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If you run a website for sewers, advertising on is the smartest thing you can do! is an active social network for over 390,000+ people who sew on a regular basis. They also use to:
  • Make friends and share their sewing experiences with others with likeminded interests.
  • Learn and choose sewing patterns, machines, and other sewing equipment for their sewing projects.
  • Form impressions and learn about brands and merchants to guide their future purchases. The advertising, reviews and discussions which are present on the site help sewers form these impressions.
  • Learn new techniques and develop skills to allow for increased and more complex sewing projects.

Site Statistics (July 2014)
Registered Members 369,082
Newsletter Subscribers 99,366
Newsletter Clickthrough Rate (Avg.) 20%
# of Reviews 131,859
# of Message Board posts 1,571,640 Posts 87,609 Topics
# of Unique Visitors 373,721/Mo
# of Hits 63 Million+/Mo
# of Home Page Views 216,509/Mo
Average Time on Site 6.5 minutes

If you are interested in advertising or have questions please contact:
Deepika via email, phone 978-608-2224 or fax 978-268-5007. has a very limited number of advertising options. The following options are available:

Platinum Sponsorship
The Platinum Sponsorship provides the most visibility and traffic generation. Platinum Sponsorship is limited to 1 advertiser each month.

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  • 7 word Text Ad is displayed on the top right hand of almost every page.
  • A non-animated Banner Advertisement (290x50 pixels) or 30 word text ad for paying subscribers
  • A special offer can be displayed in the Deal Corner for users.
  • Advertisement will be included in 1 email newsletter.
  • Real time Traffic Reports
Button Ad
The presence of the Button Ads above the content on most pages makes these a very visible and attractive option. These are limited to 5 advertisers each month.

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  • A non-animated Button Advertisement (120x60 pixels) or company name for paying subscribers is displayed right above the content on most of the internal pages on
  • Real time Traffic Reports.
Merchants on PR (MoPR)
The MoPR program provides a steady flow of traffic over time and granular control over campaign preferences.

You can see the MoPR advertisers on the bottom of this page, and request a signup at the Merchants Gallery.
  • Text Advertising is displayed on the homepage in sequential order with the Text Ads of other MoPRs.
  • Text Ads are displayed at the bottom of most of the internal pages in sequential order with other ads.
  • Banner and text advertising is displayed in the Merchants Gallery.
  • Specials for users are displayed in the Deal Corner as well as in the Merchants Gallery.
  • Merchants on PR advertisers can opt to allow users to enroll in a mailing list. Email addresses of enrollees are not provided however they can be emailed once each month.
  • Unlimited real time advertising updates.
  • Real Time Traffic Reports.
Bi-Weekly Newsletter Sponsorship Newsletter Open & Click through rates are higher than 35%.

You can see sample newsletters at Newsletter Archive.
  • A 30 word text advertisement and a small picture logo at the bottom of the bi-weekly newsletter.

If you are interested in advertising or have questions please contact:
Deepika Prakash via email, phone 978-608-2224 or fax 978-268-5007.

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