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Forum > Sewing Machines > So 750 is here!! NO, dealer made a mistake!! ( Moderated by Sharon1952, EleanorSews)

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So 750 is here!! NO, dealer made a mistake!!
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Subject: So 750 is here!! They called today, it REALLY is here !! Date: 3/26/13 6:11 PM

I ordered a 750 around January 10th, and because the dealer was told by Bernina that they wouldn't be in until March, they were offering a good discount on them, $4299.00. After going back and forth between the 750 and the PCP, I finally decided on the 750. Because March is almost over, I called my dealer to see if my machine would be coming soon, I was told that it just came in today!! You can imagine my excitement!! I scheduled my pick-up day (Friday) so I could spend lots of time going over the machine before bringing it home. About 5 minutes after hanging up the phone, it rang and it was the dealer telling me they made a mistake, the machine that came in was a 780, not my 750!!! They are going to call Bernina to find out when I should get mine, they'll let me know tomorrow. I knew when I ordered it that it could take this long, but I wasn't prepared for it to take a lot longer. My question to all of you is it fair of me to expected Bernina to make up for this wait by throwing in an "extra" of some sort? I know there are people who have waited much longer than I have for their machines. Thanks for listening to me whine!!
I got the real call today! yay!! They will sew it in today or tomorrow, that left picking it up on Sat., the day before Easter, or Monday. If I picked it up on Sat., there would be no Easter meal, or anything else, so I chose Monday for pick up. I doubt if I will sleep much between now and then!!
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ilesliemy  Friend of PR
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Date: 3/26/13 6:44 PM

I am also waiting on a 710 that I ordered that same week. Soon hopefully!

Bernina Gal

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Date: 3/26/13 7:22 PM

Expect no extras because you have to wait. Everything has to go through customs and the mfg can only estimate when a shipment will arrive.

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In reply to cornut

Date: 3/26/13 7:27 PM

A lot of 7 series purchasers received a $100 gift certificate from Bernina for having to wait so long for the machines.

Apparently I have a gift waiting for me at my dealer's when I'm next in. I was just in, too, but forgot to ask for it.

No rush, coz it'll just be given back to my dealer, anyways. Feet, needles, fabrics...

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Date: 3/28/13 7:46 PM

Just chiming in to say that I hope these sewing machines are clearing customs faster than some of the stuff I've ordered for work lately!

FYI: My boxes from overseas used to take only 2-3 days max to clear customs. More recently, it's been 8-12 days of my stuff sitting in customs.

A client of mine got mittens from a relative in Canada in February that were shipped to her before Christmas.

Something's really screwy going on in Customs lately.

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Date: 3/28/13 8:17 PM

This is a wild hair thought but I wonder if sequester cuts are affecting customs agents? They are closing FAA towers, why not port terminals.

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