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Bernina 820 vs 750QE
To trade a 820 for a 750QE?
Member since 3/23/13
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Date: 3/23/13 12:22 PM

I bought a 820 when they 1st came out a few years ago - it was returned/replaced but the new one has been sent back to Chicago for repair and still does not stitch a great stitch - especially when Quilting. It changes stitch length in the middle of stitching and tension can not be controlled. Question --- do I try and find a new Mechanic and throw more money into a new try or give up and trade in for a 750QE? I am not sure which road to travel any input would be appreciated!
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Date: 3/23/13 1:07 PM

I think you'd better read the thread here called "Poll on 780, 750, 710" before you invest in another problematic Bernina.

Let's just say all modern sms are well represented in my studio.

threaddy  Friend of PR
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Date: 3/23/13 2:10 PM

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In reply to LuvToSew63

Date: 3/23/13 2:35 PM

Would this be done with your origingal dealer?
Many dealers will not trade 'down'.

If it were me, I'd try to get the 820 fixed but I am biased in favor of the 8-series. My first one was unsatisfactory but the one I have now is truly wonderful.

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In reply to LuvToSew63
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Date: 3/23/13 3:43 PM

You've put a lot of money already into the 820. Demand that it be returned to Chicago yet again. Also, very important -- write a letter to Bernina. Let them know that you want and expect nothing less than perfection. Artsewer did this with her new 7 series machine, and it did indeed come back perfect.

No sense trading down. I know the 8 series was problematic for the first two years, and still have their quirks, which are mainly just the nature of the beast -- things you just have to get used to. But if it isn't stitching correctly, and changing stitch lengths, this is unacceptable. DEMAND they fix it. Or yes, you will raise holy hell all over the internet.
It's really strange - usually when a machine is sent to Chicago it comes back sewing beautifully!

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Date: 3/23/13 5:24 PM

Well...I'm probably not the person to ask because I have had good experience with my 820...but the 8 Series machines are a unique beast unto themselves.

I am curious-- this stitch length issue, do you notice the length change as you go over layers or as you travel down a continuous thickness? Does the stitch length on your computer screen change? I would concede it is kind of a bummer the 820 doesn't have a "thickness sensor" like the Brother's and Vikings.
My second question would be, what kind of surface do you have it set on? That tremendously affects the quality you get out of that machine because they are so incredibly powerful. They really are a semi industrial grade and won't perform the best on anything not absolutely rock solid.

But all of that aside-- if I had not bought my 820 and been patient enough to wait, that is if I had known what Bernina had in the works a year ahead of time: I would have forgone the 820 and got the 780. As it looks now, I will eventually end up with a 780 and keep the 820 also because I don't believe I will ever get my money's worth back by trading the 820.

I kind of rationalize this by telling myself that having both machines is really only a couple of grand more than if I had just bought the 830 to begin with....and golly gee....doesn't that rationalize out to 2000 for a second Bernina? Such a deal (eyeroll)...

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In reply to hpthecat
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Date: 3/23/13 11:54 PM

I do exactly the same thing, the numbers rationalization (two-fer means buy 4!), and I'm an accountant!

I heart Woo (HimmyCat). Until we meet again, my beautiful little boy. I love you.

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In reply to LuvToSew63
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Date: 3/24/13 1:05 AM

When my Bernina 750 was sent out because I had already brought it to the dealers three times to be fixed, I sent a letter by email and also by snail mail. They were address to CEO and Techinical Support a Bernina USA.
In the letter I stated how dissappointed I was in the product, that I had xxx dollars tied up in a machine I could not use.
And I made a detailed account of the problems and nicely but firmly told them to fix the machine quickly or send a new one, or give me back my money. Three options, in less then a week the Bernina was fixed to sew perfectly. Also my dealer was/is terrific and followed through on my behalf.

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