Zippered Welt Pocket Class Feedback

Class feedback submitted by participants

This was a great class -- I plan to take more from Kenneth. The lessons were delivered right off and were excellent - easy to understand & with good photos of the techniques. Kenneth was wonderfully available and answered all my beginner questions w grace and humor.
bunz, August 2005

The photos were very good and certainly complete and Kenneth did answer any questions I had. I did attend the chat and enjoyed the input from the rest of the class. I would definitely do another class.
tizktsews, August 2005

The class was thorough, concise and just what I had hoped. Kenneth King is an excellent instructor.
Elaine Penney, August 2005

I'd like to thank Kenneth King for this class & Deepika for being such a great facilitator! The lessons were great -- it is so well organized, illustrated & detailed that in my experience all one needs to do is to follow it along, step by step. Voila, a double-welt zippered pocket! I was truly amazed.
PVA, October 2005

Liked the format of the class Yes, lessons on time except for one technology glitch that Deepika respnded to in a timely way. Kenneth's lessons were top notch, the many photos were exceptionally helpful for me. The chat and Boards were ok. I would like to have seen more photos posted by the students of their results not that I even posted my own.
joan, October 2005

I loved this class, after all it was by Kenneth King! His instructions and guidance are THE best for welt pockets, zippered or not.
Sandra C, October 2005

This class met with my expectations. Even though it was a brief class, it was very clear and the presentation was excellent. I have met Kenneth King before and am in awe of his fabulous designs and craftsmanship. His method of making this pocket was great and so much quicker than the traditional method.
JEB, October 2005

The lessons were clear and easy to understand. It looks like it would be so hard to do, but it isn't! I would definitely recommend this class.
Mary Gillette, November 2005

Superb class! There are so many applications for this technique and I am looking forward to exploring them. I would surely recommend this class and already have to one friend. Format was excellent and timely. Many thanks to Pattern Review and Kenneth King.
freddy, November 2005

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