Piped Pocket and Buttonhole Class Feedback

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Loved the class and all the info Kenneth is willing to share. I haven't had time to make up some samples, but after taking the welt pocket class I have no doubts the methods will be full-proof.
May 2007
I like the way Kenneth's class was delivered because I have been a huge fan of his for a long time. And he knows what we want in the way of infomation. He answered all of our questions with patience. I attended all of the class chats. Yes, I would recommend these classes to a friend & have done so before. I will take more of his classes in the future. Deepika, thanks so much for offering these great classes to us.

Bobbie G
May 2007

I like the format of this class because I can work on it when I have the time. The lessons were very timely and were extremely thorough. I must say that Kenneth King has the very best illustrations and that says it all! Even if you did not have his written instructions you could still reproduce the technique. I did attend one class chat but was having cable provider problems so I missed out on some of the chat and I forgot about the other one. I did print out the chats later and added them to my instructions.

I definitely would recommend these classes to everyone. Also, I just love Kenneth's work and I have almost all of his CDs. Even though I do have the majority of his work, I still like these targeted techniques because I can keep them in a separte labeled folder for quick reference. Thanks so much.

May 2007

This is my second class taught by Kenneth King. He is excellent. He provides prompt and helpful responses to questions. His lessons are wonderful - very detailed with beautiful photos. I was unable to attend any of the class chats - the times just didn't work for me. The lessons were delivered on time, however, it would find it helpful to have more time than was allotted between when the lessons were posted and the first chat. In my experience from other classes, the way to get the most from the class chats is to actually work through the lessons prior to the chats.

I will definitely take other classes he may offer and I would recommend them to a friend.

May 2007

First let me say that I enjoyed my first online class very much, as I already said in a post to Kenneth King. I have some trouble getting the right notions (not living in North America, I have not yet found out how rattail cord is called in Dutch, and made do with what I could get, which was definitely something else). So this class met my expectations very well. I would like to be informed on necessary hardware (like special zipper foot) before signing in into a class.

The instructor I found very attentive to the questions asked. I didn't attend the chats, but read the transcripts. This confirmed this idea. The course material is very, very good. Clear, step by step. Good reference material.

May 2007

This was a great class and very informative. Kenneth King is very personable and patient. His methods were easy to follow. Again, this was a great class and a wonderful opportunity. Thank you for offering these classes. I would love to see a class on embellishment techniques in the future.

May 2007

Enjoyed the class thoroughly. Materials are very clearly presented, his methods are unique and are useful in many garments. The chats were informative and fun - Mr. King knows so much and conveys info in such a personable way - you're sorry the class isn't longer. Highly recommended.

May 2007

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. The info was thorough and the pictures demonstrating the technique are fantastic. I find Kenneth to be clear and straitforward. I had no technical issues. I would recommend this class to others as I would other classes on this site.

June 2007

I second all that has been said. The classes go fast but I have a very busy demanding schedule and if they were slower I still would not be able to keep up so -- I think I prefer it this way. The instructions are clear and I print out the info and save it in a notebook with the chats. I usually cannot make a chat but find them very useful as we all have similar questions. Kenneth is wonderful--- Thanks for the great site.

June 2007

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