Understanding Interfacings Class Feedback

Class feedback submitted by participants

Understanding Interfacings was one terrific class. Having samples of many interfacings was great. Sarah is an excellent instructor. Her lessons were well organized, specific to the topic, and in depth. My only wish is that the class was spread out over a longer time period. I wish I'd have been better able to keep up with the lessons. On line discussions went smoothly. Sarah kept us on topic in a good way. It was interesting to learn from other people's questions and experiences as well as Sarah's comments, suggestions and answers.

This class was more informative than I expected it to be. I learnt more about "Interfacing" in these two weeks than I would in a life time. Sarah was always available when anyone had a question that needed to be answered. I have to say that I did not have any problems with the technology on this website. The format was easy to follow and the material was written where a person had no trouble understanding and working with it. My only regret that I had was not being able to participate in the chats because I work nights. I would highly recommend this class to my friends.

I think the interfacing class was very informative. I am an experienced sewer but have not sewed in a long time. Information has changed and these classes are a good review and source of new products and techniques. I especially like Sarah Veblen's classes, not only for the good information, but for the sample fabrics included in class fee. I don't participate in the chat classes however I do read the chat information and board messages when available. I would recommend this classes to everyone. -Aloha

The interfacings course was very good and in particular I thought that the communication from Sarah Veblen was excellent. The course notes and Interfacings pack arrived in plenty of time for the course and are a great source of information for the future. I have put all of the notes and interfacings together, I am still trying to work through the examples (lack of time!) but so far have found the whole course most enlightening and easy to follow. I had no technical difficulties and I did manage to look in on one of the chats. I am in the UK so the afternoon chat was good for me. I have already recommended the course to one of my sewing friends. I'll be back....

Having never taken an online class before, I really didn't have any specific expectations--I just wanted to learn something! Needless to say, I learned A LOT! I'd rate this class as excellent, and if I had any friends that sewed, I'd certainly recommend it. Sarah is a great instructor, very knowledgeable and able to convey information in an easily understood way. The course material was very well written and the samples were invaluable. She did a fantastic job of managing the chats, particularly keeping track of all of the various threads. I am glad I was able to participate in all of them, because I think it made it much easier to decipher the transcripts.

This is the third PR class I've taken from Sarah Veblen. She is an outstanding teacher and provides excellent Lessons. Her verbal communication skills are world class; she is able to explain 'how to’ simply and concisely. I wish I could take a class from her in person to observe her hands actually in motion as she sews different techniques.

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