Sewing Facings and Developing Facing Patterns Class Feedback

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This class was the best! Sarah is such a clear educator with a fun, sweet and patient personality. I will take many more of her classes.

Mary T, LA, USA , Feb 2007

This class met my expectations. To be honest I didn't think I would be interested in this class but I took it because Sarah Veblen was teaching and I, once again, learned a huge amount from Ms. Veblen. I now am excited to "play" with necklines and hemlines just because I can and I can with success. Sarah Veblen has consistently taught above and beyond what I expect the material to cover.

krystalkaes, CO, USA , Feb. 2007

I loved the course. I work long hours and the format allowed me to take a course without 'showing up'. Sarah knew more about facings than I even knew there was to know. I wasn't an active participant but I loved the informaiton and have been using it in a couple of projects. I didn't have any questions because it was all so complete.I will take more classes and have signed up for one.I didn't attend the class chats - two for scheduling reasons. One for no good reason at all. I did read the transcripts and the discussion boards faithfully, and I just have to add the Sarah is a saint and very patient.

Dr. Kathryn, MN, USA, Feb 2007

I have enjoyed Sarah's class very much, it was just what I never given the facings much thought. Her format was easy to understand. Lessons were always on time. The lessons were easy to understand (especially for me) with pictures. Sarah was always there if you had any questions. I did have some problems downloading some lessons. When I asked for help, I was promptly helped. I missed the chat, due to prior commitments. I would recommend these classes to my friends and would take these classes again.

lulubug, Feb. 2007

I enjoyed sara's class on facings and feel I got more in depth information about facings than I knew before the class. It is because her classes are so thorough I am looking forward to her next class, "knits". Her instructions were easy to understand and follow.

cleretta, Feb. 2007

I really enjoyed the facings classs. i enjoy all the classes i've taken at pattern review. Since i'm a visual learner i found the photos along with the text lesson very, very helpful. I can't always get the lessons done in time for the chats, but try to join the chats or read the transcripts for additional info. These are the only online classes i've taken so i have nothing to compare them with. sarah's instructions, chat comments and feedback board responses are very instructional. clear, concise, and informative. she's a great teacher.

carole, MA, USA, Feb 2007

I really enjoyed the class--Sarah was very thorough and clear and warm hearted. The lessons were also very thorough and delivered on time and I thought it was interesting how she structured the chats to get people to think--different from any other class I've taken. I would definitely take another class with Sarah and would even consider going to Baltimore to take a class from her in person!

sarahb, NJ, USA, Feb 2007

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