said exactly what you were using, then if anyone else used the same thing, on the same machine, they might post and you might have a comparison between at least just you and them. If it were mine, I also think I would just go back and talk to the place I got the regulator thingie from and try to pick their brains on it and see what they thought was going on. Also I would try to find some other people whom had the exact same kind of machine, and used the exact same regulator thingie as you, and see if your machine is working just like theirs, with or without that attached or even not for comparison, with everyone else that is using the exact same combination of stuff.

So no answers, but maybe a plan on how to trouble shoot it and maybe get some answers?
-- Edited on 12/2/12 3:33 PM --

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