Birth of a Bustier Class Feedback

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I just wanted to thank Kenneth for this class which was excellent - the lessons and photos he provided were very detailed. I have admired his work for a number of years and this was A THRILL to be able to chat with him and discuss his techniques. I wasn't sure what to expect with an online sewing class but I know now that it is more geared to working on the project per the lessons and then following up with the chats to answer questions and refine the project. I learned a lot from the chats so would definitely encourage participation in them. Although I have more to do to complete this project, it created the desire to learn more and I did purchase the moulage CD to help in that respect. I missed the final chat, unfortunately, but I did attend the other 2 chats and found them to be informative and fun. I look forward to being able to take more of Kenneth's classes because he truly enjoys sharing his talent with his students. I would highly recommend his classes.

May 2008

This class was all that I expected and I learned a lot. The lessons could have been delivered a little earlier but that was not a big concern. The lessons did contain all the information that I needed and they were very easy to understand. Kenneth d King is a fantastic instructor. He is patient and he writes his instructions very clearly and with a lot of pictures.I did attend the class chats and found them to be a lot of fun as well as informative even if I didnt have a question the questions that others asked and the answers given were very helpful. I will definately be taking more classes an PR.

July 2007

This was a great class. Even if I never make another bustier, I've learned a lot of techniques and tricks that will transfer to the other areas of my sewing. Kenneth is a wonderful instructor and very personable. My only suggestion is to have the lessons put up on the board a few days before the first chat so that everyone can gather materials and read through the instructions. This would make the first chat much more valuable and everyone would be ready with questions. Other than that, everything went very well.

June 2007

This was my first online sewing class, so I wasn't totally sure what to expect, but the expectations I had were met. The PDFs and message boards were great. I couldn't participate in the chats because of scheduling but the transcripts were easily accessible. One improvement would be to have the class accessible from the "Your Page" link or something like that. Going into your account seemed a bit excessive. There was an expectation that you already knew things like clipping curves, grading seam allowances, etc. The information on bustier construction was detailed enough for me to successfully make one, however.

June 2007

I really enjoyed this class as I have not sewn anything like this before. The overall format of the class was excellent but it would have been good to receive class lessons a couple of days before the first chat. Ideally we could also have had a little extra time to put photos on-line as I still haven't finished my bustier. The lessons were very clear and easy to follow and Kenneth was brilliant at answering questions. I only attended one class chat as the others were at 2 am in the UK but it was a very positive experience. If I knew anyone who sewed I would definitely recommend on-line classes.

June 2007

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