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This was one of two classes I took at the same time online and both were my first. I have to say both (underlining and drapery panels) were excellent. I have already utilized the techniques Sarah taught me for one of my customers. I made a dress for a client out of some cotton fabric from Nigeria. I underlined it with batiste. It turned out wonderful. As soon as I can I will post a photo of the dress. Thanks again for offerin these classes. I am currently enrolled in the interfacing class and just received my kit.

Jenny Shumate
July 2008

This was my first online class and it was a great experience! I've been sewing for years but never learned the importance of underlining. Now I fell like I've filled in a big hole in my sewing knowledge bank. Sarah is a wealth of information. Her class covers so much more than I was expecting. The packet she sends before the class is a valuable addition to the lessons. Sarah is a great teacher with years of experience. I'd love to be able to sit in one of her hands-on classes at some point. She's very patient and answers every question thoughtfully. The format is easy to use and understand. I love the fact that I can download the information at my leisure. Even the chats. The one suggestion I would have is to look into doing a podcast instead of chat rooms. It seems to me that the chats can be a bit confusing to follow and the instructor has to keep track of who is asking what question. A podcast might be more interactive, though I don't know how the overseas people could manage it. It was very cool having class members from around the world on the chats!

July 2008

This class exceeded my expectations. I knew that underlining would fascinate me, but I learned a lot more than what I could just read in a magazine article. The hands-on, step-by-step approach really worked well for me, and I feel like I've come away knowing a lot how fabric can be styled with this technique. For me it was more like learning how to 'build' a garment, the way you might construct a building, rather than just 'putting it together' and getting what you get.

Sarah Veblen was very thorough and provided excellent materials for the class, and helped us find sources to obtain more supplies when they will be needed. In the class kit, she included samples of very nice silk organza and the 'cheaper' version so we could compare, and that was a nice touch since 'fine fabric' is new to me. Oh what I've been missing! We discussed a lot of options what fabrics to use, and how each might be appropriate in different circumstances.

This was my first Pattern Review class. I found the format easy to use, and I love that I can 'save' the lessons to re-read later without having to write everything down.

I attended all of the chats, though I had to leave a little during one of them. They were very helpful, and I love that I can also learn from the other people in the class.

I did have some technical issues during the first online chat, which turned out to be my browser. I'd had Java disabled on my Internet Explorer, but I switched to Mozilla Firefox and had no further problems. I constantly tweak my computer settings, so I didn't need to call for help.

July 2008

I was a little nervous about the cost of this cost, but it was worth every penny. The course materials were excellent. They were well written and had some excellent photos. The kit was great and I enjoyed being able to work through the lessons. This lessons were always on time and Sarah is a great instructor. She answers all questions thoroughly and the chats were wonderful. I missed one chat while on vacation, but enjoyed the other two chats. I highly recommend this class and I would not hestitate to take another class from Sarah.

Denise D
August 2007

This class was very informative. Although I had a hard time staying up with the class lessons (my schedule was very difficult), I have hard copies to refer back to when I need them. Sarah is a great teacher and the chat sessions where amazing. It was great to interact with this very talented group of women!! I hope that I will be able to take some further classes with Pattern Review.

August 2007

Just wanted to add to the positive feedback and encourage Sarah to keep offering more classes. Not only is the subject matter very well presented but the extra comments about basic sewing and fabric management are very helpful to beginners. I have found this to be an excellent way to learn and I am gaining more confidence in the whole process. I look forward to taking more classes.

August 2007

Sarah Veblen's description of her class was thorough and enough for me to sign up immediately. Even before the class began on March 27, Sarah was responding to specific questions about the class, techniques, and fabric choices. Before the class started we received information about what kinds of fabrics swatches it would be useful (but not required) to have on hand. Sarah sent out packets that included a half-scale patterns and two fashion fabrics and underlining fabrics, along with thread and needles. Sarah's started with a description of underlining, which included how it differs from lining, interlining, and interfacing and how they each might be used together. She followed by describing garment construction. We learned methods for choosing the underlining fabric to go with the fashion fabric, as well as characteristics of commonly used underlining fabric like organza, georgette, batiste and more.

The next lessons were "hands-on" using the materials we'd received in the packets. This included preparing, laying and cutting out the fabrics. Pinning and basting the fabrics were well described and illustrated by the many photos included with the class notes. In the end, we would end up with an underlined skirt and bodice.

