Top 10 Couture Techniques With Susan Khalje Class Feedback

Class feedback submitted by participants

This was my first online class and I really enjoyed it! The printed lessons were exceptional! They were very well written and perfectly illustrated with photographs. Susan was wonderful - very warm, friendly and helpful - both in responding to messages on the board and during the chats. My only suggestion for improvement has to do with the timing of the chats. I work full time and only have time to sew over the weekends. For me, the chats were spaced too closely together - I often was not able to work on the lessons in between 2 scheduled chats, therefore I didn't have new questions.
GwenC, August 2007

Unfortunately I was unable to participate in the chatrooms, but Susan is a great resource for couture sewing techniques. Even though I have been sewing for quite a while, she has taught me a couple of things that I either never knew or forgot about.
vasallese , July 2007

I really enjoyed Susan's class. I learned a lot, and the instructions are so clear and the pictures good. I did attend the chat. Yes, I have already recomended this class to others. Keep sending us great classes like this and Kenneth King's!
maggy, July 2007
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