Rigid Handbag Construction Class Feedback

Class feedback submitted by participants

The class format was well structured. There was a good feeling on the opening class boards and Kenneth made it a welcoming environment. The lessons were delivered on time. They were very detailed instructions enhanced with lovely color photographs AND text/arrows explaining what the pictures represented. A nice touch. I've printed and bound (in a folder) all the lessons, chats, and will soon print the boards to add to the assembled information. When I look at the printout, it is almost like I now have a "living book." As I went along, reading the lessons before a chat or before attempting something, I knew I could ask and would get feedback from Kenneth right away.

The chats were also very nice. I attended 2 of the 3 chats. Even though I only have dial up at home, I was able to communciate and receive information quickly. The chats were good: people contributed ideas and challenges that might be useful for others later. My only critique of the chat concerns the way they are scheduled: The time between the second and final chats could be a few days longer.

On the instructor, specifically, I was impressed not only by the speed with which Kenneth answered my questions but also by the seriousness, attention, and respect he gave them. It is nice to know that a famous fashion designer and haute couture professor is also a responsive teacher; one who has an easy manner and is willing to treat those with different sewing/design experience with the same courtesy as he would extend to a peer or colleague. That was refreshing and encouraging.

I would, and have, recommended this class to others. A wonderful job, Kenneth, many thanks.
lisaquilts, June 2005

Class was excellent. Lessons thorough. I did not attend chats. I take care of a sick parent and am unable to be anyplace at a certain time. I will take other online classes. Especially classes given by Kenneth.
Barbara A, June 2005

This was the first online class that I have taken. I had no technology issues - I even participated in a chat and had specific questions answered by an expert instructor. I appreciate the opportunity to take classes without traveling or missing work. I was so pleased that I also signed up for Kenneth King's zippered welt pocket classes and enjoyed that as well.
gigiw, June 2005

My first class with Pattern Review has definitely wetted my appetite for future classes. The notes were well done with several illustrations that really helped clarify the topic at hand i.e. construction of "rigid" handbags. The instructor Kenneth King was cordially and extremely generous with his time. Questions I posted were answered within 24 hours. Even a question I placed on a Saturday was answered that day!!!

I learned much from Mr. King; but I must also add that the other students taught me a lot e.g. websites that offer special notions. Also I wish to thank Deepika for the obvious effort she puts forth in bringing together a website of the fine caliber as PatternReview.com exhibits.
Shannon1, October 2005

I really enjoyed the lesson with Kenneth. The lessons themselves were well written and the accompanying photos made instructions easy to understand. Kenneth readily shared his tips and techniques always with humour and his encouragement and support were much appreciated. Other class members were also very generous in sharing information.
ymh42, October 2005

I've taken several classes at Pattern Review, and they've really all been quite good. I've never had a problem with the format of the lessons, and the teachers have all been excellent. As detailed as any class I've taken in a school, with the bonus of being able to look at every detail any time you like.

I especially like the classes on advanced/unusual techniques. I haven't been able to take every class I wanted, so I hope that at some point they would be repeated, but that's about it.
Pacific, October 2005

Kenneth answered every question thoroughly and patiently, and if we did not understand, he tried again! I have taken another online class on ways to change a basic tee shirt, and found the instructor not so patient, and only one sentence answers given. I actually decided never to take another, and then was tempted to try this one, as a friend said it was good. I am glad I gave online classes another chance The entire experience was excellent! Thanks!
maggy, October 2005

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