Sarah's online class style was professional but very inviting to questions and comments. The class "notes" were well-written (and edited) and will be a great reference when I actually underline that evening dress and other garments. Given the opportunity, I'd sign up for another class with Sarah in a heartbeat.

Fiberlyone, OR, USA, April 2006

Since 02/2004, I have taken approximately 22 online classes through PatternReview. I continue to learn from each class and am delighted with the overall format, informative and understandable lessons and the outstanding knowledge of each instructor and their willingness to help each student.

Sarah Veblen is a super instructor and willingly shared her vast sewing expertise with us. I prepare and maintain a binder for every class (the binder is labeled on the end with the class subject and date for my quick reference). I read every word that is posted during a class, highlighting pertinent information and even put a "post-it note" on facts that I particularly will need to reference often. I am truly becoming the seamstress that I have always wanted to be!! Thank you so very much for these online classes. Keep them coming!

Mary Lively, OK, USA April 2006

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and the chat sessions. Unfortunately my own time constraints meant that I didn't have the chance to participate in the chat sessions. I found the lessons easy to understand and thorough so will be using the material as an ongoing reference.

I will happily take further classes. It is great to have an on-line resource to fill in the gaps in my sewing education and to teach me new or different ways of sewing. Thank you Sarah for a most enjoyable class.

lanichi, Australia, April 2006

As with all the pattern review classes, i've enjoyed this one. sarah's lessons were clear, techniques well explained, and lessons and chats were very informative. Sarah answered all questions, and explained reasoning behind answers, so that was also informative. I look forward to taking other classes on pattern review.

carole, MA, USA April 2006

Thank you for another great, educational class. The information was clear and well written, so when I fell behind, it was easy to catch up. I really liked the kit that went along with the class. Thanks for your advice with my underlining projects. I look forward to taking the next class you teach.

Tarheelsewer, NC USA , April 2006

Sarah is a wonderful teacher her lessons are clear and easy to understand. I plan to take many more classes when offered. Thank you Sarah and Deepika for offering this wonderful learning opportunity online.

Connie A, WI, USA, Nov. 2006

This class by Sarah Veblen exceeded all my expectations as do all of Sarah's classes. She is a talented lady and extremely accessible. Sarah really "listens" to your posts and is there to help you whenever you need it. She has well prepared kits that offer her students first class materials and also is ready to provide resource lists to find those materials. She is with you every step of the way. By the time I finished this course, I knew so much more than when I started. Her lessons are always posted on time, thorough, and easy to understand. The chats which I joined in on this time were loads of fun. Please, please offer more classes by Sarah. I can't say enough good things about her and can't wait to take her next class.

cecelia, Nov. 2006

This was an incredible class. Sarah's format was well conceived and orderly. Everything made sense and was presented clearly.I would recommend any of the classes I have taken through Pattern Review. All instructors are professionals who care about their craft and share their enthusiasm with the class.

Christie Gail, FL, USA, Nov. 2006

This was my first experience with an online class and it far exceeded my expectations! Sarah Veblen did an excellent job of preparing our class kits, organizing and delivering the lessons, and addressing the questions posed by class participants. Her descriptions and photos were "dummy-proof."

I did not participate in the chats because I didn't have anything specific to contribute. If I had been working on a garment during the course, I might have had some questions. I did read the chats after they were posted and they were a very good additional learning component. I would definately recommend these courses - and Sarah - to anyone interested in learning more about sewing. I liked the online course better than a workshop - more time to experiment and form questions without the hassle and expense of travel. I'm currently taking a second online PR course and planning to register for a third.

Paula Anderson, Nov. 2006

Ms. Velben goes far beyond the call of duty when answering questions. In her classes I have not only learned the subject matter at hand but she is wonderful in giving "extra" instruction as well. Chats are a blast to participate in.

I would recommend PR classes to anyone. I have encouraged others to participate in PR classes.

krystalkaes, Nov. 2006

This is one of the best classes I have taken. I already took two of Sarah Veblen's - also absolutely essential (knits and interfacing).

needlenorth, Nov. 2006

I really enjoyed this class because I've learned so much that I can use right away. Sarah Veblen explained the concept of underlining, as well as, how to underline. She also answered specific questions relating to personal sewing projects. I have two new garments I'm working on and I am applying what I've learned in class to these items.

I liked the flexible class format which enabled me to work the assignments into my schedule and then ask questions in online chats.

zinc, TX, USA, Nov. 2006

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