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Forum > Miscellaneous > What are your Sewing Goals for 2013? ( Moderated by Deepika, EleanorSews, CynthiaSue)

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What are your Sewing Goals for 2013?
West Virginia USA
Member since 10/29/03
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Date: 12/9/12 9:13 AM

Here's mine:

1. Learn to make panties.
2. Use my coverstitch machine more.
3. Blog more often.
4. Make a quilt for my bedroom.
5. Re-pad my dressform.

Sewing Makes Me Happy

skae  Friend of PR
Member since 4/23/07
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In reply to BJ1400
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Date: 12/9/12 9:21 AM

my goal this year is to sew up some of my stash.
make some doll clothes.
Make lots of clothes for my granddaughter.
do lots of embroidery.
I think that is a good goal.

Ecclesiastes 11:7,8 Nothing on earth is more beautiful than the morning sun. Even if you live to a ripe old age, you should try to enjoy each day, because darkness will come and will last a long time. (CEV)

Changma  Friend of PR
New York USA
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Date: 12/9/12 10:50 AM

1. Finish something...anything.
2. Save money for my dream pfurple machine.
3. Use fabric stash.
4. Finish something...anything.
5. Make a charitable project every 2 months.
6. Continue to try to make all my own clothes (haven't bought anyrhing yet!)
7. Use pattern stash.
8. Use my Futura.
9. Finish something...anything.
10. Master the French seam!

I'd much rather have PEACE than pieces...

minggiddylooloo  Friend of PR
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Date: 12/9/12 11:02 AM

1. Sew up stash (both quilting and garment fabric).
2. Conquer tailoring.
3. Learn as much as my brain can handle at one of Susan Khalje's classes.
4. Try to remember to blog about #1-3.

I'm finally a blogger!

tgm and Kittys
tgm and  Kittys
Wisconsin USA
Member since 3/8/10
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In reply to BJ1400
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Date: 12/9/12 11:25 AM

It is hard to know where to start!
1. Major organization of the whole room! Now that is going to take me quite allot of time.
2. learn to use 1 step buttonhole function
3. See if I can learn to make shorts & slacks.

Hopefully I can do number 1 & number 2 for sure... number 3 I hope to do .

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5/7/16 2 months already..>^^
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karentn  Friend of PR
Tennessee USA
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Date: 12/9/12 1:29 PM

Oiy!! Is really this close to 2013?! Yikes! I've already started on some of these goals and have had moderate success. Writing these down again should serve as reinforcement.

My goals are:
**30 minutes a day in sewing studio
**Do better job of sewing studio organization/upkeep/cleanup (cutting table is NOT to be used as dumping ground for 'I'll put that away later' items from all over the house!
**Stay more connected here

For garment sewing:
*Use stash fabric and patterns.
*Take hard look at current wardrobe. Trash and replace faded, stained, ill-fitting garments. (How many gardening t-shirts does one woman really need?)
*Sew outfits/capsules, not 'orphan' garments that just hang around not being worn
*Don't buy ready-made unless it is something that I cannot make.
*Take time as I'm sewing and enjoy the process, not just rush through to get a finished garment

Non-garment sewing:
*Complete one block a month on Out of the Darkness quilt
*Work on backlog of quilting and embroidery UFO's


Yards in stash: I don't want to know, but I estimate 300.
2016 goals:
3.5 hours per week doing sewing related things
4 yards of stash fabric used for every yard purchased.

2016 Purchased: 2
2016 Used: 18

Member since 6/24/07
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Date: 12/9/12 2:24 PM

2013 goals already! (does anyone else find the year 2013 uninspiring? Thirteen sounds so much like something I'd just like to get over with, not to mention that everything seems to be going to he** in a handcart.)
I suppose I ought to to get these together:-
1. Two UFO jackets, gathering dust for way over a year each
2. Re-organise ze blog (or I should probably say, organise it)

I'd like to (warming to theme now):-
1. Make a dress a month
2. Work up some ideas for appliqués I have in sketch form
3. Draft some patterns to sell
4. Get a few competition entries done in time to enter


Ontario CANADA
Member since 11/4/05
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Date: 12/9/12 3:15 PM

humm, sewing goals for 2013,,,,,
1. sew from stash both fabric and patterns
2. sew up vintage chenell bedspreads to quilts for sale, have way to much and takes up too much room in sewing room
3. work on sewing more items for me , not just sewing for others
4. clean sewing room, right now it is a canadate for the show horders
thats all for now
happy sewing
edited to say
5. write on blog more often . once a week
-- Edited on 12/9/12 3:16 PM --

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patterns new 22 bwofs (10)
patterns in stash (325)
projects completed new (4)
gifted to me singer 99-31

Member since 11/6/07
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Date: 12/9/12 5:04 PM

Oooooh, I LOVE setting goals. I rarely achieve them completely, but I do think they move me forward, which is a bit of a success, IMO.

So, my sewing goals for 2013 are:
1. Reduce my fabric stash so it fits into the designated storage space.
2. Develop a TNT pattern for a woven dress and a shirt.
3. Learn how to modify and adapt my TNT patterns to reflect current styles.
4. Sew more garments that make me feel stylish.
5. Use that bra kit that's languishing in the drawer.
6. Clear out ALL UFOs.
7. Refrain from purchasing any fabric or patterns unless there is an absolute NEED (not just a burning desire, and DEFINITELY not just because it's a 'bargain').
8. Write reviews to document any modifications and alterations to patterns

That's a lot, but I don't think (with the exception of the first one) any of them are ridiculously unachievable. Now I just need to put this list where I see it all the time and am reminded of my commitments.

Kelley (Brisbane, QLD)

Idaho USA
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Date: 12/9/12 5:07 PM

My top 3 are:

1. TnT t-shirt pattern! (This will require mastering the uber-FBA)
2. Sew through stash - patterns and fabric
3. New duvet cover for master bed

And I'd also like to do:

4. Clear out UFOs
5. Get really good/comfortable at button plackets
6. Learn hand quilting
7. Duvet covers for guest beds


8. Remember to blog about it
-- Edited on 12/9/12 5:08 PM --
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