Soft Handbag Construction Class Feedback

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Just want to say that I have immensely enjoyed this class. I have really learned a lot so far, and I plan to make more bags with varying fabrications. Kenneth, the class notes are great, and the chats have been fun and informative. I'm looking forward to the rigid bag class!
Gorgeous Things, May 2005

The softbag is such a fun project and it takes so little fabric - now I have an excuse to justify keeping my favorite remnants. I get lots of compliments on just my sample bag.
PhyllisC, May 2005

I thoroughly enjoyed this class with Kenneth King, the format was great, the lessons were delivered on time and were easy to understand and thorough. Kenneth answered all questions asked of him. I was late for the last chat and left early because of work commitments. I would take any class that Mr. King offered, the man is an absolute genius, and excellent instructor and an all around nice guy. I would recomend these classes to friends and enemies. I would gladly take other classes with Kenneth, I have already signed up for the hard bag class.
CarolynKP, May 2005

I have thoroughly enjoyed the "Soft Handbag Construction class with Kenneth King.The class was well presented with lovely clear photos, illustrations, well written text and all the pages numbered - no way could they be mixed up. This made it very easy to follow and understand.
knitter, May 2005

I loved the class, i thought the lessons were thorough and well presented and accessible even to a beginner. I was a little surprised that the basic bag didn't include fastenings or a strap, but others got to those questions before me and kenneth's answers were very thorough and detailed. I would definitely recommend the class. i had a few raised eyebrows in my local fabric shops when I explained I was doing an online course, but I found it great, and posibly better than a 'real life' class as we were able to contact kenneth throughout the duration of the course, rather than being restricted to classroom hours. I also felt that it enabled all students to get exactly the amount of attention they needed. I liked the class so much I'm considering signing up for the rigid construction class even though I'll be on holiday most of the time. Thanks to kenneth for the class and to deepika for making it all possible :)
superfurry, May 2005

This course was wonderful. Kenneth King is a superb instructor who has a gift for not only originality but clarity of instruction. It is just wonderful that such a brilliant designer would even want to teach -- and then to have the ability to teach so well!!
Lani A. George, May 2005

I have taken many classes offered by PR - online classes just work with the busy lives we all lead. I never made the effort to participate in the chats until this class - and was delighted to make it to two chats. I'm sooo glad I did! They were fun, informative, and Mr King, your sense of humour was quite enjoyable. The lessons are super - clear, informative instructions, detailed photos, a great resource for future projects. I am just now paying more attention to accessorizing, and these handbags are ohh so couture!
Peggy McKeil, May 2005

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I'm feeling empowered with some new techniques to fashion a few fabrics into absolute works of art! Kenneth is a great communicator and was quick to respond to our questions.I would recommend this class to anyone.
treacy, May 2005

Kenneth - you are really an excellent teacher. I've enjoyed both classes I've taken with you and will take more. I've not only learned new techniques, but a new way of thinking that will allow me to develop my own new techniques when I have an "unsolvable" problem.
bunz, May 2005

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