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It was a great class and Jennifer is a superior instructor. She has obviously walked the talk and it shows. The lessons were well thought and perfectly detailed - not so much that they were overwhelming. It was my first time in a chat room and I was simply amazed at how well Jennifer handled questions flying in from every direction. I also learned alot from the other students and was grateful to hear about everyone's experiences.
Pam C

The has been a GREAT class!!! Being new to machine embroidery, it got me out of my fear zone and onto the machine and embroidering. The kit Jennifer put together contains different material, stabilizers and toppers with great class lessons. Definitely spend the extra money for the class videos. Jennifer's made the video lessons very clear and step by step, that follow the written instructions. The format is conducive to every level of sewing. Jennifer is great about answering questions, both on the board, and in the chats. The questions from your classmates, and answers from Jennifer and classmates add even more info to the class.

Thank you, Jennifer, for a well organized and well taught class on machine embroidery!! The kits were put together so neatly with everything we needed to stitch out our samples and your instructions were very clear. The videos were a great help in understanding the lessons, especially for me, because I am a visual person. This was my first experience with machine embroidery and this class excited my interest in a craft in which, up until now, I had no interest. After your excellent instructions made the process easy and after seeing the beautiful creations everyone was turning out, I am eager to try even more machine embroidery techniques.

As everyone else has posted, this was a great class. Well organized. The kits were so helpful, took the stress out of trying the different fabrics. Jennifer was excellent as an instructor. I would love to have another class on embroidery. I learned so much that will help me be less timid taking on these types of projects.

Jennifer is an excellent and responsive teacher. The lessons were easy to read and understand. The kit was well organized and the optional video lessons were well worth the price. I have my lessons and kit information in a binder for easy reference. I am much more confident about machine embroidery. Jennifer did a great job of keeping us informed and answering all questions. She is wonderful!

What a marvelous class! I hadn't used my emb. machine much - mostly for sewing. Now I have much more confidence and really learned a lot. I agree with all that has been said about this class. Thank you so much Jennifer! I'm ready for the second class!

This class was so well organized and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The class materials were excellent. Jennifer is obviously highly knowledgeable and responsive to questions and problems. Loved having the videos available!!

I liked the format. The lessons were delivered on time. The lessons were easy to understand and the instructions were thorough and the photos clear. All my questions were answered, and I read everyone else's questions and all the answers. I did not experience any technical difficulties. Maybe by the time I take another class, I'll have learned to operate a camera and download photographs. I did not attend the chats because I'm in a different part of the world. I would recommend these classes to a friend and I would definitely take more.

I was very frightened at the prospect of doing machine embroidery. I didn't understand the first thing about stabilizers, etc. Now, with the printed out sheets I feel much more confident. There is a lot more to learn about machine embroidery and I just barely scratched the surface. Now I need to solidify my learnings. Thanks for a great class!

This has been my most successful class so far, partially due to the fact that Jennifer was very focused on specifics. She did not try to make the class so all-encompassing that we got lost trying to keep up. She used fabrics that were very common and yet also could pose problems for new embroiderers. The kit she put together was extremely well-equipped and her detailed lessons, with photos and step-by step instructions were wonderful.

I would definitely recommend the class to friends, and I hope that PR will invite Jennifer to teach another embroidery class very soon. I've had my embroidery machine for almost two years, and I finally got the jump-start I needed to get it up and running. I don't have much support here in my area, so this was fantastic for me. Now I have some of the basic tools necessary for continuing with embroidery, not to mention all the tips, supply sources and techniques that I don't think I could have found elsewhere. Brava Jennifer!

The lessons were outstanding. Note that this is not a Digitizing Class - we used pre-made embroidery designs. The purpose of this class was to learn which designs to use on what fabric, and to learn how to properly align the design, select and use stabilizers, and how the designs stitch on different fabrics. We made samples on stretch denim, organza, fleece, cotton knit, and terry. I've read a few 'beginner' embroidery books, several magazine and online articles, and attended 2 classes from my machine dealer... and still felt like I needed more instruction. This class wins the prize! There is an optional 'Sample Kit' - be sure to get that kit! It includes every stablizer and fabric and eliminates the confusion of what to use for what type of fabric. Jennifer also gave us guidelines on the design selections - some designs work better on different types of fabrics - and this was extremely helpful in producing beautiful embroidery.

There were videos available as an optional purchase, and they were worth every penny. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the videos are worth millions! There was a technical problem with one of the videos, which took a few days to resolve. I think this was due to the fact that this class is new, and now that it's been fixed it shouldn't be a problem for future classes.

I was very skeptical of the idea of online sewing classes - but this turned me into a believer! I was very pleased and the class exceeded my expectations. Jen is very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful! Her work is inspiring! This class was a little bit more 'free-form' than the PR classes I've taken since, but it was the perfect format for this class - it really allowed you to do the lessons in the order that made the most sense for you.

Jen answered all of our questions, usually going above and beyond to help us - finding out about features and specifications on different machines, software, etc and answering our questions after the class officially ended.

This class was exactly what I needed. I had an embroidery machine and some designs, but was too intimidated by all it seemed I needed to know to get started on my own. This class taught me not only the basics, but also some additional information and tips that have made me much more confident. I would highly recommend it and because of this class I'm now addicted to PR classes! I especially loved the optional videos. I was really glad I chose to buy access to them - as a visual learner, they were invaluable to me, and I wish they were available sometimes for other classes.

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