Couture Strap Seam Construction Class Feedback

Class feedback submitted by participants

Couture Strap Seam was my first online class experience. I enjoy learning new couture techniques and Kenneth was very helpful. His color photos were excellent and instructions as always with Kenneth clear and precise.

mozart May 2006
The lessons were very well presented. I thought the steps were presented clearly, and the photos were very helpful. Our instructor answered every question... some of them more than once. He is a wonderful teacher, very knowledgeable, and funny too! I would absolutely recommend this class and have to my students. I would love to see Kenneth offer more class online. He is a terrific teacher, and very motivating. Thanks for the great class!

tmcclintok May 2006
The printed handout lessons for the class were excellent. In fact they were so good that there seemed to be little left for question sessions. I was able to attend one part of one chat, and he is very personable and knowledgeable.

Marji Feb 2007
The class met my expectations. The lessons were very clear and easy to follow. They were available prior to the first chat. I thought Kenneth King did a wonderful job fielding questions and providing feedback. He was genuinely interested in how the students were progressing with the lessons. Willing to discussed items with the students. All my questions were answered. Attended all the class chats. No problems with the format.

wendyiastitcher Feb 2007
This class was fantastic! The instructions were so well done I created my samples without a hitch. Lessons were well done, both in content and photos. While I did not attend the chats, I have utilized this feature with other classes and have had no problems. I would recommend this class to others.

SandraC Feb 2007
Strap Seam Construction was a very informative and enjoyable class. Kenneth King is a super instructor and a very nice man. The lessons were clearly written and the photo illustrations complimented the text perfectly. Mr. King answered all of my questions, plus many more off topic, during the two chats I attended. I did not attend the chat held during the day as I was at work. I will be taking another class from Mr. King - a very knowledgeable man! I try to take one or two classes each year from PR and have never been disappointed.

Lizz Feb 2007
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