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I was not able to take part in many of the discussions, but I know that Sarah knows her subject from the few chats and lessons I've seen plus previous articles. What I did feel was a warm invitation to take part and that is appreciated. I'm saving every word, in every file of this class and will be going over it all during the next couple weeks.
June 2006

Sarah's classes always meet my expectations. she is a fantastic teacher and is so very knowledgeable on fabrics. Every time one of her classes come up, i mus sign up. Even though i might not always get to the chats, i always collect my transcripts(always helpful) to read later. By the way I wonder if it is possible to have a record of the message board contacts (also helpful). I look forward to future classes.
March 2008

The Understanding series of classes is perfect in our cyberspace world. With so many of us using mail and internet ording sources, it is fabulous to have an understanding of the types of fabric available to us and the properties to expect.The kits for each of these classes offers us a way to shop at home with samples and knowledge to make proper decisions.Understanding Sheers was no exception to each of the Understanding courses I have taken.The class exceeded my expectations, as do all of Sarah's classes. The information is wonderful, well presented, and easy to understand. Sarah answers questions with sound reasoning and terrific information. I highly recommend all of Sarah's classes to anyone considering adding to their sewing, fabric, or construction education. Wonderful!!!!
Connie A
March 2008

Once again, Sarah really helped me understand a fabric type. She is very giving of her expertise, even when slightly off topic, to help someone work through an issue. The samples are a great resource - the little squares as well as the larger pieces we made into small-scale garments. The little samples are really helpful in these days of internet fabric buying. The lessons are easy/quick to read through and informative - to these and previous classes I expect I will refer again and again.

I have now taken 6 or 7 classes at PR, and I find the format of posted .pdf's; open Q&A board; combined with 3 or 4 online chat sessions to be about the closest we can get to a live class. It's almost better, in fact, because we can work through the lessons at our own paces given our schedules and have the resources to return to after the fact. I had no technical difficulties. I will (and have) continue to recommend PR classes to friends and colleagues. Even in this metropolitan area, sewing classes are hard to come by at a convenient time for working people.
March 2008

I had never sewn with sheer fabrics before and didn't know what to expect. It goes without saying that I learned a lot. I didn't even know eyelet material was considered a sheer fabric. I found the course a bit overwhelming at first, mostly owing to this being a bit more advanced class than I'm at sewing-level wise right now but also due to the sheer volume of text. I'm a working mom and have to go at my own pace, but I managed to chug along doggedly; and now I feel a lot more confident. I even have a couple of sheer projects lined up--bathing suit coverups!

Sarah is an expert at her topic. I particularly enjoyed the swatch kit and the swatch by swatch discussion of each fabric and its properties, suggested needles to use, and suggested types of materials to make.
Lucy in Virginia
March 2008

This is my first class with Sarah, but I have participated in other classes on patternreview. Sarah is a lovely, warm, patient instructor with a fabulous knowledge of her subject matter and always answers any questions we might have very promptly. The instructions were very useful and full of knowledge and I feel more confident now when I brouse for sheers at my local fabric stores. It was great to have the sample of fabrics to really get to know all the different types of sheers. The course covered all the topics I could think of and more. The classes were posted at a great time for me (living in Australia) and despite the time difference I was amazed at how quickly Sarah responded to my questions. Unfortunately I couldn't attend the chat sessions (mostly due to 2 small children at home) but the chat transcripts are always good to refer to. I know I will be constantly referring to these and the class notes when I sew with sheers in the future! I will definitely be taking the knit course in future and can recommend Sarah's classes. I have learnt more through classes on patternreview than I did in the 18 months I spent doing hands-on sewing classes! I am hooked!
March 2008

Sarah Velben's Understanding Sheers class was to the high standard of instruction I have come to expect when taking her classes. She is a gifted teacher. Sarah has the lessons available in plenty of time to review them, she moderated the chats with gentleness but kept us all on track on the subject at hand. As always the chats are warm and inviting and I get to know other sewing enthusiasts which is rewarding in itself. I have learned a great deal about sheer textiles and feel prepared to delve into working with sheer fabrics now. I also deeply appreciate that Sarah makes herself available to her students through the whole learning process. I know that if I have a sheer fabric question in a month or two she will gladly answer it. In fact, she will continue to ask questions if she isn't clear on the issue the first time around. I truly appreciate this quality in a teacher. It shows her deep care for those she teaches.
March 2008

I really enjoyed this class! It is so nice to discover new territory, and I know that tissue wool is high on my list after this class. The kit and the skirts are nice and important additions to the lessons. I have done several of Sarah´s classes and recommend them all to everyone.
Marie Norway
March 2008

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